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Kings in Blank Verse: First and Second Kings
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I’ve rendered the Holy Bible in blank verse.  All the books are on Kindle. I’ve written books of poetry, a children’s story, compiled a law book, and compiled books of quotations. The royalties go directly to my local church, The Bridge Church, in Carson City, Nevada.


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Important Stories That Fake News Ignores

You who are real journalists, cover important stories, and cover them fairly, accurately, and thoroughly:

Sedition and treason.



Protests in France.

Rep. Adam Schiff’s spying on elected officials and journalists.

Hussein may have spied on SCOTUS. Investigate.

CEO resignations.


Mark Zaid’s social media and his other activities behind the scenes

Child sex trafficking

Eric Ciaramella’s link to George Soros

California fires, PG&E, Gavin Newsom’s ties to big money globalists, Agenda 2030, Rothschilds. How did the fires start? Who started them?

Bernie Sanders’ honeymoon in Russia, his June 1988 visit to Moscow.

Pedophilia and Satanism in Hollywood

Joe Biden / Hunter Biden/ Ukraine Deal and China Deal

Joe Biden’s mental health

Sources of wealth for career politicians

Devin Nunes’ lawsuit against Fusion GPS

Rep. Adam Schiff and the Standard Hotel

Hong Kong’s fight for freedom

Yellow Vests in France

Murder of Barry and Honey Sherman

Worldwide sex trafficking
Christian massacres

George Soros’s meddling with American politics


Pedophilia in the Fake News Industry

Obama’s Book Deal

Disney involvement in pedophilia

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s immigration fraud

Booker, Harris, Kim Foxx, and the Smollett hoax

The Awan Brothers’ spying

Jeffrey Epstein and Pedo Island

Epstein’s death
Uranium One (Bob Mueller and Hillary Clinton)
Benghazi (Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama)

Death of Loretta Fuddy

Obama’s $65,000 “pizza party” while in the White House

Hussein’s alleged birth certificate from Hawaii
Fast & Furious
IRS targeting
Cash to Iran
Rigging a primary against Bernie
Illegally storing emails
Bleach-bit and a hammer
Hillary and DNC paid foreign agent for phony dossier
Lying under oath
Spying on Trump

Crossfire Hurricane

False flag shootings

The Las Vegas massacre

Sandy Hoax

Podesta emails

DNC server
Haiti: Clinton / Silsby
Attempted soft coup against sitting President
Murder of Seth Rich
Weiner laptop
John Kerry meddles with Iran

Clinton body count

Hillary Clinton and the Waco massacre

DNC hired MS-13 as assassins

>125,000 sealed federal indictments

Murder of Michael Hastings

Murder of Ron Brown

Stories the Fake News screwed up (Bongino list):
-Covington kids -Jussie Smollett -Spygate -“Collusion” -The Ilhan Omar allegations.

For further information about stories the corporate news won’t cover, watch Liz Wheeler’s “Tipping Point” on OAN.



“Follow justice and justice alone, so that you may live and possess the land the Lord your God is giving you.”

~Dt. 16:20

Haiku: A Tragedy
A tragedy:
So many murder victims,
So few convictions.

Justice for America, trashed by traitors.

Justice for Waco victims (d. 4/19/93)

Justice for the Boys on the Tracks (d. 8/23/87)
https://tinyurl.com/3aqzq9 (The Crimes of Mena)

Justice for Vince Foster (d. 7/20/93).

Justice for the victims of the 9/11 attack (9/11/01).

Justice for Navy Seal Team Six (15 fatalities, 8/6/11).
Death of SEAL Team 6 – Set Up and Cover Up

Justice for victims of the Clinton Body Count.

Justice for Americans killed in Benghazi (9/11-12/12)
https://tinyurl.com/y25ghmxj (Gun-running in Benghazi)

Justice for victims of Deep State fraud, corruption, and hoaxes.

Justice for Michael Hastings (d. 6/18/13)

Justice for Justice Antonin Scalia (d. 2/13/16)

Justice for Seth Rich (d. 7/10/16)

Justice for victims of NXVIM.

Justice for women assaulted, raped and acid-attacked by Muslims.

Justice for persecuted Christians.

Justice for children kidnapped, trafficked, beaten, raped, tortured, and murdered.

Justice for Donald Trump on Spygate.

Justice for churches in France that have been desecrated.

Justice and life for unborn and newborn children.

“Wake up, and strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your works complete in the sight of my God.”
~Revelation 3:2

Fiat justitia ruat cælum.

Who Will Big Brother Ban Today?

Who will Big Brother ban today?
Whites, a black woman, history teachers?
Who will be censored, cut away?
Smart-aleck kids and Christian preachers?

I’ll know when they have disappeared,
Non-persons flushed down Memory Holes,
And if Big Brother owned all guns,
In barren fields their blood would flow.

~Day Williams

Tiffany FitzHenry@Tiff_FitzHenry
·9hReplying to @Tiff_FitzHenry

So, what searches are Google blacklisted? Pro-life searches, pro-life stances on the Irish 8th amendment vote, any searches about mass casualty events such as Vegas and Parkland, queries about the deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, and the GOP train crash…

Big Brother + Big Tech = Big Trouble

Carole Novielli‏ @CaroleNovielli

When leftists can no longer handle truth- they: *ban you *censor you *scream over you anything but refute what you are saying. #LifeCensored #prolife

Fakebook Notice
Socialism: Always just a few more executions away from Utopia

Who Am I?

(Psalm 8:4, Psalm 22:6)
Who Am I?

Who am I that
You pay me heed?
I’m low as worms
That crawl in weeds.

~Day Williams



1 After Josiah’s death, Judeans crowned

               His son Jehoahaz their new king. 2 He

Was twenty-three years then, and he ruled

Only three months out of Jerusalem.

3 Egypt’s King Neco took Jehoahaz

And then forced Judah to pay taxes: Almost

Four silver tons and seventy-five pounds

Of gold, 4 then Neco chose Jehoahaz’s

Brother Eliakim the king of Judah

And had his name changed to Jehoiakim.

He led Jehoahaz away to Egypt

His prisoner. 5 Jehoiakim was aged

Twenty-five when he was appointed king,

And he for ruled eleven years out of

Jerusalem. Jehoiakim did not

Obey the Lord his God and he did evil.

               6 While King Jehoiakim was reigning, King

Nebuchadnezzar out of Babylonia

Invaded Judah. He arrested King

Jehoiakim and put him in some chains,

And he sent him off to the capital

Of Babylon, 7 and Nebuchadnezzar

Also took many costly things that were

In the Lord’s temple, and he put them in

His Babylonian palace. 8 Everything

Else King Jehoiakim did while he was

The king, including the disgusting and

Wrong things, is written in The History

Of Kings of Israel and Judah; and

Jehoiachin, his son, became the king.

9 Jehoiachin was eighteen years of age

When he became the king of Judah, and

He governed only three months and ten days

Out of Jerusalem. Jehoiachin

Disobeyed God by doing evil, too.

10 That spring, King Nebuchadnezzar out of

Babylonia had Jehoiachin

Arrested and removed to Babylon,

Along with temple treasures; Nebuchadnezzar

Appointed Zedekiah king of Judah.

11 Zedekiah was twenty-one years old

When he was made the king of Judah,

And for eleven years he governed from

Jerusalem; 12 he disobeyed the Lord

His God and he refused to change his ways,

Even after he was warned by God’s prophet

Jeremiah; 13 King Nebuchadnezzar

Of Babylonia had forced the king

To promise in God’s name he would be loyal.

Zedekiah was stubborn and would not

Turn back to Israel’s Lord God, so he

Rebelled against King Nebuchadnezzar.

14 People of Judah—even priests who were

Their chiefs—grew more unfaithful as they followed

The terrible example of the nations

Around them and they made God’s holy temple

Unfit for worship,15 but the Lord God felt

Sorry for his own people, and instead of

Wiping the temple out, he sent some prophets

Who warned the people many times about

Their sins, 16 but people only laughed and mocked

These prophets; they ignored what the Lord God

Had tried to tell them, ‘til he finally

Became so angry nothing could stop him  

From punishing Jerusalem and Judah;

17 The Lord sent out King Nebuchadnezzar

Of Babylonia to strike against

Jerusalem. Nebuchadnezzar killed

The young men who were in the temple, and

To nobody did he show mercy, whether

A man or woman, young or old, and God

Let him kill everybody in the city.

18 Nebuchadnezzar carried off all that

Was left inside the temple, and he robbed

The treasury and private storerooms of

The king and his officials, and he took

All of it back to Babylon, 19 and then

Nebuchadnezzar’s troops burned down the temple

And ruined each important building in

The city, then they broke the city wall

Down; 20 and they took all the survivors off

To Babylonia as prisoners,

Where they were forced to work as slaves to king

And sons, ‘til Persia did become a nation

Powerful; 21 Judah was an empty desert

               And stayed that way for years—for seventy

               In all— to make up for the years that it

Was not allowed to rest. These things occurred

As Jeremiah the Lord’s prophet had

Said they would; 22 in the first year Cyrus was

The Persian king, the Lord had Cyrus send

A message to all sections of his kingdom.

This happened just as Jeremiah, prophet

Of God had promised, 23 and the message said:

               I’m Cyrus, King of Persia; the Lord God

Of heaven has made me the ruler of

Each nation on the earth, and he’s selected

Me to construct a temple for him in

Jerusalem, which is in Judah, and

 The Lord God will watch over any of

His people who want to go back to Judah.