Sonnet 18

Sonnet 18

Send eighteen songs from wells where people play,
Play me a tune from fields where workers pick,
Pick me some cotton from the wind-hewn sticks,
Stick to your place where laborers have lain,

Lain in the grass, fatigued from work and heat,
Heated like fireplaces in courtly homes,
Home in the South, no way to search and roam,
Roam wooded hills and find fresh fruit to eat.

Yes, sing of Moses and the Promised Land,
The flight from Egypt and the parted sea,
Pillars of cloud and fire to guide my path.

Sing while the Boss Man carries whip in hand
And chains my wife against the nearest tree
And has his way with her despite my wrath.

~Day Williams

“Name Above All Names”



Deliverer, Immortal, Diadem,

The Sacrifice, the Heir of Everything,

The Chosen One, the Everlasting King,

Messiah, Ruler of Jerusalem,


The Light, the Advocate for those accused,

The Seed of Abraham, Child, Merciful,

Creator, First Begotten, Wonderful,

Good Shepherd, Faithful Witness, Stone Refused,


The Mediator, I AM WHO I AM,

The Life, the Priest, the Rock, Emmanuel,

Beloved, Prince of Peace, the King of Israel,

Propitiation, Gift of God, the Lamb,


Foundation, the Beginning and the End,

The Bread of Life, my Savior and my Friend.

~Day Williams