American Freedom

American Freedom

You’re free to worship as you please, and speak
Your mind about your leaders, travel where
You want to go, associate with weak
And strong, with poor and rich, to share and care

With others, to begin an enterprise,
To start or join a group, to marry one
You love and raise a family, to buy
And sell a house, a car, some land, a gun,

To run for public office, to delight
In privacy at home, humble abode,
To be tried fairly if you’re charged with crimes

And have a lawyer for defense, to fight
The government for rights, for changing codes:
You’re free, freer than men in any time.

~Day Williams



1 So David went to Nob, to see the priest

               Ahimelech, who trembled when he met

               Him, asking David, ‟Why are you alone?

Why’s no one with you?” 2 ‟The king has sent

               Me on a private matter,” David lied.

               ‟He told me not to tell a soul why I

Am here, and I have told my men where they

               Can meet me later. 3 Now, what’s there to eat?

               Give me five loaves of bread, whatever you

Can find.” 4 ‟We don’t have any ordinary bread

               On hand,” the priest replied, ‟but we do have

               Some consecrated bread here, so long as

The men have kept themselves from women.” 5 ‟Rest

               Assured,” said David, ‟for I never let

               My men run wild when they’re on trips with me,

And since they’re clean on ordinary trips,

               How much more so today!” 6 And so the priest

               Gave him the consecrated bread, since he

Only had holy bread, the bread before

               The Lord that was removed and then replaced

               By the hot bread upon the day that it

Was taken from the altar. 7 Now there was

               A servant of King Saul there on that day,

               Detained before the Lord. An Edomite,

His name was Doeg, the chief shepherd for

               The king, 8 and David asked Ahimelech, 

               ‟Don’t you have here a spear or sword that I

Can use? The business of the king required

               Such haste, I left in such a rush I left

               Without a weapon!” he explained. 9 ‟I have

Ahimelech Gives Goliath’s Sword to David by Aert de Gelder

Goliath’s sword here, from the Philistine

               You killed at Elah Valley,” said the priest.

               ‟It’s wrapped in cloth behind the ephod. If 

You want it, take it. There’s no sword but that

               One here,” and David said, ‟There’s none like

               It. Let me have it.” 10 That day David fled

From Saul and went to Achish king of Gath.

               11 But then the officers asked of the king,

               ‟Is this not David, king of Israel?

And isn’t he the one they sing about

               In dances, ‛Saul his slain his thousands, David

               His tens of thousands‘?” 12 David took these words

To heart and was afraid of Achish king

               Of Gath, 13 so he pretended he was mad.

               He scratched on doors and let his spittle flow

Down on his beard, 14 so Achish told his men,  

               “Look at that man! He is insane! Must you

               Bring me a lunatic? 15 Am I so short

Of madmen that you have to bring this nut

               To carry on like this? I’m not impressed!

               Should such a madman be a royal guest?”