“Awaken or Collide” by Day Williams

Awaken or Collide

You lost your job, your best friend left,
Your home’s gone, your dog has died,
Your body’s weak, your plumbing leaks:
Awaken or collide.

You lie in bed and blame your dad,
Your mom, your kids, your bride,
Your teachers, boss, and sudden loss:
Awaken or collide.

Your heart has died:
Decide today to change,
It’s time to rearrange:
Awaken or collide

You’ve heard of Him but do not care,
Through hardships you will stride,
With aching bones you go alone:
Awaken or collide.

You know the details of your trade,
Each way that’s true and tried–
Experience can make you dense:
Awaken or collide.

Your heart has died:
Decide today to change,
It’s time to rearrange:
Awaken or collide

His messenger will tell you as
Your kind and godly guide
The road to take, the friends to make:
Awaken or collide.

You will not listen to advice
As if your ears have died,
Your heart is dead to good words said:
Awaken or collide.

Your heart has died:
Decide today to change,
It’s time to rearrange:
Awaken or collide

You prodigal, return to Him;
For years your Father’s cried;
God’s Word is real, it will not steal:
Awaken or collide.

You have excuses and escapes,
The places where you hide,
Be strong and brave, new life awaits:
Awaken or collide

Your heart has died:
Decide today to change,
It’s time to rearrange:
Awaken or collide

~Day Williams

7 Poems

God’s Word is True

God’s Word is true

And won’t go stale–

The Bible is

No fairy tale.


False and True

You may be false

But He is true;

He’ll never leave

Nor forsake you.


Peace and War

I am for peace;

They are for war;

They need to cease

Scorning the LORD.


Care for the Least

You who are strong,

Care for the least;

Increase He must,

While you decrease.


On Tongues of Fire

The Holy Spirit

On tongues of fire

Comes down to stir,

Heal and inspire.


My Mission

From current news

Craft poetry;

Let Jesus reign

And set men free.


In Gratitude

So many have

Been kind to me;

They’ve lent a hand

When I did need.


Another Direction

Another Direction

I served the doctor at the reception
Who said I was a victim of deception
With his words he altered my perception
Saying, “Life starts at the moment of conception.”

So I went in another direction
And served the cake and the confections
And with my charm and my affection
I made the necessary connections

So when I saw the doctor at the election
I told him they took up a collection
To pay the bill for my C-section
And my baby girl is absolute perfection

~Day Williams

“American Freedom,” poem by Day Williams

American Freedom

You’re free to worship as you please, and speak
Your mind about your leaders, travel where
You want to go, associate with weak
And strong, with poor and rich, to share and care

With others, to begin an enterprise,
To start or join a group, to marry one
You love and raise a family, to buy
And sell a house, a car, some land, a gun,

To run for public office, to delight
In privacy at home, humble abode,
To be tried fairly if you’re charged with crimes

And have a lawyer for defense, to fight
The government for rights, for changing codes:
You’re free, freer than men in any time.

~Day Williams

Workin’ for the FBI

Workin’ for the FBI

Tell me a tale, you go to jail
You give me guff, you’ll see who’s tough
You get me pissed, you’re on the list
When you are killed, I am fulfilled

I’m workin’ for the FBI
I’m a law enforcement guy

You lie to me, you won’t be free,
Don’t call me out, I’ve got big clout
You “patriots” are monkey butts
You “citizens” are firing pins

I’m workin’ for the FBI
I’m a law enforcement guy

Embarrass us, we’ll fight and fuss
That Finicum was overcome
A cowboy hero was one big zero.
Don’t mess with fate, dude, we shoot straight

I’m workin’ for the FBI
I’m a law enforcement guy

You want the law? That’s us, McGraw
We’ll find pretexts if we are vexed
We lost some texts while having sex
And we’re perplexed below our necks

I’m workin’ for the FBI
I’m a law enforcement guy

You’ll go to jail and have no bail
We’ll hide your file with you’re in trial
You’ll never budge, we own the judge
So we can say she’ll go our way

I’m workin’ for the FBI
I’m a law enforcement guy

We want your guns, don’t fight us, son
We know the route, we’ll stage a shoot
You’ll walk and run to take the guns
So we’ll have power and you will cower

~Day Williams

Can You, O Man?

Can you, O man,
create a universe, an elephant or flea?
Can you, woman,
Read minds from here to eternity?
Can you, O man,
put rings ‘round Saturn
or form a baby’s ears?
Can you, woman,
Foretell tomorrow’s deeds,
Live longer than two hundred years?

Can you, O man,
Answer the riddles I have put in place?
Can you, woman,
Feel the deer’s heartbeat when he’s chased?

Why do you, man and woman,
Live like your lives are all your own?
When will you bend your knees to my throne?

You wait and hesitate and try to cheat
When you don’t know the day your heart won’t beat.

My arms are strong, and tender, too,
And how they long to hold you
My arms are open
The road is narrow, straight,
You’re welcome here
Why, oh why do you wait?
Do you not want to see
The Riches inside my gate?

~Day Williams

Do Not Delay

(Psalm 70:2, 5)
Do Not Delay

May those who want
My life be shamed;
You are my help,
Lord, do not delay.




1 King David called a conference within

Jerusalem for all of Israel’s

Leaders, including tribal leaders and

The government officials, military

Commanders, the officials looking after

The royal property and livestock and

 Palace officials and brave warriors. 2 After

Everyone was there, David stood up and

Said this: “My people, listen to me. I

Desired to build a place where we could keep         

               The sacred chest, so we could go there and

Worship the Lord our God. I have prepared

All the supplies to build a temple, 3 but

God has refused to let me build it, for

He said that I have killed too many people

In battle. 4 The Lord God chose Judah as

The leading tribe in Israel, and from

Judah, he chose my father’s family,

And from that family, he chose me to be

The king of Israel and promised me

That my descendants also are to rule

As kings. 5 The Lord has blessed me with a lot

Of sons, but he chose my son Solomon

To be next king of Israel. 6 The Lord

Said to me, ‘Your son Solomon will build

My temple, which will honor me, and he’ll

Be like a son to me, and I’ll be like

A father unto him. 7 If he continues

To follow all my laws and my commands,

His kingdom never will come to an end.’

8 My friends, you’re the Lord’s people. And now, with

God as your witness, I want you to promise

You’ll do your best to follow everything

The Lord God has commanded us, for you

               And your descendants will then always have

               This land, 9 so Solomon, my son, you must

Worship the Lord and follow him with all

Your heart and mind, just as I have done. He

Knows all your thoughts and all your reasons why

You do things, and so if you turn to him,

He’ll hear your prayers, but if you shall ignore

Him, he’ll reject you evermore. 10 The Lord

Has chosen you to build a temple for

Worshiping him. Be confident and do

The work you’ve been assigned.” 11 And after David

Had finished speaking, he gave Solomon

The plans to build the main rooms of the temple,

Including the porch, the storerooms, the rooms upstairs

And downstairs, and then the Most Holy Place.

12 David gave Solomon his plans for courtyards

And open areas around the temple,

And for the rooms to store the temple treasures

And gifts that had been dedicated to

God. 13 David also furnished Solomon

His plans for splitting priests and Levites into

Groups, as well as for work that had to be

Done at the temple and for taking care

Of objects used for worship, 14 and he told

Solomon how much gold and silver would

Be used to make the sacred objects, 15 which

Included lamps and lampstands, 16 the gold table

Which held the sacred loaves of bread, the tables

That had been made with silver, 17 the meat forks,

The bowls and cups 18 and the gold incense altar,

And the gold statue of a chariot

For cherubim upon the sacred chest,

Upon its lid. 19 King David then informed

Solomon: God has shown me how to build

His temple, 20 but you must take care and see

That everything is done according to

These plans. Be confident, and never be

Afraid of anything or get discouraged.

The Lord my God will help you do all that

Is needed to complete the temple, so

It can be used to worship him. 21 The priests

And Levites have been told their duties, and

All the skilled workers are prepared to do

Their work; the people and their leaders will

Do what you tell them, so guide them with skill.