What’s the difference between a glacier and the Department of Justice?

A: A glacier moves forward an inch a year.

Carson City Week

Carson City Week

Shakespeare’s in the Cracker Box
Looking for his lady love
Napoleon eats lunch at Peg’s
Leaves waitresses a glove

Patriots stroll through the Sportsman
To boost their supply of guns
Romans are lounging at the pool
When they hear the approach of the Huns

Mark Twain puffs cigars
Tells tales at the Firkin and Fox
Charlie Chaplin runs through the fountain
Albert Einstein checks the clocks

John Mackay rides the V&T
Down tracks from Virginia City
To dance with Marilyn Monroe
He says her face is pretty

John Wayne rides into town
To have his best and last hurrah
He’ll have one more shootout
In the name of the law

Leonardo lies sideways
Outside the community hall
The Mile High Jazz band
Plays for the Winter Ball

They tore down a gazebo
Judge said it must be so
The tourists are puzzled
About a shaded place to go

A painter teaches kids
How to hold a brush
As they learn to paint a canvas
He has a gentle touch

The drifters and the homeless–
A meal they can’t afford
Bridge Church feeds them for free
While people praise the Lord.

~Day Williams