“Cove 19,” a poem by Day Williams

Cove 19

The haz-mat suits wear fire-proof boots
As they incinerate
The citizens in Wahoo dens
Who failed their fight with fate

Down by the shore at Cove 19

Fear is a drug that motivates thugs
To hit the campaign trail;
They lack the brains to break their chains
And their pandering will fail

Down by the shore at Cove 19

Store shelves are bare, people are scared,
Panic’s an electric charge
No one escapes the distant cape
With speedboat, sub, or barge

Down by the shore at Cove 19

The owner of the cove, he loves
To claim the land’s too crowded
But after his wine, he still did resign:
White Hats have him rerouted

Down by the shore at Cove 19

Ambush prepared, good men beware,
The Dark Snakes will spring traps,
See through the lies they dramatize
And stand strong in the gap

Down by the shore at Cove 19

Stock market tanked, no one to thank
But boys in cryptic clubs;
Sure they were kings, they did the things
Unthinkable in pubs

Down by the shore at Cove 19

With “No” to Christ and “Yes” to vice
They concocted a golden shower;
They knew it was wrong but played along
For pleasure, money and power

Down by the shore at Cove 19

Their evil plans, turned back by hands
Skilled in silent success,
Have boomeranged upon the gang
That puts a man in a dress

Down by the shore at Cove 19

The rabbit holes plugged, the bloody thugs
Don’t have a place to go
The talking heads are walking dead,
Afraid to go to their shows

Down by the shore at Cove 19

In darkness ten days give God the praise:
The mudslides will be cleared;
The Watchmen call to one and all:
The time of Christ is near

Down by the shore at Cove 19

The Plan, foretold, is swift and bold,
No one escapes the hook
Around the neck for the lives wrecked
By spirit cooks and crooks

Down by the shore at Cove 19

Given a choice, they can rejoice
Their legacies will endure,
But they will die and they know why:
They ravished the young and the pure

Down by the shore at Cove 19

People awake to sneer at snakes
That poisoned the vines and roots;
They understand they dwell in a land
Which can bear the richest of fruits

Down by the shore at Cove 19

The one maligned had a design
That put the people first
With help from the best he passed the test:
A fountain of freedom will burst

Down by the shore at Cove 19
Down by the shore at Cove 19

~Day Williams 3/17/20

Don’t Put Your Trust in Mortal Men

Don’t Put Your Trust in Mortal Men

Trust Not in Mortal Men

It is better to trust in the Lord 

than to put confidence in man.

~Psalm 118:8

Don’t put your trust in mortal men:

They’ll only let you down;

Better to trust Lord Jesus Christ

And stand on solid ground.

~Day Williams



1 Now after these events, King Xerxes honored

An Agagite’s son, Hammedatha, namely,

Haman, by elevating him and giving

To him an honored seat, and it was higher  

Than all the other nobles’ seats, 2 and all

The royal ministers at the king’s gate

Knelt down and honored Haman, for the king

Had ordered this, but Mordecai would not

Kneel down or pay him honor. 3 Ministers

At the king’s gate asked Mordecai, “Why do

You disobey the king’s command?” 4 And day

By day they spoke to him but he refused

To yield, so they told Haman of it to  

See whether Mordecai’s behavior would

Be borne, for he’d told them he was a Jew.

5 When Haman saw that Mordecai would not  

Kneel down or pay him honor, he was angered,

6 Yet having learned that Mordecai was Jewish,

He scorned the thought of killing Mordecai

Alone, so Haman sought a way to kill

Mordecai’s people, Jews, throughout the whole

Kingdom of Xerxes. 7 In the twelfth year of

King Xerxes, in the first month, Nisan, they

Did cast the pur (that is, the lot) before

Haman to pick a day and month. The lot

Fell onthe twelfth month, Adar.

8 Then Haman told King Xerxes, “Certain

People are spread among the peoples in

               Your kingdom’s provinces who keep themselves

               Separate. Their customs differ from those of

All other people, and they don’t obey

The king’s laws; tolerating them is not

In the best interest of the king. 9 If it

Does please the king, let a decree be issued

To kill them, and I’ll give ten thousand talents

Of silver to the king’s administrators

To supplement the royal treasury.”

10 The king took off his signet ring and gave

The ring to Haman son of Hammedatha,

The Agagite, the enemy of Jews. 

The king told Haman, 11 “Keep the money and

Do with the people as you please.” 12 Then on

The thirteenth day of the first month the royal

Secretaries were summoned. They wrote out

In script of every province and in language

Of every people all of Haman’s orders

To the king’s satraps, governors who ruled

The different provinces and nobles of  

The different peoples. These were written in

King Xerxes’ name and sealed with his own ring.

13 By couriers the dispatches were sent

To the king’s provinces with the command

To go annihilate all Jews—the young

And old, the women and the children—on

A single day, the thirteenth day within

The twelfth month, Adar, and to take their goods.

14 A copy of the edict’s text was to

Be issued as the law in every province  

And was to be made known to people of

Each nationality so they’d prepare

For that day, 15 so the couriers went out,

Spurred on by the king’s order, and the edict

Was issued in the Susa citadel.

The king and Haman then sat down to drink,

But Susa was perplexed by words in ink.