On the Tracks

On the Tracks

The New York millionaires have fled to Rome,
The West Coast billionaires take to the air,
The dishwashers and truck drivers stay home,
And the cancer patients have requested hair

From nurses who have children sick at school,
Nurses who work a double-shift to pay
The rent because the ex won’t follow rules
And children like to eat, wear clothes, and play

In the abandoned houses by the tracks
Where freight trains whistle in the morning mist,
Visibility at a hundred feet

As the daredevil boys depart the shacks
Where they had taken girls for their first kiss
And stand on slats, as mist turns into sleet.

~Day Williams 3/11/20

Sonnet 25 by Day Williams

Sonnet 25

The grocery cart rolled down James Avenue
With Baby Jimmy riding in the seat.
Not far behind, his momma ran like you
See manic sprinters at the TV meets,

And as my Harley glided by the zoo
I took it in, a reflex-instinct feat:
The scene was clear to me, my purpose true.
I stopped the cart beside the fence. I beat

The cops who sirened to the scene, too late
To catch the baby as he soared above
The fence and landed in the tigers’ pool.

His momma was in such a wretched state
I wouldn’t let her see him (but, God’s love!)
That kid crawled out like he was off to school.

“In the Grandstands,” poem by Day Williams

He threw a football three hundred yards.
“Broke a trellis in his neighbor’s yard.”

He jumped higher than the clouds.
“He’s too self-centered, too proud.”

He ran a marathon in record time.
“He should be charged with many crimes.”

He lifted more weight than any man before.
“The man’s performance is a snore.”

As a lifeguard, he saved a thousand lives.
“He’s had trouble with his wives.”

Three men on, he hit a grand slam.
“Hand me the raspberry jam.”

He swam the sea from Spain to Greece.
“I read the stupid press release.”

He dove 5000 feet into a pool.
“The dude oughtta go back to school.”

He pitched ten consecutive perfect games.
“He’ll do anything to build his name.”

He rounded up 1000 cattle in an hour.
“Phew! Man needs to take a shower.”

The heavyweight champion–he knocked him out.
“Man’s a loser, loafer and lout.”

He pole-vaulted through the stratosphere.
“He might get better next year.”

He outran a cheetah on Serengeti’s plains.
“Bind the man in iron chains.”


Going Down

Let’s dive down
Leave your worries behind
Under the sea
You’ll swim with me,
With treasure chests to find.

Let’s go down
The deep shaft of a mine.
Under the earth
You’ll know your worth:
The nuggets there are fine.

Let’s come back
And walk solid ground.
People we meet
Their hearts will beat
We’ll show them what we’ve found.

~Day Williams

Deep Sea Divers by Tolyanmy

March 14: Constitution (Law and Lawyers)

Day Williams created this graphic depiction of this date.

March 14



Today the world is the victim of propaganda because people are not intellectually competent. More than anything, the United States needs effective citizens competent to do their own thinking.

~William Mather Lewis, President of George Washington University, 1923–1927



Today the world faces a single man armed with weapons of mass destruction, manifesting an aggressive, bullying attitude, who may well plunge the world into chaos and bloodshed if he miscalculates. This person, belligerent, arrogant, and sure of himself, truly is the most dangerous person on Earth. The problem is that his name is George W. Bush, and he is our president.

~Jack M. Balkin, Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment, Yale Law School, September 22, 2002





1 Some men and their own wives complained about

The Jews in power 2 and they said,

   “We have

Large families, and it takes lots of grain

Just to keep them alive,” 3 and others said,

“When famine came, we had to

   mortgage fields,

Vineyards, and homes to them so we

   could buy

Some grain,” 4 then others stated, “We had to

Borrow some funds from those in power to

Pay rulers’ tax upon our fields

   and vineyards.

5 We’re Jews like them; our children are as good

As theirs, but we still have to sell

   our children

As slaves, and some of our

   own daughters have

Been raped already; we are helpless; and

Our fields and vineyards have been

   taken from

Us;” 6 and when I heard their complaints

   and charges,

I got enraged, 7 so I considered it

And asked the leaders and officials, “How

Is it you charge your people interest?”

I called a public meeting then and I

Accused the leaders, 8 saying,

   “We have tried

To buy back all our people who were sold

To exile, but here you are, selling more

Of them for us to buy back!” The officials

And leaders did not say a word, because

They knew that this was true; 9 I went on, “What

You’ve done is wrong! We have to

   honor our

Own God by how we live, so Gentiles can’t

Find fault with us. 10 My relatives, my friends,

And I are lending grain and money, too,

But we must no more ask for payment in

Return: 11 Now give back vineyards,

   olive orchards,

Houses and fields you’ve taken and

   give back

The interest you’ve been paid.”

   12 The leaders said,

“We’ll do whatever you say and return

Their property, and we won’t ask to be

Repaid,” so I made leaders promise in

Front of the priests to give the property

Back, 13 then I emptied my own pockets and

I said, “If you don’t keep your

   promise, that’s

What God will do to you: He’ll empty out

Everything that you own and even take

Away your houses.” People answered, “We

Will keep our promise,” then they praised the Lord

And did as they had promised. 14 Now I was

The governor of Judah from year twenty

That Artaxerxes was the king until

Year thirty-two, and during these

   twelve years,

My relatives and I refused to take

The food I was allowed; 15 each governor

Before I came had burdened people by

Making them purchase his own food

   and wine

And by demanding forty silver coins

A day, and even their officials had

Burdened the people, but as I respected

God, and I didn’t think that it was right

To be so hard on them. 16 I spent my time

Getting the wall rebuilt and did not buy

Any property; everyone who worked

For me did the same thing. 17 and normally

I fed a hundred fifty of our own

Jewish people and their own leaders, as

Well as the foreign visitors from lands

Around us; 18 each day one ox, six out of

The best sheep, and a lot of chickens were

Prepared, then each ten days, a large supply

Of wine was brought in, and as I knew what

A heavy burden this would have been for

The people, and so I did not request

My food allowance as the governor.

19 I pray that God will bless me for all things

          That I’ve done for my people, sacrificing.