1001 Quotations: Bible Passages


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My favorite!November 30, 2018Format: Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseThis book is my go to when it comes to writing my academic papers. The quotes are short and relevant. I’m able to find them correctly quoted in most bibles, and this is a huge plus. I like the way it is separated by the day of the year as well. It took me awhile to realize that it was categorized too. Her this book because it serves as an excellent quick reference.

Love Your Enemies

(Luke 6:27-31)
Love Your Enemies

Love your enemies,
Do good to those
Who hate you; give
The poor your clothes.

~Day Williams



1 In Pekah son of Remaliah’s year

Seventeen, Ahaz son of Jotham king

Of Judah started reigning. 2 Ahaz was

But twenty years old when he started as

The king, and he reigned in Jerusalem

For sixteen years, but unlike David his

Own father, he did not do what was right

Before the LORD his God. 3 He followed ways

Of kings of Israel and sacrificed

His son in fire, engaging in the awful

Practices of the nations that the LORD

Had driven out before the Israelites.

4 He offered sacrifices and burned incense

At the high places, on the hilltops and

Beneath each spreading tree, 5 then Rezin king

Of Aram and the son of Remaliah,

King Pekah out of Israel, marched up

To fight against Jerusalem and he

Besieged Ahaz, but they could not beat him.

6 At that time, Rezin king of Aram took

Back Elath for the land of Aram by

Driving out Judah’s people. Edomites

Then moved to Elath and have lived there to

This day. 7 Now Ahaz sent some messengers

To tell King Tiglath‑Pileser within

Assyria, “I am your servant and

Your vassal. Come and save me from the hand

Of Aram=s king and Israel’s king, who

Have struck against me.” 8 Ahaz took the silver

And gold found in the temple of the LORD

And in the royal palace treasuries

And sent it to Assyria’s king, a gift.

9 Assyria’s king complied: He did attack

Damascus and he captured it, deporting

Its citizens to Kir and executing

King Rezin, 10 then King Ahaz traveled to

Damascus to meet Tiglath‑Pileser

King of Assyria. He saw an altar

Inside Damascus and sent Uriah

The priest a drawing of the altar, with

 Detailed construction plans. 11 The priest Uriah

Then built an altar following the plans

King Ahaz had sent from Damascus and

He finished it before King Ahaz came

Back; 12 when the king returned out of Damascus

And saw the altar, he came up, presenting

Offerings on it, 13 for he offered his

Burnt offering and his grain offering,

Poured his drink offering out, and he splashed

Blood of his offerings of fellowship

Against the altar. 14 As for the bronze altar

That stood before the LORD, he brought it from

The temple=s front, because it was between

The temple of the LORD and the new altar–

And put it on the north side of the new

Altar, 15 and then King Ahaz ordered Priest

Uriah: AOn the large new altar, offer

The morning offering (burnt) and the evening

Grain offering, the king’s burnt offering

And his grain offering, and all the people’s

Burnt offering, grain offering and drink

Offering. Splash against this altar blood

From the burnt offerings and sacrifices.

But the bronze altar I will use to seek

Direction,@ 16 and the priest Uriah did

Exactly as King Ahaz ordered him.

17 King Ahaz cut off the side panels and

Removed the basins from the mobile stands.

He took away the Sea from the bronze bulls

Holding it and set it on a stone base.

18 He took away the Sabbath canopy

That was constructed at the temple and

Removed the royal entryway outside

The temple of the LORD, in deference to

Assyria’s king. 19 The other incidents

Within the reign of Ahaz, and all that

He did, are they not written in the book

Of annals of the kings of Judah? 20 Ahaz

Did rest with his own ancestors and he

Was buried with them inside David’s City.

Hezekiah his son was king a bit.