I Shall

I Shall

I shall look
In The Book
I shall write
Of His light
And His might
And His right
I shall kneel
And be healed
I shall praise
All His days
I shall love
God above
I shall bear
My fair share
I shall teach
As I reach
I shall sing
Of the King
I shall feed
Those in need
I shall fight
For his light
I shall know
Spirit’s glow
I shall run
In the Son
I shall walk
With the flock
I shall see
On my knees
I shall wane
He will reign
I shall fly
When I die
I shall eat
Honey sweet

~Day Williams

Mary Answers the Angel

(Luke 1:38)
Mary Answers the Angel

And Mary said,
“I serve the Lord;
Let it be to
Me by your word.”

~Day Williams

Annunciation by John Collier



1 The son of Elah king of Israel

Was in year three when Hezekiah son

Of Ahaz, Judah’s king, began to reign.

When he became the king, 2 he was the age

Of twenty-five. For twenty-nine years he

Reigned in Jerusalem. His mother was

Abijah, Zechariah’s daughter. 3 He

Did what was right in the LORD’s eyes, just as

His father David did, 4 for he removed

High places, smashed the sacred stones and cut

Down Asherah poles, and he split apart

The bronze snake Moses had produced, for up

‘Til then the Israelites burned incense to it.

(It was called Nehushtan.) 5 Now Hezekiah

Did trust the LORD, the God of Israel.

Among all Judah’s kings, there was no one

Like him, before or after him. 6 He held

Fast to the LORD and always followed him;

He kept commands the LORD had given Moses.

7 The LORD was with him; he succeeded in

The things he undertook. He did rebel

Against Assyria’s king and did not serve him.

8 From watchtower to city fortified,

He beat the Philistines, as far as Gaza

And its dominion. 9 In King Hezekiah’s

Fourth year, which was Hoshea’s seventh year

(Hoshea was the son of Elah king

Of Israel), King Shalmaneser of

Assyria did march against Samaria

And he laid siege to it, 10 and after three

Years had passed, the Assyrians took it.

Samaria was therefore captured in

Hezekiah’s sixth year, which was the ninth

Year of Hoshea king of Israel.

11 Assyria’s king deported Israel

Into Assyria and settled them

In Halah, and in Gozan on the Habor

River and in the towns of Medes, 12 which happened

Because they’d disobeyed the LORD their God,

And breached his covenant–all Moses, servant

Of God commanded, for they neither listened

To the commands nor did as they commanded.

During King Hezekiah’s reign, 13 within

The fourteenth year, Sennacherib the king

Of all Assyria, attacked the cities

Fortified inside Judah and took them,

14 So Hezekiah, Judah’s king, sent out

This message to Assyria’s king at Lachish:

“I have done wrong. Withdraw from me, and I  

Will pay whatever you demand of me.”

Assyria’s king exacted from the king

Of Judah, Hezekiah, these amounts:

Three hundred silver talents, thirty talents

Of gold, 15 so Hezekiah gave him all

The silver found in the LORD’s temple and

In royal palace treasuries. 16 At this

Time Hezekiah, Judah’s king, stripped off

The gold with which he’d covered doors and doorposts

Of the LORD’s temple, and he gave it to

Assyria’s king. 17 Assyria’s king sent his

Supreme commander, his chief officer

And his own field commander with a large

Army, from Lachish to King Hezekiah

Inside Jerusalem. They came up to

Jerusalem and they stopped at the Upper

Pool’s aqueduct, along the road that led

To Washerman’s Field. 18 They called for the king;

Eliakim, Hilkiah’s son, the palace

Administrator, Shebna, secretary,

And Joah son of Asaph the recorder

Went out to them. 19 The field commander said

To them, “Tell Hezekiah: ‘The great king,

King of Assyria, says this: “On what

            Do you support this confidence of yours? 

20 You say you have the counsel and the might

For war, but you speak only empty words.

On whom do you depend, that you rebel

Against me? 21 Look, I know that you depend

On Egypt, which is but a splintered reed,

            Which penetrates the hand of anyone

Who leans on it! Such is the Pharaoh king

Of Egypt to the ones who count on him,

            22 But if you say to me, “We are depending

Upon the LORD our God” –now isn’t he

The same one whose high places and whose altars

Hezekiah removed while saying to

Both Judah and Jerusalem, “You have

To worship in front of this altar in

Jerusalem@? 23 “Come now, and cut a deal

With my commander, Assyria’s king:

I will give you two thousand horses–if

You can put riders on them! 24 How can you

Repulse one officer out of the least

Of my commander’s staff, although you do

            Depend on Egypt for your chariots

And horsemen? 25 Furthermore, have I come to 

Attack and smash this place without some word

            From God? The LORD himself told me to  march against

This land and wreck it,” 26 then Eliakim,

Hilkiah’s son, and Shebna (Joah too)

            Said to the field commander, “Please converse

In Aramaic with your servants, since

We understand it. Do not speak to us

            In Hebrew in the hearing of the people

Upon the wall,” 27 but the commander said,

“Was it only to your own master and

            To you that my own master sent me out

To say these things, and not to people sitting

Upon the wall–who, like you, will have to

            Chew their own excrement and drink their piss?”

28 Then the commander stood and called in Hebrew,

“Now hear the word of the great king, the king

            Out of Assyria! 29 The king says this:  

‘Do not let Hezekiah trick you. He

Cannot deliver you out of my hand.

            30 Do not let Hezekiah trick you to

Trust in the LORD when he tells you, “The LORD

Will certainly deliver us; this city

            Will not be given into the hands of him,

Assyria’s king.” 31 Don’t listen to the king,

Hezekiah. Assyria’s king says this:

            “Make peace with me; come out to me, then each

Of you will eat the fruit from your own vine

And fig tree and drink water from your cistern

            32 Until I come and take you to a land

Much like your own–a land of grain and wine,

A land of bread and vineyards, yes, a land

            Of olive trees and honey. Now choose life,

Not death! Don’t listen to King Hezekiah,

For he misleads you when he says, ‘The LORD

            Will set us free.’ 33 Has any nation’s god

Freed his land from the clutches of the king

Out of Assyria? 34 Where are the gods

            Of Hamath and of Arpad? Where are gods

Of Sepharvaim, Hena and of Ivvah?

Have they redeemed Samaria out of

            My hand? 35 Of all the gods of all these lands,

Who has been able to deliver his

Own land from me? How then can God deliver

            Jerusalem out of my hand?” 36 But men

Stayed silent and said nothing in reply,

Because the king had ordered them, “Do not

Reply to him.” 37 Eliakim, the son

Of Hilkiah the palace manager,

Shebna the secretary, and the son

            Of Asaph, Joah the recorder, with

Their garments torn, went out and told the king

The field commander’s bluster—everything.