Another Direction

Another Direction

I served the doctor at the reception
Who said I was a victim of deception
With his words he altered my perception
Saying, “Life starts at the moment of conception.”

So I went in another direction
And served the cake and the confections
And with my charm and my affection
I made the necessary connections

So when I saw the doctor at the election
I told him they took up a collection
To pay the bill for my C-section
And my baby girl is absolute perfection

~Day Williams

The Land of Never

The Land of Never

Have you ever been so clever 
You visited the Land of Never? 
“Never will I eat the foods that make me fat, 
Never will I say those awful words 
Like Heckedy Schmekedy drat,” 
Or in a moment of practiced pique 
When your bottom’s fallen in the creek: 
“Never ever will I do that again, 
No horse could drag me through that glen,” 
Or when your friend and you 
have a falling out, 
A spat where you cross your arms and shout, 
“That’s it, never will I be your friend! 
Never! Never! Never! The End!” . . . 
 it’s not the end, 
  now is it?     
You’ll eat the pie despite the pounds and zits, 
You’ll say some awful things 
Because they have a righteous ring, 
You’ll take that trip to somewhere far away, 
Smiling as you wipe off spray, 
You’ll call your friends 
And make amends, 
You’ll say, “Did I say ‘Never’? 
For me that’s far too clever. 
Let’s take a walk 
Around the block, 
Pluck a dandelion on the fly, 
Pick out Orion in the sky. 
Whatever we may endeavor 
Let’s steer clear 
Of the Land of Never.” 
 ~Day Williams

“Going Down” by Day Williams


Let’s dive down

Leave your worries behind

Under the sea

You’ll swim with me,

With treasure chests to find.

Let’s go down

The deep shaft of a mine.

Under the earth

You’ll know your worth:

The nuggets there are fine.

Let’s come back

And walk solid ground.

People we meet

Their hearts will beat

We’ll show them what we’ve found.

~Day Williams

Treasure Chest