Dream and Nightmare

Dream Come True

You’re sweet and kind,
With eyes of blue,
I’m blessed to find
My dream come true.

The sky is clear
The world is new
For you are here,
A dream come true.

The leaves are green,
The pigeons coo,
A world unseen,
A dream come true.


My Nightmare, You

I must be blind,
I took to you,
How cursed am I,
My nightmare, you.

The sky is black,
As is your heart,
You smoked much crack,
My nightmare, you.

The leaves have died,
The birds–they flew,
I plan to hide
From my nightmare, you.


Scenario 2019

Scenario 2019: Joe Biden drops out for “health issues.” Kamala Harris and Cory Booker are arrested for their parts in the Smollett hoax. They continue to campaign from jail. Elizabeth Warren pays enough wampum to join a tribe. Hillary jumps in the race.


Looking Forward

I look forward to the testimony from Hunter Biden and Joe Biden before Congress. Hunter can try to explain why he received $50,000.00 a month in an industry he knew nothing about. Joe can explain why he pressured Ukraine to fire the prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden and the company he worked for.