He Guided Them

(Psalm 78:14)
He Guided Them

He guided them
With cloud by day,
At night with fire
To show the way.

~Day Williams

They Rage

(Psalm 2)
They Rage

The princes, kings,
And nations rage
While God endures
From age to age.

~Day Williams



1 These are the leaders of their fathers’ houses;

This is the genealogy of those

Who went with me from Babylon,

   when King

Artaxerxes was reigning: 2 of the sons

Of Phinehas came Gershom; of the sons

Of Ithamar came Daniel; of the sons

Of David, Hattush; 3 of the sons of Shec-

Aniah, of the sons of Parosh came

Zechariah; and registered with him:

One hundred fifty males; 4 and of the sons

Of Pahath-Moab, Eliehoenai

The son of Zerahiah, and with him

Two hundred males; 5 of Shechaniah’s sons,

Ben-Jahaziel, and with him three hundred

Males; 6 of the sons of Adin, Ebed, son

Of Jonathan, and with him fifty males;

7 Of Elam’s sons, Jeshaiah the son

Of Athaliah, who had seventy males

With him; 8 and of the sons of Shephatiah,

Zebadiah the son of Michael, and

With him came eighty males; 9 and

   of the sons

Of Joab, Obadiah, Jehiel’s son,

Who had with him two hundred

   eighteen males;

10 And of the sons of Shelomith, Ben-Jos-

Iphiah, and with him one hundred and

Sixty males; 11 of the sons of Bebai,

Zechariah the son of Bebai,

And twenty-eight males came with him; 12 and of

The sons of Azgad, and Johanan son

Of Hakkatan, who had with him

   one hundred

And ten males; 13 of Adonikam’s last sons,

Whose names are these—Eliphelet, Jeiel,

And Shemaiah—with them sixty males;

14 Also of sons of Bigvai, Uthai and

Zabbud, and with them seventy males.

   15 Now

I gathered them beside the river that

Flows to Ahava, where we camped three days,

And I looked out among the people and

The priests, and found no sons of Levi there.

16 I sent for Ariel, Eliezer,

Shemaiah, Elnathan and Jarib, El-

Nathan and Nathan, Zechariah, and

Meshullam, leaders; also I sent for

Joiarib and Elnathan, some men

Of understanding. 17 I gave them an order

For Iddo the chief man at the place Cas-

Iphia, and I told them what they ought

To say to Iddo and his brethren, who

Are Nethinim, at the place Casiphia—

That they should bring us servants

   for the house

Of our God. 18 Then, by the good hand

   of our

God on us, they brought us a wise man from

The sons of Mahli, son of Levi, son

Of Israel named Sherebiah, with

His sons and brothers, eighteen men; 19 and Hash-

Abiah, and with him Jeshaiah,

Merari’s sons, his brothers and their sons,

Twenty men; 20 also of the Nethinim,

Whom David and the leaders had appointed

To serve the Levites, with two hundred and

Twenty Nethinim. All had names. 21 Then I

Proclaimed a fast at the Ahava river,

So that we might abase ourselves before

Our God, to seek from Him the right way for

          Us and our little ones and our possessions,

22 Because I was ashamed to ask the king

To authorize an escort of his soldiers

And horsemen to protect us from the foe

Along the road, for we had told the king,

“Our God’s hand is on those for good who seek

Him, but His power and His wrath will go

Against those who forsake Him.” 23 So

   we fasted

And begged our God for this, and He did answer

Our prayer, 24 and so I separated twelve

Priests’ leaders—Sherebiah, Hashabiah,

And ten of their own brethren with them— 25 and

Weighed out to them the silver, gold,

   and items,

The offering for our God’s house, the one

The king, his counselors, his princes, and

All Israel who were there too, had offered.

26 I weighed into their hand six hundred and

Fifty talents of silver, silver items

Weighing one hundred talents, and

   one hundred

Talents of gold, 27 and twenty basins of

Gold worth a thousand drachmas, and two vessels

Of first-rate polished bronze, as rare as gold.

28 I said to them, “You’re holy to the Lord;

The articles are holy too; and gold

And silver are a freewill offering

Unto your fathers’ Lord God. 29 Watch

   and keep

Them ‘til you weigh them out before the leaders    

Of priests and Levites and the leaders of

The fathers’ houses in Jerusalem

For Israel, in chambers of God’s house.”

30 So priests and Levites took

   the silver, gold,

And articles by weight, to bring them to

Jerusalem to our God’s house. 31 Then we    

Departed from Ahava River on

The twelfth day of the first month, to go to

Jerusalem, and God’s hand was on us,

And He kept us from enemies and from

Ambush along the road. 32 So we came to

Jerusalem, and stayed there three days. 33 Now

On the fourth day the silver and the gold

And articles were weighed in our

   God’s house

By Meremoth, the priest Uriah’s son,

And with him was Eleazar the son

Of Phinehas; and with them were

   the Levites,

Jeshua’s son named Jozabad and Bin-

Nui’s son named Adiah, 34 with the number

And weight of everything. Each weight

   was written

Down then.  35 The children of those who had been

          Carried off captive, and who had come from

The captivity, made burnt offerings

Unto the God of Israel: twelve bulls

For Israel, plus ninety-six rams, lambs:

Seventy-seven, and twelve male goats to be

An offering of sin. All of this was

As a burnt offering to God. 36 And they

Delivered the king’s orders to the king’s

Satraps and governors within the region

Beyond the River, so they were aroused

To back the people and God’s holy house.