The Splendor of His Majesty

The Splendor of His Majesty

The splendor of His majesty
Infuses dust with joy,
For dust we are, to dust return,
Man, woman, girl and boy.

His resurrection power’s seen
When winter turns to spring,
When evil human hearts, unclean,
Have an awakening,

For when the Holy Spirit shines
Through cobwebs in the heart,
Forgiveness comes, sin declines
And holiness can start.

He draws a nation to its knees
(Each nation is a drop
To him who governs stars with ease)
And knocks away the props

That keep his people in captivity,
So that they may behold
The splendor of His majesty,
More precious than fine gold.

~Day Williams



1 In Joash son of Ahaziah king

Of Judah’s twenty-third year, Jehu’s son,

Jehoahaz became Israel’s king

Within Samaria. For seventeen

Years he did reign, 2 and he did evil in

The eyes of God by following the sins

Of Jeroboam son of Nebat, which

He had caused Israel to do, and he

Did not turn off from them. 3 God’s anger burned

Against the men of Israel, and for

 A long time he kept them beneath the power

Of Hazael the king of Aram and

His son  Ben‑Hadad, 4 then Jehoahaz

Sought the LORD’s favor, and God listened to

Him, for he saw how harshly Aram’s king

Oppressed the land of Israel, 5 and God

Gave a deliverer to Israel,     

And they escaped from Aram’s power, so

The Israelites lived in their own homes as

They had before, 6 but they did not turn off

From sins of Jeroboam’s house, the sins

Which he’d caused Israel to do; they kept

On doing them. The Asherah pole stayed

Up in Samaria, too. 7 Nothing had

Remained of Jehoahaz’s army but

His fifty horsemen and ten chariots

And infantry (ten thousand men), because

The king of Aram had destroyed the rest

And made them like the dust at threshing time.

8 As for the other incidents within

The reign of Jehoahaz, all he did

And his achievements, aren’t they written in

The annals book of kings of Israel?

9 Now Jehoahaz rested with his fathers

And he was buried in Samaria.

And Jehoash his son succeeded him

As king, 10 and in the thirty‑seventh year

Of Joash king of Judah, Jehoash

Son of Jehoahaz became the king

Of Israel within Samaria,

And he did reign for sixteen years. 11 He did

Evil in God’s eyes and did not turn off

From any of the sins of Jeroboam

The son of Nebat, which he had incited

Israel to commit; instead, he kept

On doing them. 12 The other incidents

Of Jehoash’s reign, all that he did,

And his accomplishments, including his

Own war with Amaziah, Judah’s king,

Are they not written in the annals book

Of kings of Israel? 13 Jehoash rested

With his own forefathers, and Jeroboam

Took his place on the throne. Jehoash was

Then buried in Samaria with kings

Of Israel. 14 Elisha had been ailing

From the same illness he died from. Jehoash

The king of Israel went down to see

Him and wept over him. “My father! My

Father!” he cried. “The chariots and horsemen

Of Israel!” 15 Elisha said, “Go get

A bow and arrows,” and he did so. 16 “Take

The bow in your own hands,” he told the king

Of Israel. He took it, then Elisha

Put his own hands upon the king’s hands. 17 “Open

The window to the east,” he said, and he

Opened it. “Shoot!” Elisha said. He shot.

Elisha stated, “The LORD’s arrow of

Victory, arrow of your victory

Over Aram! You will completely rout

The Arameans there at Aphek,” 18 then

He said, “Now take the arrows,” and the king

Took them. Elisha told him, “Strike the ground.”

He struck it three times and then stopped. 19 The man

Of God was angry with him and he said,

“You should have struck the ground five or six times;

Then you would have defeated Aram and

Completely wiped it out, but now you will

Defeat it but three times.” 20 Elisha died

And he was buried. Moabite invaders

Would come inside the country every spring.

21 Once while some Israelites were burying

A man, at once they saw a raiders’ band;

They threw the body of the man inside

Elisha’s tomb and when the body touched

Elisha’s bones, the man came back to life

And stood up on his feet. 22 Hazael king

Of Aram troubled Israel throughout

The reign of Jehoahaz, 23 but God was gracious

To them and had compassion and displayed

Concern for them due to his covenant

With Abraham and  Isaac and with Jacob.

Down to this day he’s been unwilling to

Destroy them or to cast them from his presence.

24 Hazael king of Aram died, and Ben‑

Hadad his son succeeded him as king,

25 Then Jehoash the son of Jehoahaz re-

Took from Ben‑Hadad son of Hazael

The towns that he had taken in a battle

From Jehoahaz his father, for Jehoash

Defeated him three times, so he took back

The towns of Israelites with his attacks.

Biblical Arguments against Homosexual Marriage

While the President, Vice President, and other leaders turn with the wind like Satan’s puppets, God’s Word remains the same.

Summary of Biblical Arguments Against Gay Marriage

1. God lists “homosexual offenders” among “the wicked” (1 Corinthians 6:9).

2. God lists “homosexual offenders” among those who He determines will “not inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 6:9).

3. Historically, homosexuality has incurred God’s destructive wrath upon an entire city (Gen. 19:4-5, 11-13).

4. God’s word defines the men of Sodom as “sinning greatly” because of their men having sex with men (Genesis 13:13; 19:5).

5. God calls Sodom’s sin “sexual perversion” (Jude 1:7). Societies that remain in perversion (Sodom, Rome…) are on the road to destruction.

6. God’s word identifies husband-wife relations as “natural relations” and homosexual relations as “unnatural ones” (Romans 1:26-27) and “perversion” (vs. 27).

7. God’s word also rebukes those who “approve of those who practice” homosexuality (Romans 1:32).

8. Jesus settled the marriage issue once for all, declaring that God had made them “male and female … a man … [and] his wife” (Matthew 19:4-5). Jesus’ affirmation of the heterosexual definition of marriage left no room for same sex marriages.

~by Pastor Jim Feeney, Ph.D.
Preached at South Valley Church, Phoenix, Oregon, March 10, 2004

From Ezra Pound’s Canto LXXXI: What thou lovest well remains


Ere the season died a-cold
Borne upon a zephyr's shoulder
I rose through the aureate sky
               Lawes and Jenkins guard thy rest
               Dolmetsch ever be thy guest,
Has he tempered the viol's wood
To enforce both  the grave  and the acute?
Has he curved us the bowl of the lute?
               Lawes and Jenkins guard thy rest
               Dolmetsch ever be thy guest,
Hast 'ou fashioned so airy a mood
     To draw up leaf from the root?
Hast 'ou found  a cloud  so light
     As seemed neither mist nor shade?

               Then resolve me, tell me aright
               If Waller sang or Dowland played.

          Your eyen two wol sleye me sodenly
          I may the beauté of hem nat susteyene

And for 180 years almost nothing.

Ed ascoltando il leggier mormorio
     there came new subtlety of eyes into my tent,
whether of spirit or hypostasis,
     but what the blindfold hides
or at carneval
                    nor any pair showed anger
     Saw but the eyes and stance between the eyes,
colour, diastasis,
     careless or unaware it had not the
   whole tent's room
nor was place for the full 
interpass, penetrate
     casting but shade beyond the other lights
          sky's clear
          night's sea
          green of the mountain pool
          shone from the unmasked eyes in half-mask's space.
What thou lovest well remains,
                              the rest is dross
What thou lov'st well shall not be reft from thee
What thou lov'st well is thy true heritage
Whose world, or mine or theirs
                         or is it of none?
First came the seen, then thus the palpable
     Elysium, though it were in the halls of hell,
What thou lovest well is thy true heritage
What thou lov'st well shall not be reft from thee

The ant's a centaur in his dragon world.
Pull down thy vanity, it is not man
Made courage, or made order, or made grace,
     Pull down thy vanity, I say pull down.
Learn of the green world what can be thy place
In scaled invention or true artistry,
Pull down thy vanity,
                  Paquin pull down!
The green casque has outdone your elegance.

"Master thyself, then others shall thee beare"
     Pull down thy vanity
Thou art a beaten dog beneath the hail,
A swollen magpie in a fitful sun,
Half black half white
Nor knowst'ou wing from tail
Pull down thy vanity
               How mean thy hates
Fostered in falsity,
               Pull down thy vanity,
Rathe to destroy, niggard in charity,
Pull down thy vanity,
               I say pull down.

But to have done instead of not doing
               This is not vanity
To have, with decency, knocked
That a Blunt should open
          To have gathered from the air a live tradition
or from a fine old eye the unconquered flame
this is not vanity.
     Here error is all in the not done,
all in the diffidence that faltered . . .



Hold on! I have a plan for a false flag
That will encourage them to give up guns:
We’ll make it look like children died–a gag
Of sorts, a brainwashing event that stuns

The masses when cops say a skinny kid
Sneaked heavy gear into a school and shot
Twenty or more–to emphasize the fib,
The so-called “grieving parents”–the whole lot–

Won’t ask to see their children’s bodies–we’ll
Say pictures would suffice–the cops will crow
“It’s true!” as network anchors back this deal,
And we’ll have “dead kids” sing at the Super Bowl

This hoax will work from Boston to L.A.:
Americans believe what networks say.

~Day Williams