1 Ephraim and Manasseh, the two tribes

            In Joseph’s line, received some land that is

            Described like this: The southern border of

Their land began at Jordan River east

            Of Jericho’s spring, and from there it went

            West through the desert up to the hill country

Surrounding Bethel, 2 and from Bethel it

            Went on to Luz and then up to the Archites’

            Border in Ataroth, 3 and it descended

West down to land that was the Japhlet clan’s,

            Then went to Lower Beth-Horon, and Gezer,

            And to the Mediterranean Sea.

4 Thus did Manasseh and Ephraim, Joseph’s

Descendants, took in their inheritance.

5 The following describes the land that was

Distributed among the clans within

            The tribe of Ephraim. 6 Their southern border

Began at Ataroth-Addar and went

On west to Upper Beth-Horon and to

            The Mediterranean Sea. 7 Their northern

Border got started at Janoah in

The east, and curved a little to the north,

            Then came back south to Michmethath  8 and to

Tappuah, and it followed Kanah Gorge

West to the Mediterranean Sea.

            The eastern border started on the north

Close to Janoah and it went between

Janoah on the southwest and Taa-

            Nath-Shiloh on the northeast, then it went

On south to Ataroth, Naarah, and

On as far as the border of the land

            Which Jericho had, and there it turned east

            And went on to the Jordan River. 9 Clans

Of Ephraim received this region as

            Their tribal land, and Ephraim had towns

And villages that were inside Manasseh’s

Tribal land. 10 Ephraim could not compel

            The Canaanites to vacate Gezer, so

            Some Canaanites reside there yet among

The Israelites. But now these Canaanites

            Did have to work as slaves for Israelites.