1 Jotham was twenty-five years old when he 

Became the king of Judah, and he ruled 

Out of Jerusalem for sixteen years. 

His mother, named Jerushah, was the daughter 

Of Zadok. 2 Jotham did obey the Lord

And he did right: He followed the example 

Set by Uzziah, his own father, but

He never burned the incense in the temple 

As his own father had done, but the people 

Of Judah kept on sinning toward the Lord.

3 Jotham rebuilt the temple’s Upper Gate 

And did a lot of work to fix the wall

Close to Mount Ophel, 4 and he built some towns

In Judah’s mountains and built fortresses 

And towers for defense in forests. 5 During 

His rule he struck and beat the Ammonites,

Then every year for the next three years, he 

Forced them to pay four tons of silver, sixty 

Thousand wheat bushels, and of barley, sixty 

Thousand bushels; 6 and Jotham kept faith with

The Lord his God and he became a king

Who had great power; 7 everything else that

Jotham did while the king, including wars 

He fought, is written in The History 

Of Kings of Israel and Judah. 8 After 

He had ruled Judah sixteen years, he died;

His age was forty-one, 9 and he was buried

Within Jerusalem, and his son Ahaz 

               Ascended to the throne, a reprobate.