1 Let everyone obey the government,

               For God’s the one who has established it,

               And there is no authority but that

Which God’s ordained, 2 and so he who rebels

               Against authority rebels against

               What God has instituted, 3 and he who

Rebels brings punishment upon himself.

               For rulers don’t scare people who are doing

               Right; but the evildoers will be scared.

So if you do not want to be afraid,

               Do what is right and he’ll commend you, 4 for

               He is the servant of the LORD to do

You good; but if you do what’s wrong, be scared,

               Because he does not bear the sword for nothing.

               He is God’s servant to bring punishment

Upon the wrongdoer, 5 and thus it is

               Important to obey authorities,

               Not just because you might be punished but

Also for conscience sake− 6 and this is why

               You must pay taxes, too, for they are God’s

               Servants who give their time to governing.

7 Pay everyone what he should have: If you

               Owe taxes, pay your taxes; if receipts

               Then pay receipts, if it’s respect, then pay

Respect, if honor, then give honor. 8 Let

               No debt remain unpaid except the debt

               Which is ongoing to love one another,

For if you love your neighbor, you will have

               Fulfilled the law, 9 because God’s laws, “Do not

               Commit adultery,” “Don’t murder,” “Do

Not steal,” “Don’t covet,” and whatever other

               Commandment there may be, are wrapped up in

               One guideline: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

10 Love does not harm its neighbor, and so love

               Is the fulfillment of the law. Another

               Reason for living right is this: 11 You know

How late it is: our time is running out.

               The hour has come for you to wake up from

               Your sleep, for our salvation’s nearer now

Than when we first believed: 12 The night is spent;

               The day is nearly here, so let’s cast off

               The deeds of darkness and put on the armor

Of light. 13 Let us walk honestly, as in

               The day; not in wild parties, drunkenness,

               Not in sex sin and hedonism, not

In fights and jealousy, 14 but ask the Lord

               Jesus Christ so you’ll live in righteousness,

               And don’t make plans to savor wickedness.


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