Disband the FBI


FBI: We knew about Nicolas Cruz FBI: We tried to frame Trump for treason FBI: We paid Omar Mateen’s dad as an informant FBI: We changed 302’s and lied about General Flynn FBI: We exonerated Hillary before we investigated her Seeing a trend? Disband the FBI, they’re a crime org.

To the Believer

Believer, do your best to make things right
And let all lands and cities see your light;
Be disciplined; keep vices well-controlled
While virtues practiced keep a Christian whole;
Through day and night work hard on quality;
While others chase wealth-phantoms sea to sea,
Let what you do be honest, full and fair;
In kindness teach and learn, and be prepared;
Give God the room to mold and shape your heart;
Making God’s Word your compass, guide and chart;
Seeking His will in each new work you start.
~Day Williams