“Shift to a Rift”, poem by Day Williams


Shift to a Rift

The students used to march to stop a war;

They flashed peace signs and smiled and gave out flowers;

Today, youth run to wreck and burn our stores–

They have no constant cause but grasp for power.

In Berkeley they campaigned for more free speech;

Now they cheer censorship by Big Tech Chiefs;

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

They spur illegals to break laws and leech
From citizens who earned their property.

Yes, they would say, “You who control, don’t lie;”
Now they embrace reporters, slick and sly,

Who claim the President’s a demon-guy
When he’s prevented wars and helped us thrive.

Their hate and censorship have been a shift
That deeper widens this great country’s rifts.


~Day Williams

Day Williams


Secret Wars of the CIA John Stockwell part 4



“Betrayers,” Poem by Day Williams


Clink! Thirty silver pieces in his palm, 
Judas betrayed Him with a kiss at night, 
Regretted it, tossed back the coins-no balm-
Went forth confused, committed suicide.

Overlooked for promotion, snubbed and bruised, 
Or so this brilliant general complained, 
So he betrayed America for loot, 
And his Boot Monument-it bears no name.

Crooked from the beginning, uranium
Was sold to Russia and her spouse was paid
More than the market rate to speak, and from
Russia came millions to the Foundation.

Some will betray their country; some, a friend: 
Betrayers never come to a good end. 
Day Williams

Light of Day: Poems from the Book of Matthew



(Mt. 1:23, Isa. 7:14)


Let them recall

In Israel

Who prophesied



(Mt. 2:1-2)

The Magi

Where is the One

Born King of Jews?

We’ll worship Him;

This is good news.


(Mt. 2:13-14)

Angels Sang

The angels sang

On Christmas morn−

To mankind was

A Savior born.


(Mt. 4:3-4)

Bread from Stones

The tempter said,

“Make bread from stones;”

“But man can’t live

On bread alone.”


(Mt. 4:3-4)

Jesus Responds to Satan

“Man cannot live

On bread alone,”

And He would not

Make bread from stones.




(Mt. 4:5-7)

Satan Tempts Jesus

“Let angels catch

You when you fall.”

“Do not put God

To tests at all.”
(Mt. 4:7)

Don’t Test the Lord

Don’t test the Lord;

Serve him alone;

Let God’s Word pierce

Your heart of stone.



(Mt. 5:13-15)

Salt of Earth

You’re salt of earth,

Light on a hill;

The Spirit rules

When flesh is killed.


(Mt. 5:25, 28, 7:6)


Settle your case,

Don’t throw pigs pearls,

Men, do not look

With lust at girls.




(Mt. 5:33-37, 6:24, Luke 16:13)

Oaths, God and Money

It is not wise

To swear an oath;

You can’t serve God

And Money both.


(Mt. 5:37)

No and Yes

Let “No” be “No;”

Let “Yes” by “Yes;”

Let people know—

Don’t make them guess.


(Mt. 5:38)

Be Perfect

Be perfect, as

Your Father is;

You are his sheep;

All sheep are his.


(Mt. 5:45)

The Lord is Fair

The Lord is fair;

He sends the rain

On millionaires

And homeless waifs.


(Mt. 5:48)

Be Perfect

Be perfect, as

Your Father is,

For He is yours

And you are His.


(Mt. 6:24)

You Can’t Serve Two Masters

You can’t serve God

And money, too;

Two masters—no—

Serve one, not two.


(Mt. 6:26)

The Birds Don’t Plant

The birds don’t plant

Or reap or store

In barns, yet they’re

Fed by the Lord.


(Mt. 6:46-49)

Sand and Rock

With sand, you’ll be

A laughingstock;

Go build your house

On solid rock.


(Mt. 7:1-2)

Don’t Judge

Don’t judge, or you

Will be judged too:

What you mete out

Returns to you.


(Mt. 7:13)

The Narrow Gate

Let grudges fly,

Let go of hate:

You enter by

The narrow gate.


(Mt. 7:13)

The Narrow Gate

The narrow gate

Will get you in—

Do right by men,

Take care, shun sin.


(Mt. 7:13)


Relinquish sin,

Relinquish hate,

The Christian way

Is narrow, straight.


(Mt. 7:16)

By the Fruits

By its own fruit

You’ll know a tree;

You’ll know good men

By their good deeds.



(Mt. 7:16-18, John 8:12,

James 5:7-11, Galatians 5:22-23,

Eph. 5:8)

You Once Were Dark

You once were dark;

Now Light’s in you;

Produce what’s good

And right and true.



(Mt. 7:22-23,

2 Peter 2:6-7)


Men like to make

Their own rules up,

Defying God

Like vicious pups.


The Ten Commandments





(Mt. 8:23-27)

The Wind and Waves

The wind and waves

Obeyed his words;

Of such a man

They had not heard.


(Mt. 8:27, 9:33 and 15:31,

Psalm 111:10)

When Jesus Healed

When Jesus healed,

Men were amazed;

To him belongs

Eternal praise.


(Mt. 9:37, Luke 10:2)

The Harvest

The harvest, great,

The workers, few,

Ask God to send

The workers through.


(Mt. 10:7, 16)

Be Shrewd

Be shrewd as snakes

And innocent

As doves, and preach

The Word where sent.


(Mt. 10:26-33)

What is Concealed

What is concealed

Will be revealed;

Pursue the Lord

With faith and zeal.


(Mt. 10:26, Proverbs 26:26)

What is Concealed

What is concealed

Will be disclosed;

The wickedness

Will be exposed.


(Mt. 11:4-6)

The Blind Can See

The blind can see,

The dead are raised,

The lame can walk,

And God is praised.


(Mt. 11:30)

Though I Be Sad

Though I be sad,

Wear mourning cloak,

Jesus gives me

An easy yoke.



(Mt. 12:36, Romans 14:12,

2 Cor. 5:10)

I Count My Days

I count my days,

My days so short;

To God I’ll give

My full report.


(Mt. 13:46)


He found a stone,

Best in the world,

Sold all he owned

To have the pearl.




(Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:31-44,

Luke 9:10-17 and John 6:5-15)

Feeding Five Thousand

They had two fish

And five bread loaves–

With that, Christ fed

Five thousand folks.


(Mt. 14:22-33)

He Water-Walked

He water-walked

And healed the lame,

And for my sins

He took the blame.






(Mt. 17:12-19)

The Ten Lepers

One man returned

And worshiped Christ:

“Where have they gone—

The other nine?”


(Mt. 19:20, 21)


“What do I lack?”

The rich man asked;

“Sell what you own—

That is your task.”






(Mt. 20:29-34)

Jesus Heals Two Blind Men
“We want our sight,”

Said two blind men;

He touched their eyes,

They saw again.


(Mt. 21:22)

If You Believe

As you may pray,

If you believe,

What you ask for,

You will receive.


(Mt. 22:11-14)

No Wedding Clothes

How is it, man,

No wedding clothes?

Guards, tie him up

And out he goes.


(Mt. 24:42)

The End Will Come

The end will come,

So stay awake

And you’ll be strong

When mountains quake.


(Mt. 25:1-13)

Five Virgins

Five virgins kept

Their lamps’ oil high

But five did not—

The Groom passed by.


(Mt. 25:21)

How Do You Know?
How do you know

When you have won?

When Jesus says,

“Well done, my son.”


(Mt. 26:54-56)

What Prophets Wrote

What prophets wrote

Must be fulfilled:

The Son of Man

Has to be killed.


(Mt. 26:75, Luke 22:62)

Peter Wept

While Romans, Greeks

And Arabs slept,

A rooster crowed

And Peter wept.


(Mt. 27:1-5)


For silver I’ve

Betrayed the Lord;

A sin like this

I can’t afford.

(Mt. 27:34, Mark 15:39)

The Soldier Saw

The soldier saw

Him crucified

And knew that Love

In flesh had died.


(Mt. 27:35, Malachi 3:8-12)

They Threw Dice

Then, they drew dice

For Jesus’ robe;

Now, men rob God

Around the globe.


(Mt. 27:38, Mark 15:27,

Luke 23:39)

Side by Side with Jesus

A rebel and

A common thief:

One mocked and scoffed;

One gained belief.


(Mt. 27:51)

The Torn Veil

When Jesus died,

The veil was torn;

To know Him, you

Must be reborn.


(Mt. 27:54, Mark 15:39)

The Soldier’s Revelation

The soldier said,

“He is divine,”

As Jesus bled



(Mt. 28:19-20)

To Nations Preach

To nations preach,

Proclaim the Word

To places where

No one has heard.



(Mt. 28:20)

I’m with You

And surely I’m

With you each day

Down to the end

Of the whole age.


Light of Day cover light rays b

Defend the Poor

(Psalm 82:3, 84:12)
Defend the Poor

Defend the poor
And fatherless;
The man who trusts
In you is blessed.

~Day Williams

Virginia Street and Other Poems Kindle Edition by Day Williams (Author, Photographer)

This book features Day Williams poems from the following collections: “Virginia Street,” “Daybreak,” “Le Jour,” “Three Saints, Two Villains,” “100 Sonnets,” and “Day Star.” Biographical poems are about St. Francis Of Assisi, Catherine Of Siena, Abraham Lincoln, Pontius Pilate, and Adolf Hitler. There are translations from such French poets as Rimbaud and Verlaine, as well as Christian poems.



1Moreover, David and the captains of

The army separated for the service

Some of the sons of Asaph, Heman, and

Jeduthun, who should prophesy with harps,

Stringed instruments, and cymbals, and the number

Of the skilled men who did their service was:

2 Of sons of Asaph: Zaccur, Nethaniah,

               Asharelah and Joseph; Asaph’s sons

Were under the control of Asaph, who

Prophesied as the king had ordered. 3 Of

Jeduthun was Jeduthun’s sons, who were:

Gedaliah and Zeri, Jeshaiah,

Shimei, Mattithiah, Hashabiah,

Six, under the direction of their father

Jeduthun, one who prophesied with harp

To give his thanks and praise the Lord. 4 Of Heman,

The sons of Heman: Mattaniah and

Bukkiah , Uzziel, Shebuel and

Jerimoth, Hananiah and Hanani,

Eliathah, Giddalti, Romamti-

Ezer, Joshbekashah, Mallothi, Hothir,

And Mahazioth. 5 All these were the sons

Of Heman the king’s seer in God’s words to

Exalt his horn, for God gave Heman fourteen

Sons and three daughters, 6 all directed by

Their father for the music in God’s house

With cymbals and stringed instruments and harps,

To serve God’s house. Jeduthun, Asaph, and

Heman were guided by the king, 7 and so

The number of them, with their brethren who

Were taught God’s songs, all who were skillful, was

Two hundred eighty-eight, 8 and they cast lots

To do their duty, small as well as great,

Teacher with student. 9 Now the first lot for

Asaph came out for Joseph; and the second

For Gedaliah, him, his brothers and

His sons were twelve; 10 the third for Zaccur, with

His sons and brothers, twelve; 11 the fourth for Jizri,  

His sons and brothers, twelve; 12 for Nethaniah,

The fifth, with sons and brothers, twelve; 13 the sixth

Was for Bukkiah, who with sons and brothers

Was twelve; 14 the seventh was for Jesharelah,

His sons and brothers, twelve; 15 for Jeshaiah,

The eighth, with sons and brothers, twelve; 16 the ninth

For Mattaniah, with his sons and brothers,

Was twelve; 17 the tenth for Shimei, his sons

And brothers, twelve; 18 and the eleventh was

For Azarel, his sons and brothers, twelve;

19 The twelfth for Hashabiah, with his sons

And brothers, twelve; 20 the thirteenth for Shubael,

His sons and brothers, twelve; 21 the fourteenth for

Mattithiah, his sons and brothers, twelve;

22 The fifteenth was for Jeremoth, his sons

And brothers, twelve; 23 the sixteenth lot was for

Hananiah, his sons and brothers, twelve;

24 The seventeenth was for Joshbekashah,

His sons and brothers, twelve; 25 the eighteenth for

Hanani, with his sons and brothers, twelve;

26 The nineteenth for Mallothi, with his sons

And brothers, twelve; 27 the twentieth was for

Eliathah, his sons and brothers, twelve;

28 The twenty-first for Hothir, with his sons

And brothers, twelve; 29 the twenty-second for

Giddalti, with his sons and brothers, twelve;

30 The twenty-third for Mahazioth, with

His sons and brothers, twelve; 31 the twenty-fourth

Was for Romamti-Ezer, with his sons

And brothers, twelve—and that is everyone.

“Solid Rock,” poem by Day Williams

This precious value, then, is for you who believe; but for those who disbelieve, “THE STONE WHICH THE BUILDERS REJECTED, THIS BECAME THE VERY CORNER stone,”

~1 Peter 2:7

Let me stand on solid rock
And hear the high winds howl,
Let me stop the crooked clock,
Be a tiger on the prowl.
Send me back to the womb
To find the cord that binds–
Before I reach the tomb
I’ll absorb all hearts and minds;
And stop to watch the ant
Who makes his hills of sand.
To him the hills are giant:
He cannot see my hand.
So I make hills of hours
And fill my hills with sons.
Love grows sweet, red flower,
I see some glowing suns.

~Day Williams