1001 Quotations: Bible Passages


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My favorite!November 30, 2018Format: Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseThis book is my go to when it comes to writing my academic papers. The quotes are short and relevant. I’m able to find them correctly quoted in most bibles, and this is a huge plus. I like the way it is separated by the day of the year as well. It took me awhile to realize that it was categorized too. Her this book because it serves as an excellent quick reference.

The Wrath of God

18 The wrath of God has been revealed

               From heaven brought against the godlessness

               And wickedness of men who push away

The truth in sinfulness, 19 because what may

               Be known of God is plain to them, for God

               Has made it plain to them, 20 as since the world

Was made, the Lord’s eternal power and

               Divinity–his traits that can’t be seen–

               Have been apparent, being understood

From what has been created, so that men

               Have no excuse, 21 for yes, they knew God but

               They did not glorify Him nor give thanks

To Him, but thought up silly things of God;

               Their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Though

               they claimed

               That they were wise, they changed to fools

               and then,

23 Instead of worshiping the glorious,

               Eternal God, carved images to look

               Like mortal man, birds, beasts, and reptiles 24 so

God gave them over in their hearts’ debased

               Desires to sexual impurity

               For one another to degrade their

And mutual dishonor of their bodies.

               25 They changed the truth of God into a lie,

               And served and worshiped the created things

Rather than the Creator−who is praised

               Eternally. Amen. 26 Because of this,

               God gave them over to their shameful lusts.

Even their women went against God’s plan

               For them, committing sex sin with each other,

               27 And men, instead of having normal sex

With women, were inflamed with lust for one

               Another. Men committed shameful acts

               With other men, receiving in themselves

The penalty deserved for their perversion,

               28 And since they did not think it worth their while

               To recognize the LORD, He gave them up

To do whatever their perverted minds

               Conceived of doing, 29 being filled with

               All kinds of wickedness and sin, with greed

And wickedness, with envy, murder, strife,

               Deceit and malice, gossip, 30 slander, God-

               Hatred, backbiting, arrogance and pride,

Always inventing ways of doing sins;

               They disobey their parents, 31 and they’re inane

               And faithless, heartless and

               remorseless. 32 Though

They know God’s righteous law say says those who

               Do things like these deserve to die, they not

               Only continue doing those same things

But they approve the one so practicing.

~Romans 1:18-32

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