Light of God

Light of God

The light of God
Men’s hearts and minds,
Their loves and hates.

~Day Williams



1 These people helped rebuild the wall and gates

          Within Jerusalem: Eliashib        

          The high priest and the other priests rebuilt

Sheep Gate and hung its doors; they dedicated

Sheep Gate and the wall section as far as

The Hundred Tower and Hananel Tower.

2 Jericho’s people rebuilt the next wall

Section, and Zaccur son of Imri rebuilt

The section after that. 3 The family

Of Hassenaah built Fish Gate, as they put

The beams in place and hung the doors,

   then they

Added the metal bolts and wooden beams

As locks, 4 and Meremoth, Uriah’s son,

          Grandson of Hakkoz, finished

   the next section

Of wall. Meshullam, son of Berechiah

And grandson of Meshezabel, rebuilt

Th’adjoining section, and Baana’s son

Zadok rebuilt the section next to that,

5 Tekoa’s men were to repair the next

Section, but their town leaders would not do

Hard work they were assigned. 6 Joiada, son

Of Paseah, and Meshullam the son

Of Besodeiah renovated Ancient

Gate, and they put the beams in place

   and hung

The doors, and added metal bolts along

With wooden beams as locks.

   7 Now Melatiah

From Gibeon along with Jadon from

Meronoth, and the men from Gibeon

And Mizpah did rebuild the next

   wall section.

This section stretched out as far as the house

Of him who governed West Euphrates Province.

8 Uzziel son of Harhaiah the goldsmith

Rebuilt the section next. The perfume maker

Hananiah did renovate the section

After that, which went as far as Broad Wall.

9 Rephaiah the son of Hur ruled half

The District of Jerusalem, and he        

Rebuilt the nearby section of the wall. 10

The section after that was near the home

Of Jedaiah son of Harumaph,

Who rebuilt it. The son of Hashabneiah,

Hattush, constructed the next section of

The wall. 11 Malchijah son of Harim and

Hasshub the son of Pahath Moab rebuilt

The section after that; they also built

The Oven Tower. 12 Hallohesh’s son

Shallum did oversee the other half

Within the District of Jerusalem,

And he rebuilt the next wall section, and

Shallum’s daughters also worked with him.

13 Hanun and residents within Zanoah

Rebuilt the Valley Gate. They hung the doors

And added metal bolts and wooden beams

As locks, and they rebuilt the wall up to

Garbage Gate, fifteen hundred feet. 14 Malchijah

The son of Rechab ruled the district of

Beth-Haccherem, and it was Garbage Gate

That he rebuilt: He hung the doors and added

The metal bolts and wooden beams as locks.

15 Shallum the son of Colhozeh did rule

The Mizpah district, and he renovated

The Fountain Gate. He put a cover over

The gateway, then he hung the doors

   and added

Some metal bolts and wooden beams as locks,

          And he rebuilt the wall at Shelah Pool.

Which was a section next to the

   king’s garden

And it went far as stairs that led down from

          David’s City. 16 Nehemiah the son

Of Azbuk ruled one-half the district of

Beth-Zur, and he rebuilt the section next

Along the wall, and it went as far as

The royal graveyard, artificial pool,

And army barracks. 17 Levites who worked on

Next sections of the wall were Rehum son

Of Bani; Hashabiah, who ruled half

The district of Keilah and who did

This work for his own district; 18 Binnui

The son of Henadad, who oversaw

The other half of the Keilah district;

19 Ezer the son of Jeshua, who ruled

Mizpah, rebuilt the section of the wall

That was before the armory and reached      

The corner of the wall; 20 Baruch the son

Of Zabbai rebuilt the section of

The wall that went up to Eliashib

The high priest’s door; 21 and Meremoth,

   son of

Uriah and Hakkoz’s grandson, built

It to Eliashib’s house, the far end.

          22 Here is a list of priests who worked upon

The wall: The priests out of the area

Around Jerusalem rebuilt the section of

The wall next. 23 Benjamin and Hasshub did

Rebuild the wall in front of their

   own houses.

The son of Maaseiah, Azariah,

          Ananiah’s own grandson, did rebuild

The section in front of his house. 24 Binnui

The son of Henadad rebuilt the wall

Section from Azariah’s house down to

The corner of the wall, 25 and Palal son

Of Uzai rebuilt the section next,

Which started at the corner of the wall

And tower of the upper palace near

The guard court. Pedaiah son of Parosh

Rebuilt the wall’s next section,

   26 and he stopped

Close to the Water Gate to east and to

The tower there to guard the temple. This

Was near a section in the city known

As Ophel, where the temple workers lived.

27 Tekoa’s men rebuilt the section next

Along the wall, which was their

   second section,

Which they began across from

   the large tower

To guard the Temple, and it stretched out all

The way down to the wall near Ophel,

   28 and

Some priests rebuilt the next wall

   section. They

Began to work north of Horse Gate, and

Everyone worked upon a section in

Front of his house. 29 The son

   of Immer, Zadok,

Rebuilt the wall in front of his own house.

Shemaiah the son of Shecaniah,

Who supervised the East Gate, did rebuild

The section after that, 30 while Hananiah

And Hanun did rebuild the section next,

Which was their second section. Meshullam

The son of Berechiah did rebuild

The section next, which happened to be in

Front of his house. 31 A goldsmith,    Malchijah,

Rebuilt th’adjoining section, as far as

The house used by the temple workers and

The merchants, and this region was across

From Gathering Gate, near the room atop

The wall right at the northeast corner.

   32 Now

The goldsmiths and the merchants

   did rebuild

The wall’s last section from the corner room

Down to the Sheep Gate, where

   the flowers bloomed.

Nehemiah by James Tissot