Poems from Esther and Job, “Light of Day”


(Esther 7:5-6)

The King and Esther

“Where is the man

Who’s dared this thing?”

And Esther said,

“Vile Haman, king.”


(Job 1:21)

Naked I Came

Naked I came,

Naked I’ll go,

God gives, God takes,

So praise the Lord.

(Job 2:2)

Satan Answers God

I have gone to

And fro on earth;

I have walked up

And down its girth.

(Job 5:17, Psalm 37:4, 144:15, Proverbs 3:13, 18,

14:21, 16:20, 29:18,2 Thess. 2:10,

James 5:11, 1 Peter 1:8-9, 3:14, Rev. 2:10, 3:11)

In Serving God

In serving God

Is happiness;

In serving men

A man is blessed.

(Job 5:7)

As Sparks Fly

As sure as sparks

Fly upward, man

Is born to pain

And strife and strain.


(Job 10:8-9)

Will You Destroy?

Will you  destroy

The one you shaped

And molded like

A lump of clay?

(Job 12:7)

Ask Animals

Ask animals:

They will tell you,

And learn their ways;

They’ll give you clues.

(Job 19:25)

My Redeemer Lives

I know that my

Redeemer lives;

No man can match

The love He gives.

(Job 22:24-25)

Your Gold

When you have learned

How to lose hold,

Almighty God

Will be your gold.

(Job 23:10)

He Knows the Way

He knows the way

That I will go;

He’ll test me; I’ll

Come forth as gold.


(Job 23:12)

God’s Holy Words

I have esteemed

God’s holy words

More than the food

That I’ve preferred.

(Job 28:1)

Silver Mines and Gold

Men go and dig

Their silver mines

And find the place

Where gold’s refined.

(Job 31:1)

Agreement with My Eyes

With girls: My eyes

And I agreed

I would not watch

Them lustfully.

(Job 36:18)

Don’t Let a Bribe

Don’t let a bribe

Turn you aside;

Where God’s concerned,

You cannot hide.




(Job 36:18)

Be Careful

Be careful that

Wealth won’t entice

You; don’t let bribes

Turn you aside.

(Job 36:23)

Elihu Asks

Who has told God

The way to take,

Or said to him,

“You’ve made mistakes”?



(Job 37:5, 16)

He Thunders

He thunders with

Majestic voice:

“Do you know how

The clouds hang poised?”

(Job 37:16, 19)

He Hangs the Clouds

He hangs the clouds

In empty space;

We don’t know how

To plead our case.


(Job 38:16, 39:13)

God Questions Job

The peacocks—did

You give them wings?

Have you gone in

The ocean’s springs?


(Job 38:28)

Who Fathers Rain?

Who fathers rain

And drops of dew?

Does all the earth

Belong to you?


(Job 39:27, 36:23)

Do Eagles Soar?

Do eagles soar

At your command?

Can you prescribe

God’s ways and plans?

(Job 41:1, Genesis 2:7)

Can You Pull in Leviathan?

Can you pull in


Can you take dust

And form a man?

Observe These Laws

(Dt. 26:16)
Observe These Laws

Observe these laws
With all your heart
And all your soul−
It’s wise and smart.

~Day Williams



 1 Then David said, “The LORD God’s house shall be

               Here, with the altar of burnt offering

For Israel,” 2 so David ordered men

To gather foreigners who did reside

In Israel, and from among them he

Appointed stonecutters to ready some

Dressed stone to build the house of God, 3 and he

Provided a great deal of iron to

Make nails for doors of gateways and for fittings,

And gave more bronze than anyone could weigh,

4 And he provided countless cedar logs,

For the Sidonians and the Tyrians

Had brought him many logs. 5 then David said,

               “My young son Solomon is untried, and

The house that will be built for God should be

Magnificent, with fame and splendor in

The nations’ sight, so I’ll prepare for it.”

So David made extensive preparations

Before his death, 6 then summoned Solomon

His son and charged him to construct a house

That’s for the LORD, the God of Israel.

7 David told Solomon: “My son, I had

It in my heart to build a house that’s for

The Name of God, the LORD my God. 8 But God’s

Word came to me: ‘You’ve shed much blood; you’ve fought

In many wars. You’re not to build a house

That’s for my Name, because you’ve shed much blood

Before me on the earth, 9 But you will have

A son, a man of peace and rest, and I

Will give him rest from enemies all ‘round,

And his name will be Solomon, and I’ll

Grant peace and quiet unto Israel

During his reign, 10 and he’s the one who’ll build

A house that’s for my Name. He’ll be my son,

And I will be his father, and I’ll set

His kingdom’s throne above all Israel

Forever.’ 11 Now, my son, the LORD be with

You, and may you succeed and build the house

That’s for the LORD your God, as he said you

Would. 12 May the LORD give you discretion and

Good understanding when he puts you in

Command above all Israel, so you

May keep the law of God, the LORD your God.

13 Then you’ll succeed if you are careful to

Observe decrees and laws the LORD gave Moses

For Israel. Be strong and be courageous.

Don’t be afraid or get discouraged. 14 With

Great pains I have provided for the temple

Of God a hundred thousand golden talents

                    A million silver talents, quantities

Of bronze and iron too enormous to

Be weighed, and wood and stone, and you may add

To them. 15 You will have many workers: stone-

Cutters and carpenters and masons, as

Well as those skilled in every kind of work

16 In gold and silver, bronze and iron—all

Innumerable craftsmen. Now begin

The work, and God be with you.” 17 David then

               Commanded all the chiefs of Israel

To help his young son Solomon. 18 He said

To them, “Is not the LORD your God with you?      

Has he not granted you rest everywhere?

For he has given those who lived within

The land into my hands; the land is subject

Unto the LORD and to his people. 19 Now

Devote your heart and soul to seek the LORD

Your God. Begin to build the sanctuary

That’s for the LORD God, so you may bring

God’s ark of covenant and holy things

Of God into the temple we will frame

And build to give honor to the LORD’s Name.”