“Paintings Series” by Day Williams

“Paintings Series” by Day Williams

bear cross 1 10mb

Custom Print

“Emerald Bay Sunset”

Three Friends, made with color markers
Three Friends, made with color markers

Custom Print

Moonflowers 10mb   Moonflowers

Custom Print of “Moonflowers”

Farmer's Market 0616 10mb

Farmer’s Market, Carson City

Custom Print


snout 10mb


Custom Print

bird head 10mb

Bird Head

Bird Head Custom Print

spring explosion 10mb

Print of “Spring Explosion”

Postcard of “Spring Explosion”

portrait of a woman 10mb

Postcard of “Portrait of a Woman”

Print of “Portrait of a Woman”

Moses Burning Bush 10mb

“Moses and the Burning Bush” Postcard

Before the Bush,
His life was stalled,
But that changed with
A noble call.

happy to see you again 10mb

“Happy to See You Again” Postcard

You left and went

Away, my friend,

I’m happy I

See you again.

Painting of a face
Painting of a face

“Face It” Custom Print or Greeting Card

“Face It” Postcard

Face it, feel it,

Defeat its hold,

Heat it, refine

It ’til it’s gold.

aspen grove summer 10mb

“Aspen Grove, Summer” Postcard

butterfly 10mb

Butterfly Postcard


“Ascension” Postcard

“Ascension” Custom Print or Greeting Card

The same man who’d

Been crucified

Blessed them and left,

Ascending high.

Acrylic painting, Pollock-style, of Fourth of July.
Acrylic painting, Pollock-style, of Fourth of July.

Fourth of July postcard

The fireworks flamed

Red, white and blue

To celebrate

How freedom grew.

Joshua 12 tribes 10MB

“Joshua’s Twelve Tribes” Postcard

Inferno 2mb

Inferno Postcard

Though many joke,

Their heads so swelled,

Christ said that some

Would burn in hell.

Rainbow_Romp 10mb

“Rainbow Romp” Postcard

The rainbow means

God won’t flood earth,

And after storms

It means new birth.

Stone Mother and Basket at Pyramid Lake in Nevada

“Stone Mother and Basket” Poster

“Stone Mother and Basket” Greeting Card or Custom Print

Painting of unborn child
Painting of unborn child

Unborn Child #3

Patchwork Giraffe.10mb

Postcard of “Patchwork Giraffe” 

Print of “Patchwork Giraffe”

Blue Bridge 10mb

Postcard of “Blue Bridge”

Print of “Blue Bridge”

rolling along 10mb

Postcard of “Rolling Along”

Rolling along,

Painting a song,

And feeling strong,

For art is long.

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