“The Great Awakening,” poem by Day Williams

The Great Awakening

Wake up! Strengthen what remains
and is about to die,
for I have found your deeds
unfinished in the sight of my God.

~Revelation 3:2


The people’s faith has grown
The people are stout
The trumpet is blown
The call has gone out

They come
From the mills and landfills and Capitol Hill
Eagle keepers, street sweepers, and Grim Reapers
Wine tasters, time wasters, fast-paced racers
Jugglers, strugglers, and smugglers

Yes, they come
From the rivers, the hearses, and the twitterverse
Grifters, snifters, and High Plains Drifters
Entrepreneurs and connoisseurs
Jesus freaks and genius geeks on winning streaks

They come
The winners, the sinners, and the tale-spinners
Quakers, film makers, and undertakers
The saints and painters and complainers
Music posers, high-pressure closers, drivers of dozers


The trumpet resounds
Over prairies and hills
Over cities and towns
Over factories and mills

They come
The man with broken bones whose wife left him alone
The hungry thirsty mayor whose days are piled with cares
The heartbroken teen sprawled in a meadow green
Baseball pitcher whose arm has come to harm

Yes, they come
The man in a park, nowhere to go after dark
The special needs boy who worships Jesus in joy
Ex-pats and sexpots and Texan tots
Song and dance men, bong and chance men, strong romance men

They come
Models who pose, hallway hobos, sopranos on oboes,
The snakes, the fakes, and the half-baked flakes
Rappers, catnappers, and gift-wrappers
The astronauts, cosmonauts, and sailors of yachts


The people awake
The Spirit inspires
The darkness will break
With people on fire

They come
Traitors, infiltrators, and self-inflators
Homewreckers, high-techers, and vivisectioners
Chambermaids, underpaids, patients with AIDS,
Lumberjacks, bumbling hacks, and crackerjacks

Yes, they come
Youtubers, eaters of goobers, drivers for Uber
Experts in guile, film stars in style, and juveniles
Flapjack flippers, big tippers, and back alley strippers,
One-wing angels, land sharks, pickup artists


The way has been paved
The Light shines every mile
The disgraceful depraved
Will sink in their bile

They come
Prophets of old, worth more than gold,
Pay-for-Players and bureaucratic delayers
Golf club queens, editors of magazines,
Matrix busters, street hustlers, and cattle rustlers

Yes, they come
Corn poppers, grillers of Whoppers, pilots of choppers
Photo buffs, sniffers of snuff, sifters of truffles
Bumblers, tumblers, and cookie-crumblers
Carsonites, troglodytes, and defenders of rights

They come
Visionquesters, Wild Westers, and protesters
The trail guides, the mail-order brides, the hair-dyed self-satisfied
Van Goghs, Picassos, and Michelangelos
Mings with rings, kings with bling, Things that sing


They will eat the bread
On which angels feed
And at the watershed
They’ll release their greed

They come
The tweeters, the cheaters, and the over-eaters
Mockers, talkers, and tightrope walkers
Three-inch fools, builders of schools, and women with jewels
Desert harpists and quick-change artists

Yes, they come
Deep Staters, Prez-Haters, conflaters
Bumblers, tumblers, and cookie-crumblers
Sore losers, day boozers, and shmoozers
Tower builders, power lifters, High Plains Drifters

They come
Bomb disposers, high-pressure closers, drivers of dozers,
Punners, hit and runners, school bus tailgunners
Smokers, stockbrokers, and Arthur the Joker
Gay activists who twist amid the mist


With hearts newly cleaned
The crowds have surged
The people have seen
That the truth has emerged

They come

Rogues and droogies and couples at movies,
High-stakes winners at posh dinners with sinners
Marxists, podiatrists, and anthologists
“I” dotters, “t” crossers, and spy spotters

Yes, they come

X-22, Chiefs of Sioux, and Fredo too
Salad tossers, shy doctors, and double-crossers
Bed-pressers, oppressors, and professors
Preachers and teachers high on the bleachers

Bed-wetters, go-getters, and jet-setters
Hackers, frackers, and meat packers
Princess Bride and Pride Declassified
Yip-Yip Young, the Flying Nun, and favorite sons


They come to the mountain
And connect with the Lord
They come to the fountain
With their faith restored

They come
Housewives on the go and Quid Pro Quo Joe
Town criers, high flyers, and Brooklyn choirs
P.C. Police, actors from Grease, obese nieces
T.V. writers, check kiters, and backbiters

Yes, they come
Mentors, dissenters, and inventors
Sneakers, leakers, and public speakers
Cab drivers, lab timers, and flabby divers,
Word-twisters, blacklisters, and three weird sisters

They come
Midnight plumbers and midsummer hit-and-runners
Corrupt politicians in double demolitions
Renegades who masquerade as gay blades
QAnons, black swans, and Pentagon woebegones

They come to the mountain
And connect with the Lord
They come to the fountain
With their faith restored

~Day Williams