When Spies Run Free

“When Spies Run Free”

When spies run free, then why not me
Across the NSA?
I can record the campaign plans
Of billionaires with cares
The other side will not collide
Because we will assure their loss
I share the best intel with zest
When spies run free.

When spies run free, why not thee?
Uranium will glow
I will enrich my family
Pay to play in my prime
Run with the wind across the sea
And trade your country’s best
To reach the zone where it’s been stolen
When spies run free.

When spies run free, then history
May lay our secrets bare
Such theft can be a mockery
Of patriots called
To share their lights in planet nights.
Men have no friends in treachery
The conscience gnaws despite the cause
When spies run free.

~Day Williams

“Blue Note” by Day Williams



A saxophone player on 32nd Street

Squeezed a note from his loins

and his guts and his heart,


Filched a note from the space

between the earth and the moon,


Caressed a note for a woman

with green eyes,


Smuggled a note from the tenements,

the smoke-filled bars

and the garbage-strewn streets,


a blue note


That soared up the skyscrapers’ bellies

And sauntered over a funeral procession

on Seventh Avenue,


a blue note


That glided over the college students

who lounged in the sun at Washington Square,

Spun round,


And drifted into the harbor,

Plunged into the ocean

and fell asleep.

~Day Williams




Jehovah-Shammah, God of Peace,
Come in my heart, come and release
Entangling sin and nagging doubt.
Your Holy Spirit: Pour Him out
When my troubles like the rapids flow.
Give me your perfect peace to know
You send your blessings from above
And best of all, you lavish love
On me, a man who sins each day
As proof that I am made of clay.

Glorify it, the precious name
Of Jesus, who removed my shame
By precious holy blood He shed.
God in flesh three days was dead,
And it seemed that Satan had prevailed
When Jesus’ hands and feet were nailed,
And He who had created earth
Was treated like He had no worth.
The one who came to heal and save
Was placed within a rich man’s grave,

And they rolled a giant stone to seal
The opening so none could steal
The body of the King of Kings
Through whom the LORD made everything.
And yet He rose, rose from the dead,
Appeared to those whom he had led,
And rose to heaven to prepare
A place for followers to share
The Wedding Supper of the Lamb,
The God of Peace, the Great I AM.

~Day Williams

Wedding of the King and His Bride

Man-Woman Wed

(Genesis 5:2, Mt. 19:4,
Mark 10:6)
Man-Woman Wed

Man-woman wed:
That is God’s plan;
Abide by it;
He’ll bless your stand.

~Day Williams

August 7: Music

August 7

601. Lamech and Adah had two sons, Jabal and Jubal. Their son Jabal was the first to live in tents and raise sheep and goats. Jubal was the first to play harps and flutes.

–Genesis 4:21


We celebrated with laughter

and joyful songs.

In foreign nations it was said,

“The LORD has worked miracles

for his people.”

–Psalms 126:2




1 Now when the king who ruled Jerusalem,

            Called Adoni-Zedek, heard Joshua had

            Defeated Ai and destroyed the place

Completely, as he’d done to Jericho

            And king, and how the Gibeonites had made

            A treaty with the Israelites, and now

Were allies with them, 2 he was terrified,

            For Gibeon was prominent, as great

            As any royal city, larger than

Ai, which had good fighting men, 3 so King

            Adoni-Zedek of Jerusalem

            Appealed to Hoham, Hebron’s king, and to

The king of Jarmuth, Piram, and the king         

            Of Lachish named Japhia, and the king

            Of Eglon, Debir, saying, 4 “Come and help

With my attack on Gibeon, for they’ve

            Made peace with Joshua and the Israelites,”

                    5 And so the Amorites’ five kings combined

Their armies  and moved up with all their troops,

            And took positions next to Gibeon,

            And then attacked it, 6 then the Gibeonites

Sent word to Joshua in the Gilgal camp:

            “Come help your servants! And come fast, for all

            The kings who rule the Amorites who live

Up in the hills have brought their forces here,”

            7 So Joshua and the Israelites marched up

            From Gilgal with the finest fighting men

Among their ranks. 8 The LORD told Joshua, “Do

            Not be afraid of them; I’ve given them

            Into your hand, and not a single one

Of them shall stand against you. 9 Joshua marched

            All night from Gilgal, and he took them by

            Surprise attack. 10 God frightened them so much

That the Israeli army slaughtered them

            In a great victory at Gibeon.

            The Israelites pursued the others to

Beth Horon and Azekah, cutting them

            Down as far as Makkedah. 11 As they fled

            Before the Israelites upon the road

Down from Beth Horon to Azekah, God

            Threw down large hailstones on them from the sky,

            And more men died from hail than by the swords

Of Israelites, 12 then Joshua prayed aloud

            That very day the LORD gave Israel

            The Amorites, “LORD, let the sun stand still

Joshua Commanding the Sun to Stand Still upon Gibeon

By John Martin (1816)

Over the town of Gibeon, and let

            The moon be still above the valley of

            Aijalon!” 13 So the sun and moon stood still

Until the Israelites avenged themselves

            Against their enemies, as described

            In detail in the Book of Jashar, so the sun

Stood still in heaven’s midst, and it delayed

            Its going down about a full day. 14 There

            Has never been a day like it before

Or after, when the LORD delayed the sun

            And moon because of one man’s prayer, for

            The LORD was fighting for the Israelites.

15 Then Joshua and the Israelites returned

            To Gilgal’s camp, 16 but the five kings had fled

            And hidden in Makkedah’s cave. 17 When he

Was told where they were hiding, 18 Joshua said,

            “Roll giant stones against the cave mouth; post

            Some men to guard it, 19 but don’t stop! Pursue

Your enemies, attack them from the rear,

            And do not let them reach their cities, for

            The LORD your God has given them into

Your hand,” 20 so Joshua and the Israelites

            Continued with the slaughter and wiped out

            The armies almost to a man. The few

Who were still left alive contrived to reach

            Their barricaded cities safely. 21 All

            The people then returned to Joshua at

Makkedah’s camp, and no one said a word

            Against the Israelites, 22 then Joshua said,

            “Open the cave’s mouth; bring out those five kings

To me,” 23 and so they brought the five kings of

            Jerusalem and Hebron, Jarmuth, and

            Of Lachish and Eglon, out from the cave.

24 When they had brought these kings to Joshua, he

            Ordered his army chiefs to plant

            Their feet upon the necks of the five kings,

So they came forward and they placed their feet

            Upon their necks. 25 “Don’t ever be afraid

            Or get discouraged,” Joshua told his men,

“For this is what the LORD will do to all

            The enemies whom you will fight against.”

            26 Then Joshua plunged his sword into each king,

And hung them on five trees ‘til evening, 27 then

            At sunset Joshua told his men to take

            The bodies down and throw them in the cave

Where they had hidden; and a giant pile

            Of stones was placed at the cave’s mouth, a pile

            Still there today, 28 and that day Joshua took

Makkedah. Joshua put its king to death

            And totally destroyed the people so

            That not a single person stayed alive.

29 The Israelites next went to Libnah. 30 There,

            Also, the LORD gave them the city and

            Its king, and everyone was slaughtered, as

At Jericho. 31 From Libnah Joshua and

            The army went to Lachish and attacked

            It. 32 On the second day the LORD gave it

To them, and everyone was killed, just as

            At Libnah. 33 Meanwhile Horam, Gezer’s king,

            Came up to help defend the city, but

Joshua defeated him and he destroyed

            The king’s whole army–nobody survived,

            34 Then Joshua and all Israel with him

Left Libnah and moved on to Eglon; they

            Took up positions and attacked it. 35 On

            That day they captured it and, as they’d done

At Lachish, slaughtered everyone who lived

            There. 36 After leaving Eglon, Joshua went

            To Hebron with all Israel and fought

Against it and they captured it and all

            Of its surrounding villages. 37 They killed

            Its king and all of its inhabitants,

Leaving no one alive. 38 Then they turned back

            To Debir, 39 which they quickly captured with

            Its king and villages and put them to

The sword, destroying everyone, just as

            At Libnah. 40 Joshua and his army thus

            Subdued the region totally–the kings

And nations of the country in the hills,

            The Negev and the western foothills and

            The mountain slopes. They left no one alive,

And they destroyed each person in the land,

            Just as the LORD, the God of Israel,

            Had ordered them to do, 41 destroying them

From Kadesh Barnea to Gaza and

            From Goshen out to Gibeon. 42 In one

            Campaign these kings and lands were conquered, for

The LORD, the God of Israel, fought for

            Them; 43 and then Joshua with the Israelites

            Returned to Gilgal’s camp to reunite.