Sestina: Blood Covenants – Poem by Day Williams

Sestina: Blood Covenants

To make a wife for Adam, God spilled blood
By taking Adam’s rib, and Eden’s peace
Was sweet until they broke the law of God, 
Who promised through another covenant 
A seed to crush the serpent’s head. By faith
They left, the cherubim a flaming sign.

After the Flood, the rainbow was a sign.
God said to man, “Don’t eat your meat with blood
In it and do not kill, ” so man by faith
In the Lord God Almighty would have peace
With Him and blessings in this covenant
Where Noah intervened for man with God.

Years later, Abraham was tried by God
Through sacrifice of Isaac as the sign
Of faith, the center of this covenant
In which in Isaac’s place a ram shed blood
As God commanded. Abraham gained peace
And blessings, for he showed unyielding faith.

After the plagues fell, Moses by his faith
Led the Israelites from Egypt, then God
Provided Ten Commandments that give peace
When followed, with the Sabbath Day a sign.
The Levites sacrificed the bulls, whose blood
Was confirmation of this covenant, 

For blood must spill before a covenant
Will work. The Israelites, of faulty faith, 
Failed to follow Mosaic law, and blood
Of bulls did not atone for sins. So God
Made David’s throne eternal, and the sign
Was the sun and the moon. Man failed, and peace

And land were lost to Roman rulers’ “peace.”
Now Israel had failed each covenant, 
So God in grace and mercy gave a sign: 
The virgin was with child. Not works, but faith
In Him would save a man, He taught, and God
Offered eternal life through Jesus’ blood.

I have sweet peace through Jesus Christ‘s shed blood, 
For man has a new covenant with God, 
The Holy Spirit as the sign of faith. 
Day Williams

March 11: Politicians

Day Williams created this graphic depiction of this date.

March 11

It had been justly stated by a British writer that the power to make a small piece of paper, not worth one cent, by the inscribing of a few names, to be worth a thousand dollars, was a power too high to be entrusted to the hands of mortal man.
~John C. Calhoun, speech, U.S. Senate, December 29, 1841

Money is neither my god nor my devil. It is a form of energy that tends to make us more of who we already are, whether it’s greedy or loving.
~Dan Millman

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
~Sir Winston Churchill. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, PC, DL, FRS, Hon. RA (1874–1965) was a British Conservative politician and statesman known for leading the United Kingdom during World War II.

Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table, 1857

Money Matters.05b

A Day at Grandpa’s Farm

A Day at Grandpa’s Farm

After the pump breaks a pipe, you dig a ditch,
And when it’s fixed, you start the motor, push
The wheel-line over mud and through the corn,
And start the pump again to water crops.

At Dead Man’s Slide, the D-4 tilts a bit,
The harrow kicks up choking dust; you shush
Fears that the yellow CAT will roll without warning
And squish you like ground meat in butcher shops.

Covered with dust from head to toe, you hear
The bell ring from the house, and hurry down
The hill to dine on steak, potatoes, peas,

And corn, corn on the cob, fresh-picked, you smear
The butter on, your brother plays the clown,
And Grandma offers ice cream, if you please.


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Awaken or Collide

Awaken or Collide

You lost your job, your best friend left,
Your home’s gone, your dog has died,
Your body’s weak, your plumbing leaks:
Awaken or collide.

You lie in bed and blame your dad,
Your mom, your kids, your bride,
Your teachers, boss, and sudden loss:
Awaken or collide.

Your heart has died:
Decide today to change,
It’s time to rearrange:
Awaken or collide

You’ve heard of Him but do not care,
Through hardships you will stride,
With aching bones you go alone:
Awaken or collide.

You know the details of your trade,
Each way that’s true and tried–
Experience can make you dense:
Awaken or collide.

Your heart has died:
Decide today to change,
It’s time to rearrange:
Awaken or collide

His messenger will tell you as
Your kind and godly guide
The road to take, the friends to make:
Awaken or collide.

You will not listen to advice
As if your ears have died,
Your heart is dead to good words said:
Awaken or collide.

Your heart has died:
Decide today to change,
It’s time to rearrange:
Awaken or collide

You prodigal, return to Him;
For years your Father’s cried;
God’s Word is real, it will not steal:
Awaken or collide.

You have excuses and escapes,
The places where you hide,
Be strong and brave, new life awaits:
Awaken or collide

Your heart has died:
Decide today to change,
It’s time to rearrange:
Awaken or collide

~Day Williams

“Dehumanized, or: Not Human?” Poem by Day Williams


Plantation owners in the South called slaves
Their property with the same worth as mules
They bought and sold the bucks and wenches, raped
And beat them, whipped them when they broke the rules.

Nazis dehumanized the Jews, whom they
Called “subhuman contaminants”, a peril
To the “master race,” for Jews, they said, were race-
Tuberculosis, sickness none should share.

Abortionists deny biology
And say a fetus is a clump of cells;
They say a woman is empowered, free,
If she will buy procedures doctors sell.

Let’s use our hearts and minds, discern, be wise,
Lest other persons be dehumanized.

~Day Williams

“Not a Person”



1 During the month of Nisan—year twenty

That Artaxerxes was the king, I served

His wine to him, as I had done before,

But this was the first time I’d ever looked

Depressed, 2 so the king said, “Why do

   you look

So sad? You are not sick, so something must

Be bothering you.” Even though I was

Afraid, 3 I said, “Your Majesty, I hope

You live forever! I feel sad because

The city where my ancestors are buried

Now lies in ruins, and its gates have been

Burned down.” 4 The king asked, “What

  do you want me

To do?” I prayed to God, who rules from heaven,

5 Then told the king, “If it’s all right

   with you,

Sir, please let me return to Judah, so

I can rebuild the city where are buried

My ancestors.” 6 The queen was sitting by

The king when he asked me, “How long

   will this

Work take, and when will you be back?” The king

Agreed to let me go, and I told him

When I would come back, 7 then I asked

   the king

“Your Majesty, would you be willing to

Write letters for me to the governors

Of provinces to west of the Euphrates

River, so I can travel safely all

          The way to Judah? 8 I’ll need timber to

Rebuild the fortress gates beside

   the temple—

More timber to construct the city wall

And build a place for me to live, and so,

I would appreciate a letter to

Asaph, who oversees the royal forest.”

And God was good to me; the king did all

I asked. 9 The king sent army officers

And cavalry troops with me, and as I

          Went through the Western Provinces, I gave

The letters to the governors, 10 but when

Sanballat out of Horon and Tobiah

The Ammonite official heard about

What had occurred, they got upset, for they

Didn’t want anyone to help the people

Of Israel, 11 and three days after I

Came to Jerusalem, 12 I got up in

The night and left my house. I took some men

With me, but did not tell a soul what I

Thought God desired for me to act on for

The city, and the only animal

I  took was the same donkey I rode on.

13 I went through Valley Gate upon the west,

Then south past Dragon Spring, before I came

To Garbage Gate, and as I rode along,

I scrutinized the city’s crumbled walls

And gates that had been taken down and burned,

14 And on the city’s east side, I went north

To Fountain Gate and King’s Pool, but the trail

Became too narrow for my donkey, 15 so

I went to Kidron Valley and observed

The wall from there. Before the dawn

   I came

Back to the city through the Valley Gate.

16 None of the city bureaucrats knew what

I had in mind−I had not even told

The Jews—not priests or leaders, not officials,

Nor any other Jews who would assist

Me in the work. 17 But when I got back, I

Told them, “Jerusalem is in a mess!

The gates have been torn down and

   burned; all lies

Ruined: We must rebuild the city wall

So that we can again take pride in our

Own city.” 18 Then I told them how

   kind God

Had been and what the king had said.

   At once,

They answered, “Let’s start building now!”

   So they

Got everything prepared. 19 When Sanballat,

Tobiah, and the Arab Geshem heard

About our plans, they started insulting

Us, saying, “Just look at you! Do you plan

To rebuild city walls and to rebel

Against the king?” 20 I said, “We serve the God

          Of heaven, who will make our

   work succeed,

          So we’ll start to rebuild Jerusalem,

But you’ve no right to any property   

Here: You’re no part of living history.”