Jehu, Ahab, and Jezebel

Jehu, Ahab, and Jezebel

Jehu drives his chariot at a furious pace,
Ahab, scared, enters the battle in disguise,
Jezebel slathers makeup on her face.
On Ahab’s battlefield an arrow flies

To Ahab’s chest–he gasps his last breaths;
Jehu calls to eunuchs on the upper floor,
“Throw the wicked woman to her death!”
Dogs consume her, as prophesied before.




The stagecoach driver

Hank Monk drove furiously

Made buttons pop off.



Hank Monk, The Incomparable

Nevada Magazine


Who funds these pedophile groups?

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Who funds these pedophile groups?

Jeffrey Epstein’s money mostly seems to have come from Ghislaine Maxwell‘s father, Robert Maxwell, and Les Wexner – both of whom are citizens of Israel with deep ties to Mossad.

Now let’s look at at another group: NXIVM, members of which recently were charged with keeping underage women entrapped for up to two years.

NXIVM seems mostly to have been funded by sisters Sara Bronfman and Clare Bronfman (pictured below) who donated over $100 million to NXIVM. They are both expected to serve prison time. Sara and Clare are the daughters of Edgar Bronfman, who owned Seagram’s and was the former president of the World Jewish Congress, also with deep ties to Mossad.

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It’s hard to believe that an intelligence agency has gotten out of control and funded pedophile groups. After all, we know the CIA would never venture outside the bounds of legality, propriety, and decency. 🙂

A Day at Grandpa’s Farm

A Day at Grandpa’s Farm

After the pump breaks a pipe, you dig a ditch,
And when it’s fixed, you start the motor, push
The wheel-line over mud and through the corn,
And start the pump again to water crops.

At Dead Man’s Slide, the D-4 tilts a bit,
The harrow kicks up choking dust; you shush
Fears that the yellow CAT will roll without warning
And squish you like ground meat in butcher shops.

Covered with dust from head to toe, you hear
The bell ring from the house, and hurry down
The hill to dine on steak, potatoes, peas,

And corn, corn on the cob, fresh-picked, you smear
The butter on, your brother plays the clown,
And Grandma offers ice cream, if you please.


Closing In

Closing In

You look around and no one’s there
At least you do not see a soul
You wake at night and you are scared
Your life of crime–it takes its toll

He cut off your departure routes
Your one-time friends are compromised
They said you have concealed the loot
You’ll turn it in, if you are wise

His breath burns hot upon your neck
And you’ve become a nervous wreck
He’s closing in, closing in on you
Closing in on you
Closing in

You speak the same defiant words
As if he’ll let you keep the dough
You make a call, you’re overhead
And you are tracked each place you go

You suffer nightmares at high noon
Your dreams have turned to grimy rags
You pray to sun and stars and moon
As friends depart and spirits sag

His breath burns hot upon your neck
And you’ve become a nervous wreck
He’s closing in, closing in on you
Closing in on you
Closing in

No one to trust, the nights are long
As little gray men dog your days
You used to kill and joke along
You stumble now in a drunken daze

Your hardened heart will kill you yet
If you aren’t chained in prison first
Las Vegas bookies place their bets
The bettors say your life is cursed.

His breath burns hot upon your neck
And you’ve become a nervous wreck
He’s closing in, closing in on you
Closing in on you
Closing in

You plan and scheme, connive, conspire
You’re on the run, pretend you’re cool
You seek a way to quench desire
It’s hard to learn that you’re the fool

Damp afternoons, you question why
You never hit the winning streak
You hate to live, you’re scared to die
And to confront the Judgment Seat

His breath burns hot upon your neck
And you’ve become a nervous wreck
He’s closing in, closing in on you
Closing in on you
Closing in

~Day Williams

Deliver Me

(Psalm 25:17, John 3:30)
Deliver Me

Deliver me
From my distress;
You must increase;
I must be less.

~Day Williams



1 Ephraim and Manasseh, the two tribes

            In Joseph’s line, received some land that is

            Described like this: The southern border of

Their land began at Jordan River east

            Of Jericho’s spring, and from there it went

            West through the desert up to the hill country

Surrounding Bethel, 2 and from Bethel it

            Went on to Luz and then up to the Archites’

            Border in Ataroth, 3 and it descended

West down to land that was the Japhlet clan’s,

            Then went to Lower Beth-Horon, and Gezer,

            And to the Mediterranean Sea.

4 Thus did Manasseh and Ephraim, Joseph’s

Descendants, took in their inheritance.

5 The following describes the land that was

Distributed among the clans within

            The tribe of Ephraim. 6 Their southern border

Began at Ataroth-Addar and went

On west to Upper Beth-Horon and to

            The Mediterranean Sea. 7 Their northern

Border got started at Janoah in

The east, and curved a little to the north,

            Then came back south to Michmethath  8 and to

Tappuah, and it followed Kanah Gorge

West to the Mediterranean Sea.

            The eastern border started on the north

Close to Janoah and it went between

Janoah on the southwest and Taa-

            Nath-Shiloh on the northeast, then it went

On south to Ataroth, Naarah, and

On as far as the border of the land

            Which Jericho had, and there it turned east

            And went on to the Jordan River. 9 Clans

Of Ephraim received this region as

            Their tribal land, and Ephraim had towns

And villages that were inside Manasseh’s

Tribal land. 10 Ephraim could not compel

            The Canaanites to vacate Gezer, so

            Some Canaanites reside there yet among

The Israelites. But now these Canaanites

            Did have to work as slaves for Israelites.