1 The gates of Jericho were tightly shut:

            No one went out and no one came in because

            The people feared the Israelites. 2 The LORD

Then said to Joshua, “Jericho, its king,

            And all its fighting men have lost the war,

            For I’ve delivered them to you. 3 You’ll march

The army round the city once a day

            For six days, 4 and have seven priests walk in

            Front of the Ark, each with a trumpet made

From horns of rams, and on the seventh day,

            March round the city seven times. The priests

            Should blow the trumpets. 5 When you hear them sound

One long, loud blast, the people are to give

            A mighty shout, and then the city walls

            Will crumble and the people will go up,

Each man straight in,” 6 so Joshua son of Nun

            Summoned the priests and said to them, “Take up

            The Ark of Covenant of God. You should

Have seven priests to carry trumpets out

            In front of it,” 7 and he commanded all

            The people, “Go and circle Jericho

And have the warriors lead the Ark of God.”

            8 Once Joshua had addressed them, seven priests

            Who carried seven trumpets of ram’s horns

Went on and blew the trumpets, with the Ark

            Of God behind. 9 The warriors marched ahead

            Of all the trumpet-blowing priests. Behind

The Ark the rear guard followed. All this time

            The trumpets sounded. 10 “Do not give a war

            Cry,” Joshua had commanded, “do not raise

Your voices, do not say a word until

            The day I order you to shout. Then shout!”

            11 The Ark was carried round the city once

That day, then everyone returned to camp

            And spent the night there; 12 then, next day at dawn,

            Joshua arose. The priests took up the Ark

Of God, 13 and then the seven priests who bore

            The seven trumpets marched before the Ark

            Of God and blew the trumpets. Warriors went

Before them, but the rear guard came behind

            The Ark of God, the priests still blowing on

            The trumpets, 14 so the second day they marched

Around the city once and then returned

            Into the camp. They did this for six days,

            15 And on the seventh day they rose at dawn

And marched around the city seven times

            The same way as before except that day

            They circled round the city seven times.

16 The seventh time ‘round, when the priests let

            Out blasts upon their trumpets, Joshua yelled

            Out at the people, “Shout! Because the LORD

The Battle of Jericho: When the Trumpets Destroy the Walls

Has given you the city! 17 Jericho

            And everything that’s in it are to be

            Destroyed save for the harlot Rahab and

For anyone who’s in her house, because

            She hid the spies we sent, 18 but keep away

            From the devoted things, so that you will

Not bring about your own destruction by

            Removing them. For otherwise, you’ll bring

            Disaster on the camp of Israel,

19 But all the silver, gold and articles

            Of bronze and iron–they are sacred to

            The LORD and must go in his treasury.”

20 So when the people heard the trumpets blast,

            They shouted loud, and suddenly the walls

            Of Jericho collapsed and fell down flat,

And so the people charged straight in and took

            The city. 21 They devoted it to God

            And utterly destroyed with swords each thing

Alive there–men and women, young and old,

            The cattle, sheep and donkeys. 22 Joshua said

            To his two spies, “Go in the harlot’s house

And rescue her and everyone with her,

            According to your promise.” 23 The young men

            Who had been spies went in and rescued her,

Her father, mother, brothers, and the rest

            Of Rahab’s relatives. They brought them out

            And put them in a place outside the camp

Of Israel. 24 The Israelites then burned

            The city and each thing in it except

            The silver, gold and articles of bronze

And iron, which went in God’s treasury.

            25 Thus Joshua spared the harlot Rahab with

            Her family and relatives because

She hid the men that he had sent as spies

            To Jericho–and she still lives among

            The Israelites; 26 then Joshua spoke an oath:

“Cursed before the LORD is he who might

            Rebuild this city, Jericho. He’ll lose

            His firstborn son when the foundation’s laid.

His youngest son will die when he sets up

            Its gates,” 27 and so the LORD was at the hand

            Of Joshua, and his fame spread through the land.