The Road Taken Back

The Road Taken Back

I took a trail that split in two
Down at a crossroads, so to speak:
One had more green, and one, more blue,
Yet neither trail gave me a clue,
So I took one leading to a creek

And on the way I smelled the flowers,
Rubbed smooth petals between my thumb
And fingers, and could have stayed for hours
If sun-stopping had been in my power,
So for birds I left a trail of crumbs,

Then I returned and took the second trail,
Where bright rose petals blew in wind,
And back of each flower and without fail
Were weeds that covered scattered nails,
Warning not to venture too far in.

As I belonged on neither path
And always knew the long way back,
And though the earth is full and vast,
My heart of hearts did know the task:
To head for home, where nothing lacked.

Two forest trails went far away
From home and loves and street and fence,
And sorry that I could not stay
I took the road over rocks and clay
To home, which has made the difference.

~Day Williams