Did your profs teach that putting down whites
Would make you more righteous and right?
And if you disparage the Prez and his ilk,
That will nourish us like your mother’s milk?

And if you pretend a woman’s a man
(Completely contrary to our God’s plan)
And you say “racist” when opponents speak,
Does that mean that you’re smarter than a geek?

Well, you were taught wrong from bottom to top
And the time has come to grow up and stop,
Unlearn toxic lessons, move forward at last,
Flush the poison from your mistaught past.

~Day Williams

Creation to Revelation

Creation to Revelation

The Lord created eyes and wings on fleas
And made the stardust soar in galaxies;
He spoke, and made the grizzly bears and wolves,
Mosquito wings, and untamed horses’ hooves;
Through Christ He made the buttercups and seeds,
Rice, corn, and wheat on which the nations feed;
Jehovah made the mountains, streams and lakes:
Creation on this earth was for man’s sake.

The Lord Almighty, who is good and just,
Formed Adam, the first man, from Eden’s dust,
And from his rib He molded man a mate
Who, tempted, took forbidden fruit and ate.
God sent away the two who’d been beguiled,
The woman would have pain to bear a child.
Two cherubim were sent to guard the gates,
Then Cain, a son, shed blood with jealous hate.

The Lord told Noah to construct an ark,
God made his covenants with patriarchs.
Leading his people to the Promised Land,
He gave Commandments through meek Moses’ hands.
He watched the reigns of kings both good and bad,
Mistreatment of his prophets made Him sad,
No man on earth was righteous, no, not one,
So God, in love, gave men his only Son.

To free all men required pure sacrifice
And only God’s one Son could pay the price.
“Forgive them, Father,” he said in last breaths
And died, in pain, a criminal’s hard death.
Below him soldiers gambled for his clothes,
But in three days Christ Jesus, God’s Son, rose
And showed disciples holes in hands and side,
Proving that death itself, through Him, had died.

Along Damascus’ road the Lord appeared
To Saul, called Paul, and blinded him with fear.
This Paul, who’d persecuted for the Jews,
Converted and began to preach good news,
And though he was imprisoned, scorned and stoned,
His letters taught of sin, how God atoned
For it through blood that poured from Jesus’ side
And how, through faith, the saints are sanctified.

The Book of Revelation by Saint John
Foretells a time of troubles coming on:
John wrote the world will see an evil Beast
And after that, a thousand years of peace.
The Lord will come like a thief in the night
To judge the nations and show men right.
Since God will cast the devil down to burn,
Saints eagerly await the Lord’s return.

~Day Williams

Peasants – Poem by Day Williams


Afternoon sun beat on the clods and the sticks, 
Birds flew to the shade and rested, ignored, 
While the peasants worked the field, a crew of four.

“We will take the wealth and pride from the rich, 
Give their gold and silver to the sick and the poor, “
Boasted the peasants as they hoed the rows.

So they grabbed machetes and took from the rich,

And the neighbors and families had more, much more.
Crowed the peasants, “We’ve hit it in the core,

And we won’t invest and wait like the rich; 
We will break the windows, raid the liquor stores, “
Vowed the peasants before they passed out on floors.

Prices rose like parrot screams to high pitch, 
Not a man or woman worked anymore, 
And the bosses burned down the house of the Lord.

The bosses took peasants from the floors and the ditches, 
Strapped packs on their backs and gave them bright swords
And ordered them to march, march, march to war.

A few straggled back in tatters and stitches
To the crumbled village square, where they roared, 
“We clobbered them in front, knocked them down before, 

And left only a handful of rebels who twitched-
How the blood spattered their doors and their floors . . .
Our names will go down in this country’s lore.”

And a crippled child asked, “What of the rich? 
Have they been destroyed, gone forevermore? 
Do peasants control the whole country’s stores? “

A soldier chuckled and said, “What of the rich? 
They backed both sides in our bloody war
And they control the whole country’s stores.”

And he hitched his pants and scratched an itch, 
Picked up a hoe in the dust by the door
And hobbled toward fields to start on his chores. 

~Day Williams

February 29: Leaders

February 29



The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.

~Alexis de Tocqueville. Alexis-Charles-Henri Clérel de Tocqueville (1805–1859) was a French political thinker and historian best known for his Democracy in America (appearing in two volumes: 1835 and 1840) and The Old Regime and the Revolution (1856).



Without promotion something terrible happens … Nothing!

~P.T. Barnum, Phineas Taylor Barnum (1810–1891), American showman, businessman, scam artist and entertainer



Money is much more exciting than anything it buys.

~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic’s Notebook (1966)



The little money I have–that is my wealth, but the things I have for which I would not take money, that is my treasure.

~Robert Brault

February 29: Leaders

February 29


In the age of information sciences, the most valuable asset is knowledge, which is a creation of human imagination and creativity. We were among the last to comprehend this truth and we will be paying for this oversight for many years to come.

~Mikhail Gorbachev, 1990



There are some men who are counted great because they represent the actuality of their own age, and mirror it as it is. Such a one was Voltaire, of whom it was epigrammatically said: “he expressed everybody’s thoughts better than anyone.” But there are other men who attain greatness because they embody the potentiality of their own day and magically reflect the future. They express the thoughts which will be everybody’s two or three centuries after them. Such a one was Descartes.

~Thomas Henry Huxley, quoted in James Roy Newman, The World of Mathematics (2000), Vol. 1, p. 239



Reach for it. Push yourself as hard as you can.

~Christa McAuliffe, astronaut. Christa McAuliffe (2 September 1948 – 28 January 1986) was an American teacher from Concord, New Hampshire, and was one of the seven crew members killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

Crista McAuliffe smlChrista McAuliffe, astronaut



As you look back at your life, there are just a million different things that have happened, just in the right way, to allow you to make your dreams come true. And you know, someone has all that under control.

~Michael P. Anderson, astronaut

February 29: Law and Lawyers: Trials

February 29



The civil jury is the most effective form of sovereignty of the people. It defies the aggressions of time and man. During the reigns of Henry VIII (1509-1547) and Elizabeth I (1158-1603), the civil jury did in reality save the liberties of England.

~Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America (1835)


The jury system is the handmaid of freedom. It takes on the spirit of liberty, and grows with the progress of constitutional government. Rome, Sparta and Carthage fell because they did not know it, let not England and America fall because they threw it away.

~Charles S. May, Address to the Michigan Law School (1875)



All trials are trials for one’s life, just as all sentences are sentences of death.

~Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde



The law of England has established trial by judge and jury in the conviction that it is the mode best calculated to ascertain the truth.

~Jeremy Bentham, English philosopher (1832)



“Dominion,” poem by Day Williams

God said to fill the earth and take dominion
Over it, so men harnessed nature’s laws
With floating farms and coffee-powered cars,
The hoverboards and mines on asteroids,

Easy tattoo removal from the skin,
Transhuman tech, space kites, robots that draw,
Weather control and terraforming Mars,
Dyson spheres, penicillin, cyborgs, androids:

Man takes dominion over every breath,
Advances medicine to fight death’s grin,
Strengthens the people, healthier each day;
But no device can soften man’s hard heart.

Man can extend a life but can’t crush death
To bits, because no tool can wipe out sin,
As only Jesus’ blood takes sin away:
Man’s saved when he submits to God’s great art.

~Day Williams