Payrolls rise 164,000 as labor force sets a record high

UPDATED 22 MIN AGO Jeff Cox @JEFFCOXCNBCCOM KEY POINTS The Labor Department reports that payrolls increased 164,000 during July, just 1,000 below the 165,000 Dow Jones forecast. Wages increased 3.2% year over year, topping expectations by one-tenth of a percentage point. Average weekly hours edged lower to 34.3. The total labor force came in at a record-high 163.4 million.

Liberty is work

Ron Jones
Establishment types use “Conspiracy theory” to smear any who question the official story.
It didn’t begin 22 Nov 1963.
It’s the human condition. We allow it because we want the comfortable lie, not the “animated contest of freedom.”
Liberty is work. Truth must be validated.