You dazzled me so brilliantly

You dazzled me so brilliantly
I wanted us to be a symphony
In harmony and sublimity
Us in proximity
But our hut in the woods was rickety
You were too finicky
Your tastes too persnickety
You could search so surgically
To find ways to strip my dignity
You took away my liberty
You relished your delinquency
And stomped on my misery
And dissed my abilities
On grave matters you talked flippantly

We broke up, mercifully
I have escaped your tyranny. . .


Your toes, they were so wiggley


I miss you biggely



September 10: Encouragement

Day Williams created this graphic depiction of this date.

September 10

The LORD appeared to him that night and told him, “Don’t be afraid! I am the God who was worshiped by your father Abraham, my servant. I will be with you and bless you, and because of Abraham I will give you many descendants.”
–Genesis 26:24

Our LORD, we pray
that all your enemies
will die like Sisera.
But let everyone who loves you
shine brightly like the sun
at dawn.
There was peace in Israel for about forty years.
–Judges 5:31

Not getting what you want can make you feel sick, but a wish that comes true is a life-giving tree.
–Proverbs 13:12

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works,
–Hebrews 10:241001_Quotations_Bible_Passages_sml



1 Then Israelites from Dan to Beersheba

And from the land of Gilead came out

As one and gathered in front of the LORD

In Mizpah. 2 Leaders of the people of

The tribes of Israel took their places

In the assembly of God’s men: They were

Four hundred thousand soldiers armed with swords.

3 (The Benjamites heard that the Israelites

Had gone to Mizpah.) Then the Israelites

Said, “Tell us how this awful thing occurred.”

4 The Levite, husband of the murdered woman,

Said this, “I and my concubine came down

To Gibeah in Benjamin to spend

The night, 5 and during night the Gibeans

Came after me, intending to kill me,

And they surrounded the whole house. They raped

My concubine, who died, 6 and so I took

My concubine, cut her in pieces and

Sent out one piece to every area

Of Israel’s inheritance, because

They did commit this lewd, disgraceful act

In Israel. 7 Now, all you Israelites,

Speak up and give your verdict.” 8 All the people

Rose as one man and said this, “None of us

Will go home. No, not one of us will go

Back to his house, 9 but now this is what we

Will do to Gibeah: We will go up

Against it as the lot directs. 10 We’ll take

               Ten men from every hundred from all tribes

Of Israel, a hundred from a thousand,

A thousand from ten thousand, to obtain

Provisions for the army, which, when it

Arrives at Gibeah in Benjamin,

Can give them what they warrant for all this

Vileness they’ve done in Israel.” 11 So all

The men of Israel assembled and

United as one man against the city.

12 The tribes of Israel sent men throughout

The tribe of Benjamin, who said, “What of

This awful crime that was committed in

The midst of you? 13 Give up those wicked men

Of Gibeah so that we may kill them and

Purge evil from the land of Israel.”

               But Benjamites refused to listen to

Their fellow Israelites, 14 and from their towns

They met at Gibeah to fight against

The Israelites. 15 At once the Benjamites

Mobilized twenty and six thousand swordsmen

Out of their towns, plus seven hundred men

Chosen from residents in Gibeah.

16 Among these soldiers there were seven hundred

Men, chosen men, who were left-handed, each

Of whom could sling a stone at single hairs

And hit the target. 17 Israel, apart

From Benjamin, brought up four hundred thousand

Swordsmen, all fighting men. 18 The Israelites

Went up to Bethel and asked God, “Who shall

Go first to fight against the Benjamites?”

The LORD said, “Judah shall go first.” 19 Next                        morning

The Israelites got up and pitched their camp

Near Gibeah. 20 The men of Israel

Rushed out to fight the Benjamites and took

Up battle stations inside Gibeah.

21 The Benjamites left Gibeah and killed

Twenty-two thousand Israelites that day

Upon the battlefield. 22 But Israelites

Encouraged one another and again

Took up the same positions as they had

On the first day. 23 The Israelites went up

And wept before the LORD ‘til evening, and

They asked the LORD, “Shall we go up again

To fight the Benjamites, our brothers?” And

The LORD replied, “Go up against them.” 24 Then

The Israelites drew near to Benjamin

The second day. 25 This time, when Benjamites

Came out from Gibeah to fight them, they killed

               Another eighteen thousand Israelites,

All armed with swords. 26 Then Israelites, and all

The people, went to Bethel, where they sat

               And wept before the LORD. They fasted on

That day ‘til evening and presented burnt

Offerings and their offering to God

For fellowship, 27 and Israelites asked God.

(Now in those days the ark of covenant

Of God was there, 28 with Phinehas son of

Eleazar, the son of Aaron, as

The minister before it.) They asked, “Shall

We go again to fight with Benjamin

Our brother, or not?” God responded, “Go,

Because tomorrow I will give them to

Your hands.” 29 Then Israel set up an ambush

Surrounding Gibeah. 30 They went against

The Benjamites on the third day and took

Positions as to Gibeah as they

Had done before. 31 The Benjamites came out

To meet them and were drawn from the city.

They killed and wounded Israelites as they

               Had done before, so close to thirty men

Fell in the open field and on the roads—

The one that led to Bethel and the other

To Gibeah. 32 While Benjamites were saying,

“We’re winning as before,” the Israelites

Were saying, “Let’s retreat and draw them from

The city to the roads.”  33 The Israelites

Changed places and took up positions at

Baal Tamar, and those reserved for ambush

Charged from their place to west of Gibeah. 34

The finest men of Israel—ten thousand

Of them—attacked the front of Gibeah,

And fighting was so heavy, Benjamites

               Did not perceive how near disaster was.

35 The LORD defeated Benjamin before

Israel, and on that day Israelites

Killed twenty-five thousand one hundred of

The Benjamites, all armed with swords, 36 and then

               The Benjamites saw that they were defeated.

Now men of Israel had given way

In front of Benjamin, for they relied

Upon the ambush that they had set close

To Gibeah. 37 The men who had been in

The ambush dashed to Gibeah, spread out

               And put the entire city to the sword.

                    38 The men of Israel had pre-arranged

With those who did the ambush that they should

               Send from the city a great cloud of smoke,

               39 And then the men of Israel would turn

In battle. Benjamites had started to

               Cause casualties to men of Israel

               (Thirty or so), and they said, “We are beating

Them as in the first battle.” 40 But then, when

               The cloud of smoke began to rise out of

               The city, Benjamites turned ‘round and saw

The smoke of the whole city going up

               Into the sky, 41 then men of Israel

               Turned ‘round on them, and Benjamites    

were scared,

Because they saw disaster had struck them.

               42 Therefore they fled before the Israelites

               Toward wilderness, but they could not escape

The battle, and the men of Israel

               Who came out of the towns cut them down there.

               43 For they surrounded Benjamites, chased them

And overran them close to Gibeah

               Upon the east. 44 So Benjamites fell down,

               Eighteen thousand, all valiant fighters. 45 As

They turned and hurried toward the desert to

               The Rimmon Rock, the Israelites cut down

               Five thousand men along the roads. They kept

Pressing the Benjamites as far as Gidom

And killed two thousand more. 46 On that day twenty-

               Five thousand Benjamites fell, swordsmen, all

Brave fighters. 47 But six hundred men turned round

               And fled to Rimmon Rock in wilderness,

Where they remained four months. 48 The Israelites

Returned to Benjamin and put the towns

               To sword and even killed the animals

               And everything else they found. All the towns

They struck, they set on fire and burned them down.