Tell the Truth


It’s better to come forward with the truth
Than cover it in mud and grime the way
A child might hide a stolen toy, for God
Knows everything and he will bring each deed

To an account–and yes, the voting booth
Can state a nation’s conscience too, and say,
“Beware of loyalties misplaced, let fraud
Have no position, and let none succeed

In public office who would lie and cheat
For private gain or to protect a friend.”
The public has a right to know the facts,

For public men are paid by income tax,
And the accounting must not twist or bend,
On earth or at the final Judgment Seat.

~Day Williams

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

They gashed his cheek,
Gave him the news:
“Go with the play,
Or you will lose.”

“Already lost,”
He mumbled there.
Blood dripped from hands
Tied to a chair.

“From east to west
We cheated you,
Just as you say–
That much is true.

But you won’t talk
(They say you’re smart);
I will remind
You of our art.

Each one who’s talked
In forty years–
Or threatened to–
Not one is here.

We’ll give you stuff,
Enjoy the view.
Open your mouth–
We’ll come for you.

The choice is yours
And make it fast,
Or you may have
A heart attack.”

“No words from me
About your crimes;
I will enjoy
Remaining time.”

“You choose to play
On our big team.
Good boy. Clean up,
And have sweet dreams.”