Creation to Revelation

Creation to Revelation

The Lord created eyes and wings on fleas
And made the stardust soar in galaxies.
He spoke, and made the grizzly bears and wolves,
Mosquito wings, and untamed horses’ hooves.
Through Christ He made the buttercups and seeds,
Rice, corn, and wheat on which the nations feed;
Jehovah made the mountains, streams and lakes:
Creation on this earth was for man’s sake.

The Lord Almighty, who is good and just,
Formed Adam, the first man, from Eden’s dust,
And from his rib He molded man a mate
Who, tempted, took forbidden fruit and ate.
God sent away the two who’d been beguiled,
The woman would have pain to bear a child.
Two cherubim were sent to guard the gates,
Then Cain, a son, shed blood with jealous hate.

The Lord told Noah to construct an ark,
God made his covenants with patriarchs.
Leading his people to the Promised Land,
He gave Commandments through meek Moses’ hands.
He watched the reigns of kings both good and bad,
Mistreatment of his prophets made Him sad,
No man on earth was righteous, no, not one,
So God, in love, gave men his only Son.

To free all men required pure sacrifice
And only God’s one Son could pay the price.
“Forgive them, Father,” he said in last breaths
And died, in pain, a criminal’s hard death.
Below him soldiers gambled for his clothes,
But in three days Christ Jesus, God’s Son, rose
And showed disciples holes in hands and side
To prove that death itself, through Him, had died.

Along Damascus’ road the Lord appeared
To Saul, called Paul, and blinded him with fear.
This Paul, who’d persecuted for the Jews,
Converted and began to preach good news,
And though he was imprisoned, scorned and stoned,
His letters taught of sin, how God atoned
For it through blood that poured from Jesus’ side
And how, through faith, the saints are sanctified.

The Book of Revelation by Saint John
Foretells a time of troubles coming on.
John wrote the world will see an evil Beast
And after that, a thousand years of peace.
The Lord will come like a thief in the night
To judge the nations and show men right.
Since God will cast the devil down to burn,
The Church’s saints await the Lord’s return.