Prof threatens to kill evangelical Christians, loses job

Adam S White  OG @LooseStoolPosted in Christianity

“Iowa professor who said ‘I am #Antifa‘ is now out of a job” (actually he did far more than that!)

In 2012, Jeff Klinzman posted on Facebook that “This is what the country will come to if we don’t stop Evangelical Christians,” and then quoted an excerpt from what KCRG-TV termed a “poem,” saying “Kill them all, and bury them deep into the ground, Before millions more are tortured to death.”

via comments here pointing out “He was openly calling for assault and murder of Christians. Not sure how you can say a teacher pontificating in assault and murder of a certain class can objectively teach said group.”

AKA this is NOT a #FreeSpeech issue, this is a “the rules of the marketplace frowning upon threatening violence apply to all political sides”