This is the Time

This is the Time

This is the time
To feed the flame
And glorify
His holy name.

This is the time
To weed out sin
And weep and cry
For how we’ve been.

This is the time
Let go the past
Go forth and climb
For what will last.

This is the time
To hear God’s call:
The bells will chime
You’ll build strong walls.

This is the time
To save the lost
And heal the lame
And embrace the cross.

This is the time
With hearts so strong
With purpose high
To sing new songs

This is the time
To change your heart
The Spirit rises
Revival starts

~Day Williams



The Gibeonites Avenged

1 There was a famine during David’s reign

              That lasted three successive years, so he

              Inquired of God, who answered, ‟Famine comes

Because of Saul and all his house, for they 

              Destroyed the Gibeonites,’ ” 2 so the king

              Arranged an audience with them, who were

Not part of Israel but who belonged

              To the survivors of the Amorites

              After King Saul, in zeal for Israel

And Judah, tried to wipe them from the land.

              3 The king asked them, ‟What can I do for you,

              To rid ourselves of guilt and to induce

You people to request the Lord to bless

              Us, his inheritance?” 4 ‟We have no right

              To ask for gold or silver,” they replied,

‟Nor do we have the right to put to death

              An Israelite,” then David asked, ‟What do

              You want for me to do for you? Tell me

And I’ll do it for you.” 5 They told the king,

              “As for the man who has destroyed us and

              Plotted against us so that we have been

Decimated and have no place within

              The land of Israel, no place at all,

              6 Let us have seven of the sons of Saul,

Sons of the man who tried his best to kill

              Us, and we’ll hang those sons before the Lord

              In Gibeon, the city of King Saul.”

‟All right,” replied the king, ‟I will do it.”

              7 King David spared the son of Jonathan,

              Mephibosheth, the grandson of King Saul,

Because of David’s oath between himself

              And Jonathan, 8 but gave to them two men,

              Armoni and Mephibosheth, who were

Saul’s grandsons by his wife Aiah, who

              Was Rizpah’s mother, and he handed them

              The sons of Merab, Saul’s daughter, five men

Whom she had borne to Adriel, the son

              Of a Meholathite, Barzillai.

              9 He gave them to the Gibeonites, who

Executed them and then exposed

              Their bodies on a hill before the Lord.

              All seven fell together. They were put

To death when barley harvest had begun,

              The first days of the harvest in the land.

              10 Then Rizpah, daughter of Aiah, took

Some sackcloth, spread it out upon a rock,

              And stayed there through the harvest time to keep

              Vultures from tearing at the bodies in the day

And animals from eating them at night.

              11 When David learned what she had done, 12 he saw

              That the men’s bones were buried in the grave

Of Kish, who was Saul’s father, and he asked

              The men of Jabesh-Gilbeah (who’d seized

              The bodies out of Beth Shan’s public square

Where, after Saul and Jonathan had died

              In war on Mount Gilboa, Philistines

              Impaled the father and the son) 13 to bring

The bones of Saul and Jonathan to him,

              And they (the men of Jabesh-Gilbeah)

              Complied, and bones of those who had been killed

And left exposed were gathered up. 14 They buried

              The bones of Saul and Jonathan inside

              Saul’s father Kish’s tomb at Zela in

Benjamin, and did everything the king

              Ordered, and after that, God answered prayer

              Made for the land. 15 Once more the Philistines

Battled the Israelites, and David and

              His men were in the thick of battle, and

              David was tired, 16 and Ishbi-benob, from

The line of Rapha, whose bronze speartip weighed

              More than twelve pounds, who carried a new sword,

              Said that he would kill him, 17 but Abishai,

The son of Zeruiah, aided him

              And killed the giant Philistine, which led

              The men of David to declare, ‟You won’t

Go out again to battle, so that none

              Extinguishes the lamp of Israel!”

              18 In time there was another battle with

The Philistines at Gob, and Sibbecai

              The Hushathite struck, stabbed and tore apart

              The giant Saph, 19 and still another time

At Gob, Elhanan, Jair’s son, struck down

              The brother of Goliath, Gittite who

              Brandished a spear which had a shaft as big

As weavers’ rods. 20 In still another war,

              This one at Gath, there was a giant with

              Six fingers on each hand and with six toes

Upon each foot 21 who taunted Israel,

              And Jonathan the son of Shime-i,

              The brother of the king, contended with

This man from Rapha’s line and took his life.

              22 These four were from the giants’ tribe in Gath,

              And David and his men killed them in wrath.

“The Constitution,” poem by Day Williams

“Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”
Benjamin Franklin: “A Republic, if you can keep it.” (1787)

The Constitution

In this land’s law, the Constitution is
Supreme, the highest law, authority
To which state courts and constitutions are
Subordinate, north, south, and sea to sea.

When We the People formed this government,
We emphasized the people’s right to rule,
Not Kings and Queens, with ways we could amend
The Constitution, the foundation, tool

In People’s hands not to be lightly changed,
A tool requiring constant vigilance
To keep the Union and establish Justice,
Keep peace at home, provide for our defense,

Promote the common Welfare, and secure
Liberty’s Blessings to ourselves and our
Posterity; and as no man is pure,
We formed three branches to check and balance power.

Stand for free speech, free press, the right to teach
Your child of lovingkindness and God’s kingdom;
The right to use your guns, so Tyranny
Won’t march you to a grave as a naked thing.

The power structure can’t infringe on rights
Of people to petition Government
To redress grievances, or to assemble
Peaceably to declare their discontent.

You can’t be forced to house a soldier, or,
If you are jailed, to pay excessive bail,
Or to relinquish worship of the Lord,
Or to lose work because you read in Braille.

Don’t let the government inside your home
Unless police have warrants in their hands;
You need not testify against your own
Self; Government must pay to take your lands.

You have the right to have a lawyer plea
Your case, protect your rights, and keep you free;
You have the rights to jury trial and
To counsel even if you can’t pay fees.

The warden cannot punish you with cruel,
Strange punishment–you’re not his chump or fool,
And you retain your right to worship God
And freely speak, within a prison’s rules.

The Feds must honor rights of fifty States
To legislate for citizens as they
Deem best, and people and the States retain
More rights than what the Bill of Rights contains.

The Government must honor equal rights
And Law’s due process for the citizens,
And courts interpret laws with oversight,
Enforcing rights of women, children, and men.

Keep this Republic, which is based upon
The Holy Bible and the Constitution,
And disregard connivers, cranks and cons
Who peddle hollow claims of new solutions.

The Founders knew about deceitful hearts,
How men and women mean well but go wrong,
And they relied on people to give thanks,
Seek wisdom, and obey the Lord, who’s strong.

~Day Williams

Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.