January 30: Work (Money Matters)

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January 30

Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, and not just money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just a lack of money or things.
~Eric Butterworth

If you haven’t succeeded to the extent that you’ve hoped, take the blame. And as you do, take responsibility for your own life. And understand that by setting the right goals, doing the right things, developing the right habits and focusing on the right problems, you have it within your power to achieve more than you’ve ever imagined.
~Herman Cain (born 1945), American author, business executive, radio host, syndicated columnist, and Tea Party activist from Georgia who was a candidate for the 2012 U.S. Republican Party presidential nomination

It would be fun to have someone in the White House who has worked in the private sector . . . and someone who understands that wealth creation is a good thing and they want more of it. Wealth is good.
~Rep. Michele Bachmann






1 To build the Lord’s temple and Solomon’s

               Palace took twenty years, 2 and after that,

               Solomon had his workers build again

The towns that Hiram had provided him.

               Then Solomon sent Israelites to live

               Within those towns, 3 then Solomon

Attacked and occupied the town of Hamath-

               Zobah. 4 He had his workers build the town

               Of Tadmor in the desert and some towns

In Hamath where he stored supplies, 5 and then

               He strengthened Upper Beth-Horon and Lower

               Beth-Horon by installing walls and gates

That could be locked. 6 He did the same thing to

               The town of Baalath and to the cities

               Where he kept his supplies and chariots,

And horses. Solomon had workers build

               As he desired within Jerusalem,

               Lebanon, and around his kingdom. 7–9 He

Did not compel the Israelites to do

               His work. Instead, they were his soldiers and

               His officers, commanders of his army,

Cavalry troops, but he did not enslave

               The Hittites, Amorites, or Perizzites,

               The Hivites and the Jebusites who lived

In Israel. These were descendants of

               Those foreigners the Israelites did not

               Destroy, and they stayed slaves of Israel.

10 Solomon did appoint two hundred fifty

               Officers to direct his workers; 11 then

               Solomon’s wife, the daughter of the king

Of Egypt, moved from David’s City in

               Jerusalem to her new palace that

               Solomon built. The sacred chest had been

Kept safe in David’s City, and this made

               His palace sacred, and so Solomon’s

               Wife could no longer live there. 12 Solomon

Did offer sacrifices to the Lord

               Upon the altar he had built before

               The temple, 13 and he followed the requirements

Moses had given for the sacrifices

               Made on the Sabbath, on the first day of

               Each month, the Festival of the Thin Bread,

The Harvest Festival and Festival

               Of Shelters.14 Solomon assigned the priests

               And Levites duties at the temple, and

He followed guidance that his father David

               Had given him. Some Levites were to lead

               The music and to help the priests perform

Their duties, and the others were to guard

               The temple gates 15 and storage rooms;

the priests

               And Levites followed these instructions to

The letter 16 and all Solomon had planned

               To do was now completed—everything

               From laying the foundation of the temple

To its completion. 17 Solomon went to

               Ezion-Geber and to Eloth, two

               Edomite towns on the Red Sea, 18 and Hiram

Sent him some ships and seasoned sailors, who      

               Went with the king’s own sailors to the land

               Of Ophir and brought back for Solomon

A load of gold of ten and seven tons.