“Sestina: Flesh and Spirit,” poem by Day Williams

Sestina: Flesh and Spirit

Some people live for no one but themselves
Keeping their eyes on pleasure, cash, flesh,
And while they play, God longs to be their friend,
Because their play will never satisfy
Enough, and souls call out for unity
With their Creator-God, who was crucified

For them, the Innocent they crucified:
He did not fit the dream they’d made themselves,
A dream that disregarded unity
Within Christ’s body, for when men put flesh
Above the Spirit, they won’t satisfy
Their hearts as when the Lord becomes a friend.

In darkest hours, they say, “I need a friend,
But I don’t need this Jesus crucified.
I’ll find another way to satisfy
My needs, the way my friends have pleased themselves
With drugs and potions, pleasures of the flesh,
The ecstasy enjoyed in unity

In sex, those moments where the unity
Seems it will last forever with a friend,
Featherbed frolics delighting the flesh,
Then someone tells that Christ was crucified,
Which makes the lovers want to hide themselves
In shame in garden shade, dissatisfied.”

From babe to boy to boss, dissatisfied,
The spirit in a man seeks unity
Which men and women strive to find themselves,
Diverted, distracted, delayed by friends
Who circle round and gloss Christ crucified,
Ignore the Spirit and pursue for the flesh.

A man can’t disassociate from flesh.
No matter how he tries to satisfy
The Spirit’s call to love Him crucified,
No matter how he strives for unity,
The flesh will intervene to make a friend
And enemy. Men can’t control themselves.

For they themselves, trapped in pursuit of flesh,
Deceived by friends, would find they’re satisfied
In unity with God, Christ crucified.

~Day Williams

Day Williams



HENCEFORTH, please God, forever I forego
The yoke of men’s opinions. I will be
Light-hearted as a bird, and live with God.
I find him in the bottom of my heart,
I hear continually his voice therein.

The little needle always knows the North,
The little bird remembereth his note,
And this wise Seer within me never errs.
I never taught it what it teaches me;
I only follow, when I act aright.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Clarinet Scene – Mr. Holland’s Opus

“Lot’s more to music than notes on the page.”

“Because playing music is supposed to be fun. It’s about heart, it’s about feelings and moving people and something beautiful and being alive, and it’s not about notes on a page. I can teach you notes on a page. I can’t teach you that other stuff.”

Louie Louie The Kingsmen {Stereo}

“Sameness Utopia,” poem by Day Williams

I wrote this in mid-March 2018 while in Colorado with my wife and son. I had been reading The Giver, a dystopian novel by Lois Lowry.

This “Utopia” is Big Tech’s dream society.

Sameness Utopia

We’ll knock the mountains down
And fill the canyons in
We’ll smooth the mounds
And not a soul will grin

Or laugh or weep or shout.
We will all be the same
Nothing to cry about
And nobody to blame

Each with the same color
Each with the same race
Each with the same
Featureless grayish face.

And no one will have dreams
And no nightmares either
None will need a freezer
And none will need a heater,

Each with the same income
Each with the same thoughts
Each of us controlled
By the same uniform bot,

And I will never lose
And you will never win
No one will be right or wrong
And none will ever sin,

And everyone will eat the same,
A tasteless grayish gruel,
And everyone will attend
The same barred, guarded school

Where we will learn the same,
And on the monthly tests
Teachers will grade with “C’s”
So no one’s worst and none is best.

We’ll ride in robot cars
To robot supermarts
Where bots will choose our foods
Because they are so smart,

And you will have a mate,
Your marriage bot-arranged,
And you can rear one child
Within the Central range,

But you cannot sing a song
(Music makes us less the same),
You cannot sculpt or draw–
For you might get a name.

As for names, you won’t have one–
A number will suffice
Tattooed on your arm
With chips as small as rice.

And no one will write novels,
Short stories, tracts, or plays,
Each number dressed the same,
The same in every way.

And you won’t need your brains,
So they will be shut down,
So ruling bots may run
A smoother Sameness Town

Where no one will be smart
And no one will be dumb
And you will walk in fog
With all your senses numb.

No one with cosmetics
No make-up for the face;
With faceless namelessness,
Each number in its place,

Though each one will be free
To choose his suit each day:
The gray or gray or gray
Or gray or gray or gray,

And you won’t need a mirror
To see your daily face,
For it will be the same
As each one in your place,

And you will have your pod
That sits right next to mine
Inside our gray-gray hut
Where no one has a mind.

No one will be black,
No one will be white,
No one will be wrong,
And no one will be right.

We’ll learn to work and play
In buildings gray and beige
Where we will be contained
Like monkeys in a cage.

We’ll never spend too much,
We won’t have much to spend,
We’ll have enough to ensure
The State will never end.

We’ll have a medicine
To cure our every ill,
Injections in our veins
Or take the latest pill.

If Central says, “It’s war,”
Then off to war we’ll go;
We’ll kill our enemies
Then hurry to our homes,

But never shall we fight against
Our special master bots;
We’ll never think of it:
They won’t allow such thoughts.

We’ll have no surprises,
Each day will be the same
In Sameness Utopia
Where no one has a name.

And we won’t have a devil
And we won’t have a God
And we’ll dreamless sleep
In grayish numbered pods.

And no one will be first
And no one will be last
And no one will remember
The future or the past.

You will not have a sex,
So no one will be different,
No perfumes or deodorants,
Each human with same scents.

You’ll have a proper hut
That stands right next to mine,
And you and I will mow our dirt
Saturdays, the same time.

We’ll breathe and work and rest
And never have a fear,
We’ll never hate or love,
We’ll never shed a tear.

You will not have to strive
To be the best you can:
The same awards will go
To everyone who ran.

And each of us will vote
Just as the bots direct;
We’ll have no nasty run-offs
From races neck and neck.

And no one will be sad
And no one will be glad
And no one will be good
And no one will be bad

And no one will rebel
And no one will create
And we will shuffle each day
Through the same numbered gate.

And we will work in factories
To refurbish bots;
Each noon we’ll pause to thank
The State for all we’ve got,

And we won’t talk of love
And we won’t talk of hate
And nothing will be small
And nothing will be great

And it will never snow
And it will never rain
And no one will be cold
And none will suffer pain.

You must not speak your mind–
I have to make this clear–
Or say bye to those you know,
For you will disappear.

If you hold a censored book
The bots will know at once,
And you’ll spend days in jail
For acting like a dunce.

And if you cry some night
Because your dog has died
A bot will come and stick
A needle in your side.

At the allotted time
We’ll take our exit pass
And climb the tallest tower
And jump down to the grass.

~Day Williams



American Communists’ Anthem

American Communists’ Anthem
Orange Man Bad
Orange Man Bad
Bad Bad Bad

We are better
We are better
Better Better Better

Boo God
Boo God
Boo God
Boo Boo Boo

We will fight
We will fight
Fight fight fight

Workers unite
Workers unite
Unite Unite Unite

Vote for us
Vote for us
Us Us Us

Yay yay yay
Yay for us



0:53 / 1:49

Reinstating Jerusalem, “God” language met with boos at DNC


0:37 / 1:37

DNC: A House of Boos | NBC News

My God, My God

(Psalm 22:1)
My God, My God

My God, my God,
Why are you so
Far off? Will you
Not hear my groans?

~Day Williams



1 Now after David settled in his palace,  

He said to Prophet Nathan, “Here I am,

Residing in a cedar house, while still

The ark of covenant of God does rest

Beneath a tent,” 2 and Nathan said to David,

“Whatever you may have in mind, do it,

For God is with you,” 3 but that night the word

Of God reached Nathan, saying: 4 “Go and tell

My servant David, ‘God says this: You’re not

The one to build a house for me to live in.

5 I have not lived inside a house from when

I did bring Israel from Egypt to

This very day. I have moved from one tent

Site to another, from one dwelling place

Into another, 6 and wherever I

Have moved with Israelites, did I tell any

Leader whom I had asked to shepherd my

Own people, “Why have you not built for me

A cedar house?”” 7 Now then, inform my servant

David, ‘The LORD Almighty says to you:

I took you from the pasture, from where you

Did tend the flock, and I appointed you

Ruler over my people Israel.

8 I’ve been with you wherever you have gone,

And I have cut off all your enemies

Before you. Now I’ll make your name like names

Of greatest men on earth, 9 and I’ll provide

A place for Israel my people and

               I’ll plant them so that they can have a home

That is their own and will no more be bothered.

No more will wicked people burden them

               The way they did at the beginning 10 and

Have done since I appointed leaders over

My people Israel. I will subdue

Your enemies, too. I declare to you

The LORD will build a house for you: 11 And when

Your days are over and you go to be

With your own ancestors, I will raise up

Your offspring to succeed you, one of your

Own sons, and I’ll set up his kingdom. 12 He’s

The one who’ll build a house for me, and I’ll

Set up his throne forever. 13 I will be

His father, and he will be my son. I will

Never remove my love from him, as I

Removed it from your predecessor. 14 I

Will set him over my house and my kingdom

Forever, and his throne will be established

Forever.’” 15 Nathan said to David all

The words of this whole revelation, 16 then

King David went and sat before the LORD,

And said: “Who am I, LORD God, and what is

My family, that you’ve brought me this far?

17 And as if this were not enough in your

Sight, O my God, you’ve spoken of the future

Of your own servant’s house. LORD God, you’ve looked

               On me as though I were exalted in

The midst of men. 18 “What more can David say

To you for honoring your servant? For

You know your servant, 19 LORD. For the sake of

Your servant and by your will, you’ve done this

Great thing and made known these great promises.  

20 No one is like you, LORD, and there’s no God

But you, as we have heard with our own ears,

21 And who is like your people Israel—

The single nation on the earth whose god

Went to redeem a people for himself,

To make yourself a name, and to perform 

Your great and awesome wonders by expelling

Nations before your people, people you

Redeemed from Egypt? 22 You have made your people

Israel your own evermore, and you,

LORD, have become their God. 23 “And now, LORD, let

The promise you have made about your servant

24 And his house be established evermore.

Do as you promised, so that it will be

Established and so that your name will be

Forever great. Then people will remark,

‘The LORD Almighty, God of Israel,  

Is Israel’s God!’ And the house of your

Own servant David is to be established

Before you. 25 You, my God, have shown your servant

You’ll build a house for him, and so your servant

Has found the nerve to pray to you. 26 You, LORD,

Are God! You’ve promised these good things to your

Own servant. 27 Now you have been pleased to bless

Your servant’s house, so that it may continue

Forever in your sight; for you, O LORD,

Blessed it; it will be blessed forevermore.”