Who funds these pedophile groups?

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Who funds these pedophile groups?

Jeffrey Epstein’s money mostly seems to have come from Ghislaine Maxwell‘s father, Robert Maxwell, and Les Wexner – both of whom are citizens of Israel with deep ties to Mossad.

Now let’s look at at another group: NXIVM, members of which recently were charged with keeping underage women entrapped for up to two years.

NXIVM seems mostly to have been funded by sisters Sara Bronfman and Clare Bronfman (pictured below) who donated over $100 million to NXIVM. They are both expected to serve prison time. Sara and Clare are the daughters of Edgar Bronfman, who owned Seagram’s and was the former president of the World Jewish Congress, also with deep ties to Mossad.

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It’s hard to believe that an intelligence agency has gotten out of control and funded pedophile groups. After all, we know the CIA would never venture outside the bounds of legality, propriety, and decency. 🙂