1 King David, old and well advanced in years,

            Confined to bed, could not keep warm, and though

            His servants heaped the blankets on his bed,

He still was cold. 2 ‟The cure for this,” his aides

            Said, ‟is to find a youthful virgin as

            Your concubine and nurse, to lie within

Your arms and keep you warm, and care for you.”

            3 So they explored throughout the country for

            A lovely girl and they found Abishag,

A Shunammite, and brought her to the king.

            4 The girl was very beautiful. She cared

            For David and she waited on him, but

The king did not have intercourse with her.

            5 Now Adonijah, one of David‘s sons,

            (Whose mother was named Haggith) put himself

Forward and said, ‟I will be king instead

            Of my old father.” He hired chariots

            And drivers and recruited fifty men

To run ahead of him. 6 His father had

            Never corrected him at any time,

            Not even by a single reprimand.

The younger brother of Prince Absalom,

            He was a handsome man, 7 and he conferred

            With Joab son of Zeruiah and

Abiathar the priest, who favored him.

            8 But some stayed loyal to the king and did

            Not join with Adonijah, whose name means

‟Jehovah is my Lord,” but who betrayed

            His name by his revolt against the Lord‘s

            Appointment of Bathsheba‘s son to be

Successor to the king, the wisest man

            Who ever lived and ruled, King Solomon.

            Zadok and Benaiah, priests, remained

On David‘s side, the prophet Nathan too,

            And Shime-i, an officer, and Rei,

            And David‘s army chiefs. 9 The rebel son

Went to En Rogel, where he sacrificed

            Sheep, oxen, and fat cattle at the place

            Called Serpent’s Stone, and he invited all  

His brothers−other sons of David−as

            Well as all royal dignitaries from

            The land of Judah, 10 but did not invite

The prophet Nathan or Benaiah or

            The captains or his brother Solomon.

            11 Then Nathan asked Bathsheba, mother of

Prince Solomon, ‟Do you not realize

            That Haggith‘s son, Prince Adonijah, has

            Become the king and our lord David does

Not even know about it? If you want

            To save your life and Solomon‘s− 12 then hear

            Me out! So you can save your life and that

Of Solomon. 13 Go in to David, say,

            ‛My lord the king, did you not swear to me

            Your servant, ‛Surely Solomon your son

Shall be the king when I am gone, and he  

            Will sit upon my throne‘? Then why is your

            Son Adonijah reigning as the king?’

14 And while you are still talking with the king,

            I’ll enter and confirm what you have said,”

            15 So then Bathsheba went to David‘s room.

He was an old man now and Abishag

            Attended him. 16 Bathsheba bowed and knelt

            Before him. ‟What do you want?” David asked.

17 She said to him, ‟My lord, you vowed to me,

            Vowed by the Lord your God that Solomon

            My son would be king next, and he would sit

Upon your throne, 18 but Adonijah has

            Become the king, and you, my lord and king,

            Don’t even know it, and to celebrate  

His coronation, 19 he has sacrificed

            A herd of oxen, fattened calves and sheep.

            He has invited all your sons, the priest

Abiathar and General Joab, but

            Has not invited Solomon your son.

            20 My lord the king, the eyes of Israel

Are on you now to learn from you who’ll sit

            Upon the throne, successor to the king.

            21 If it is Adonijah, as soon as

My lord the king is laid to rest, my son

            And I will be arrested, and he’ll have

            Us executed like we’re criminals.”

22 While she was speaking with the king, 23 his aides

            Told him, ‟The prophet Nathan has arrived.”

            He went before the king and bowed, his face

Down to the ground, 24 and said, ‟Have you, my lord

            And king, declared that Adonijah will

            Be king next? Is that son the one that you

Prefer to sit upon your throne? 25 Today

            He has gone down and sacrificed great herds

            Of cattle, fattened calves, fat goats and sheep,

And has invited the king‘s son to join

            In the festivities. Invited too

            Were General Joab and Abiathar

The priest, who feast and drink with him and shout,

            ‛Long live King Adonijah!’ 26 But your son

            Did not invite the priest named Zadok, or

Benaiah, Solomon your son, or me.

            27 Has this been done without the knowledge of

            My lord the king, who has not said whom he

Has chosen as successor to the throne?”

            28 ‟Call Bathsheba,” the king commanded, so

            His wife returned and stood before the king,

29 Then king then promised, ‟As God lives who has

            Saved me from every danger, 30 I decree

            That Solomon your son shall be king next.

He’ll sit upon my throne, as I once swore

            To you before the God of Israel,”

            31 And then Bathsheba bowed before the king,

Her face down to the ground. She kneeled and said,

            ‟O thank you, sir, and may my lord the king

            Abide forever!” 32 “Call in the priest, Zadok,

The prophet Nathan and Benaiah, who’s

            Son of Jehoiada,” said David. When

            They came before the king, 33 he said to them,

‟Take Solomon to Gihon with my servants.

            He’ll ride my mule. 34 The priest and prophet shall

            Anoint him as the king of Israel.

Then blow the trumpet and exclaim, ‛Long live

            King Solomon!’ 35 When you return him here,

            He is to come and sit upon my throne

And reign as king in place of me, for I’ve

            Appointed him the king of Israel 

            And Judah.” 36 ‟Amen!” cried Benaiah, son

Born to Jehoiada, ‟and may the Lord,

            Jehovah, God of you, my lord the king,

            Declare it so, 37 and as the Lord was with

My lord the king, may he be with your son,

            King Solomon, to make his government

            Even more notable than yours, my lord

King David!” 38 So three men−the priest, prophet

            And captain (Zadok, Nathan and Benaiah)−

            Along with Kerethites and Pelethites,

Descended and put Solomon upon

            King David‘s mule, and then accompanied

The son to Gihon, 39 where the priest went in

The Anointing of Solomon by Cornelis de Vos

The Tabernacle and removed a flask

            Of sacred oil and poured it on the head

            Of Solomon. 40 The trumpets were then blown

And flutes were played as people followed him

            And yelled as one, ‟Long live King Solomon!”

            As they returned along the highway to

Jerusalem, their celebration was

            So loud it shook the ground. 41 Not far away

            Prince Adonijah and his guests could hear

The shouting and ado, so Joab asked,

            ‟What’s going on? What is the meaning of

            The uproar in the city?” 42 Even as

He was still speaking, Jonathan, the son

            Of Priest Abiathar, rushed in the room.

            ‟Come in,” said Adonijah, ‟for you are

A righteous man and you must have good news.”

            43 But Jonathan replied, ‟No, not at all!

            Our lord King David has made Solomon

The king. 44 The king sent him to Gihon with

            The priest called Zadok, Nathan, prophet for

            The king, Benaiah, who’s Jehoiada‘s son,

The Kerethites and Pelethites, and they

            Have put him on the king‘s own mule, 45 and now

            Zadok and Nathan have anointed him

The king. They’ve just returned. Jerusalem

            Resounds with cheers and joy. That is the noise

            You hear, 46 and Solomon is sitting on

The royal throne. 47 Officials have arrived

            To give congratulations to King David,

            Saying, ‛May God bless you, King, even more

Through Solomon than you were blessed before,’

            And David bowed in worship on his bed

            48 And answered, ‛Blessed be the Lord, the God

Of Israel, who has allowed my eyes

            To see a son of mine successor on 

            My throne today.’” 49 Then Adonijah and

His guests, alarmed and panicked, rose and fled

            The banquet table, 50 but the rebel son,

            In fear of Solomon, his brother, rushed

Inside the Tabernacle and took hold

            Upon the altar‘s sacred horns, 51 and then

            King Solomon heard, ‟Adonijah‘s scared

Of you. He’s clinging to the altar‘s horns

            And saying, ‛Let King Solomon attest

            He will not kill his servant with the sword.’”

52 And Solomon replied, ‟If he behaves

            Himself, he won’t be harmed. But if he does

            Not, he shall die.” 53 Then Solomon sent men

To bring him down from his position on

            The altar, and he came to bow before

            King Solomon (a disobedient dog

Who groveled at his master‘s reckoning),

            And heard, ‟Go home,” dismissal from the king.


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