California Condor

California Condor

You spread your wings
And sun yourself
Without a care

Don’t you know that you are rare?

We do so much to self-destruct

that it’s a scare.

Why should you be in the cage
and us outside . . .
That isn’t fair.

Put you outside, us inside
We’ll swallow our pride
You’ll feed us twice a day

Busloads of condors will drive by our cages,
point at us,
give us names

While you condors manage the power plants,
raise the crops,
And keep us safe from predators.

Spread your wings, Mr. Condor,
take away the iron bars
fly to freedom

I’ll see you again when you feed
my family and me like we’re kings and queens.

I’ll be the one laid out in a lounge chair
my arms spread, spread wide as your wings.

~Day Williams


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