Day in the Life

Day in the Life

Another bomb in Sweden,
Another night of rapes,
They’ve dropped so far from Eden
As if they’re run by apes.

And Merkel tells Herr Hitler,
“Thanks, Grandpa, for advice,”
While Macron seems so bitter
That Yellow Vests are right.

The Queen, who slowly walks,
Has opened Parliament,
Good diction when she talks,
She bends with the events.

Her plan to take out Di
Was carried out with speed
And no one caught the guys
Who made sure she would bleed.

The Social Justice Warriors,
Assured of their success,
Engage in empty quarrels
Which their mentors bless.

The Dems have sold their souls
To Satan and his minions
They scramble for their goal:
More and more dominion.

You better watch your pronouns
So you will be correct:
That is their story now—
They’ve lost their self-respect

The rainbow folk mock God
And they parade on streets
With costumes on their bods
Amid the total heat.

Drag queens promote insurance
For men with periods;
These lunatics assure us
Their plans are serious.

The Communists (the Reds)
Have infiltrated schools,
But my forefathers bled
So people–you, me–rule .

The President hits home runs
Where lesser men strike out;
While liars flap their gums
The Prez employs his clout.

The Prez fills stadiums,
No panderer repents,
Conservatives aren’t dumb:
Watch liberals descend

From common sense and care
To sad insanity
They think they walk on air
They’ve lost humanity.

Revival arises
On crowded Hong Kong streets
And it’s without surprises:
The cops will gas and beat.

Thousands of rabbit holes,
And some I have explored,
Still it’s best to know
The wisdom of the Lord.

~Day Williams

Princess Diana Death: New Claim Says Lady Di was Murdered by British Special Forces

What Really Happened To Princess Diana – David Icke

“The British royal family were definitely involved in her murder.”

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