We Will Impeach

We Will Impeach

Though no one likes
Our crooked reach,
We’ll soar and strike:
We will impeach.

Though nothing’s done
We like to preach;
For us it’s fun:
We will impeach.

Though stars may fall
And mollusks teach,
Though stop signs call,
We will impeach.

Though plans have proven
To scrape and screech,
Now we are groovin’:
We will impeach.

~Day Williams

New York Post: Guilty! Now for the Trial!



1 The company of prophets told Elisha,

“Look here, the place where we meet with you is

Too small for us. 2 Let us go to the Jordan,

Where each of us can get a pole; and let

Us build a place down there for us to meet,”

And he said, “Go,” 3 then one of them said, “Won’t

You please come with your servants?” “Yes, I will,”

Elisha said, 4 and he went with them. They

Went to the Jordan and began to cut

Down trees. 5 As one of them was cutting down

A tree, the iron ax head fell in water.

“Oh no, my lord!” he cried out. “It was borrowed!”

6 The man of God asked him, “Where did it fall?”

And when he showed the place to him, Elisha

Cut up a stick and threw it there, and made

The iron float. 7 “Now lift it out,” he said.

The man reached out his hand and took it. 8 Now

Aram’s king was at war with Israel.

After conferring with his officers,

He said, “I will set up my camp in such

And such a place.” 9 The man of God sent word

Off to the king of Israel: “Beware

Of passing through that place, for Arameans

Will go there,” 10 so the king of Israel

Checked on the place the man of God had told

Him of, and every time Elisha warned

The king, and he was on his guard when he

Went near such places, 11 which enraged the king

Of Aram, so he called his officers

In and asked them, “Tell me! Which of us

Has sided with the king of Israel?”

12 An officer responded, “None of us,

My lord the king. Elisha, Israel’s

Own prophet, tells the king of Israel

The very words you speak in your own bedroom.”

The king commanded, 13 “Go, find out where he

Is, so I can send men and capture him;”

And the report came back: “He is in Dothan,”

14 Then he sent chariots and horses and

A strong force there. They went by night and they

Surrounded the whole city. 15 When the man   

Of God’s own servant rose and went out early

On the next morning, he saw that an army

With chariots and horses had surrounded

The city. “No, my lord! What shall we do?”

The servant asked. 16 “Don’t be afraid,” replied

The prophet. “Those who are with us are more

Than those who are with them.” 17 Elisha prayed,

“LORD, open up his eyes, so he may see.”

The LORD then opened up the servant’s eyes.

He looked and saw the hills were full of horses

And chariots of fire around Elisha,

            18 And as the enemy came down toward him,

Elisha prayed unto the LORD, “Now strike

This army blind,” so he struck them with blindness,

Just as Elisha asked. 19 Elisha told

Them, “This is not the road and this is not

The city. Follow me, and I will lead

You to the man you’re looking for,” and he

Led them into Samaria. 20 They went

Inside the city, and Elisha said,

“LORD, open  up the eyes of these men so

That they can see.” The LORD then opened up

Their eyes. They looked, and there they were,

Within Samaria, 21 and when the king

Of Israel saw them, he asked Elisha,

“My father, shall I kill them? Shall I kill

Them?” 22 “Do not kill them,” he replied.  “Would you

Kill those you’ve captured with your sword or bow?

Set water and some food before them so

That they may eat and drink and then go back

To their own master.” 23 He prepared a feast

For them, and after they had finished eating

And drinking, he sent them away, and they

Went back to their own master, so the bands

From Aram did stop raiding Israel’s

Dominions. 24 Sometime later, Aram’s King

Ben‑Hadad mobilized his entire army,

Marched up and laid siege to Samaria.

25 The city had a famine, and the siege

Endured so long a donkey’s head would sell

For eighty silver shekels, and a quarter

Of a seed cab sold for five shekels. 26 As

The king of Israel was passing by

Upon the wall, a woman cried to him,

“Help me, my lord the king!” 27 The king replied,

AIf God does not assist you, where can I

Get help for you? Out of the threshing floor? 

Out of the winepress?” 28 Then he asked her, “What’s

The matter?” She replied, “This woman said

To me, ‘Give up your son so that today 

We may eat him; tomorrow we will eat

My son,” 29 and so we cooked my son and we

Did eat him. The next day I said to her,

‘Give up your son so we may eat him,’ but

She’d hidden him.” 30 The king heard this and tore

His robes, and as he went along the wall,

The people looked, and they saw that, beneath

His robes, the king was wearing sackcloth on

His body. 31 He said, “May God deal with me,

May it be ever so severely, if

The head of Shaphat’s son Elisha stays

Today upon his shoulders!” 32 Now Elisha

Was sitting in his house, and elders sat

With him. The king sent out a messenger

Ahead. Before he came, Elisha asked

The elders this: “Do you not see how this

Murderer sends somebody to cut off

My head? Look, when the messenger arrives,

Shut the door and hold it shut against him.

Is not the sound of his own master’s footsteps

Behind him?” 33 While he was addressing them,

The messenger came down to him. The king

Said, “This disaster is from God. Why should

I wait some more for God to do me good?”

“Solid Rock,” poem by Day Williams

This precious value, then, is for you who believe; but for those who disbelieve, “THE STONE WHICH THE BUILDERS REJECTED, THIS BECAME THE VERY CORNER stone,”

~1 Peter 2:7

Let me stand on solid rock
And hear the high winds howl,
Let me stop the crooked clock,
Be a tiger on the prowl.
Send me back to the womb
To find the cord that binds–
Before I reach the tomb
I’ll absorb all hearts and minds;
And stop to watch the ant
Who makes his hills of sand.
To him the hills are giant:
He cannot see my hand.
So I make hills of hours
And fill my hills with sons.
Love grows sweet, red flower,
I see some glowing suns.

~Day Williams

SET SIX, poems by Day Williams


The Village without Fear
‘Tis of Thee
Try as You Might
Love and Life
Sameness Utopia
Eden Sank to Grief

This farmland’s our home,
They call us squatters here,
Where our families have grown,
The Village Without Fear.

Government came in,
They didn’t waste a tear,
Burned our wooden houses,
The Village Without Fear.

With clothes on our backs,
Still the ruling’s clear,
Suicidal, we must leave
The Village Without Fear.

~Day Williams


A culture, decadent, that worships flesh
And death will eat itself like cancer cells
In nursing homes, and dollars won’t refresh
The worshippers alone in private hells.

The public debt a threat, the internet
Divas and doctors who dispense advice;
Another sting on teenage cigarettes,
Another show with cops who chase down vice.

Higher skyscrapers, pop songs, dances, stars,
New snobs, the stars who show how low they ride,
And in the cities, suburbs, hills and farms
Bedazzled grooms drive home with plastic brides.

And animated baseball, bodies zipped
In nylon parkas on Mount Everest’s slopes
Where copters will not fly; elections tipped
By social media and voters’ hopes,

A birthmother search, HIV home tests,
The nouveau riche improve their aging shapes
With dyed hair, facelifts, and inflated breasts,
Toupees and tummy tucks, the great escapes.

The middle class can barely keep the pace,
The welfare kid keeps falling far behind
Despite the billions squandered to replace
The guilt, for giveaways don’t stir his mind.

In God we used to trust, and now it’s Self–
The water’s bad in India, the wars
Leave body parts and orphans on the shelf–
“Who cares? My cards are maxed from clothing stores.”

The fix is on, you bet on any horse
And keep your mouth shut, win or lose, you pay
Your money, take your chance; no-fault divorce
Will rescue you from shame and disarray.

The dilettantes sell Art for vanity
And dollars while the poet-prophets speak
The Word in season, out of season, free
Or as slaves, obedient and meek.

Avenatti and NXVIM, branding marks,
Satellites, laser beams and astronauts,
New Ponzi schemes, illegal telemarkets,
Honeypots, afterthoughts and counterplots;

Flat tire, a gun for hire, they sell desire
In bars and motel rooms where no one tells
‘Cause no one asks; an L.A. arson fire
Gets paid, though the investigator smells

The sin of fallen man in Eden’s green,
As though a time machine had showed him bliss
Only to shake away the scales unseen,
Exposing evil as in Genesis.

The hoaxers, perjurers, and murderers,
Unpunished, roam the land wild as mountain goats,
They’re wealthy, influential, and secure,
And they know how to sway important votes.

Teenage flirts, cubist shirts and campaign dirt,
A suicide who’d called out pedophiles–
No drugs, no words relieve a young man’s hurt:
How can a sinful man be reconciled?

Peace treaties, diabetes, kiss your sweetie,
Nuke waste, a mugger Maced, two-faced rat-race,
So many potholes you can’t see the street;
So many taxes, cheating’s commonplace.

Perverts expose themselves to talk-show hosts
And hit-men have their quarter-hour of fame;
Mass media ignores the Holy Ghost
And acts as though the people are to blame.

All are one: Black and yellow, red and white,
Said JFK and Martin Luther King,
But on the subway ‘round ten at night,
The stench of fear and hate is sickening.

The dress-down candidate and his smart wife,
The steel magnolia, herbal remedies,
Montana Freemen and the F.B.I.
In wait; a watch which needs no batteries,

With child abusers, cocaine users, gun-
Toting cruisers, boozers, losers, and gang-
Bang drive-by shooters, the karate nuns,
With tennis shoes as codes, with convict slang.

The leveraged buy-outs, mergers, acquisitions,
Foreclosures, bankruptcies, bonds, notes, and deeds,
Rich democrats in powerful positions,
Like barrel cacti pointed in the weeds.

You rich and powerful, you’re food for worms,
A hunchbacked woman groans outside your door,
The smell of unwashed flesh: the butler squirms,
But you’re too busy phoning Singapore

To see the soil is drenched with babies’ blood.
The jet-set crowd has parties ‘til the dawns,
Posterity is thrown like rags in mud,
Prosperity makes men automatons.

Indecisions, forgetfulness and haze
Coagulate in corners of the stair;
Subversives sleeping, triggered, rise and daze
With a false-flag distraction, a gun nightmare.

Churchill, Prime Minister, declared, “The price
Of greatness is responsibility”
(Or so a poster said) and heed advice,
For “history guides us by vanities.”

Political correctness versus Christ:
Over the long run you can bet on Him
To overcome man’s wicked “Paradise”,
Naive as games upon the jungle gym.

My poetry is art; it’s serious
To me, and though you may not understand
The ins and outs, at least you’re curious
To read the words that print out by my hand.

The unacknowledged legislators of
The world are poets, Shelley in defense
Remarked: With skill and loads of Christian love,
With verses soaked in meaning, this makes sense.

The times were tainted by their ignorance,
And he was treated like an orphan boy,
But by the grace of God, with common sense,
He did God’s holy work and felt His joy.

Invisibility has benefits,
Take it from me, invisible for years,
With bandages wrapped ‘round my face, and slits
Through which I view the changing of the gears.

A preacher taught on Reno radio
The ways the Bible can interpret news;
A poet taught from texts of long ago
The Lord’s design for man began with Jews.

As 60 million babies’ blood, in fright,
Cries out from reddened earth to deafened ears,
Don’t say that you can see by dawn’s pink light
The Emperor has worn no stitch for years.

Don’t say a thing, for when a house implodes
It traps and crushes those beneath its beams;
Yet in the rooms, desensitized and slowed,
A nation’s conscience whispers still of dreams.

In Gibbon’s Rise and Fall the punishment
For immorality was Huns’ offense;
A Christian in the White House would prevent
The land’s decline to Roman decadence:

But as the Communists were fond to say,
“We’ll watch as you disintegrate within.”
Now at a graduation kids can’t pray
And teachers preach on Self-Esteem, not sin.

A king put Jeremiah in a well
For saying that his kingdom had to fall;
A prophet’s truth can seem like bagatelles
Until barbarians barge through the wall.

And I will turn to Paradise on earth
In serving Jesus Christ with all my heart;
Let him determine what my work is worth,
And let the world go mad for hollow art.

Iced tea, a stick of gum, a book of verse
And thou, is Paradise enough when Thou
Art Jesus Christ, who shattered Eden’s curse
Through death, a crown of thorns upon thy brow.

~Day Williams

Try as You Might

Try as you might each day and night
You’ll never understand
The ways the King of Everything
Has brought about His plans

For you, His child, so mild and wild,
Perplexed, confused, adrift
Between the rocks that bang and block
Sea passages that lift

You higher yet, for He’s paid debts,
All debts that you’ve accrued–
Each rude caprice and fleshly spree–
How Christ has been abused.

He’ll comfort you when you are true
And love with no reserve;
You’ll be surprised He’s realized
That you have curved and swerved.

When darkness falls, the Spirit calls
With a gentle tug on heart:
Confess your crimes, give him your time . . .
Let Him make you His art.

~Day Williams

Love and Life

I may not be a famous man,
Or one who makes a hero’s plans.
I do not have a Ph.D.
Or Pulitzers in poetry.
But still I see some trouble here
(I want to be exact and clear);
I see great evil in the land,
Corruption hard to understand.

They’re killing babies left and right,
And I’m opposed with all my might.
A baby has the right to live,
To grow and laugh, to cry and give.
A baby isn’t just a rag
To toss into a bloody bag.

A baby’s us, she’s you and me,
With head and heart, with thumbs and knees.
When zygotes form within their wombs,
God forbid those wombs be tombs.
God says those lives must thrive and grow,
To see the worlds of sun and snow,
To lie upon their mothers’ breasts,
To learn and play, to work and rest.

To take those lives is no small crime,
A Holocaust that taints our time.
Soon the Lord will cast His pall:
May He have mercy on us all.

~Day Williams

Sameness Utopia

We’ll knock the mountains down
And fill the canyons in
We’ll smooth the mounds
And nobody will grin

Or laugh or weep or shout
We will all be the same
Nothing to cry about
And nobody to blame

Each with the same color
Each with the same race
Each with the same
Featureless grayish face.

And no one will have dreams
And no nightmares either
None will need a freezer
And none will need a heater,

Each with the same income
Each with the same thoughts
Each of us controlled
By the same uniform bot,

And I will never lose
And you will never win
No one will be right or wrong
And none will ever sin,

And everyone will eat the same,
A tasteless grayish gruel,
And everyone will attend
The same barred, guarded school

Where we will learn the same,
And on the monthly tests
Teachers will grade with “C’s”
So no one’s worst and none is best.

We’ll ride in robot cars
To robot supermarts
Where bots will choose our foods
Because they are so smart,

And you will have a mate,
Your marriage bot-arranged,
And you can rear one child
Within the Central range,

But you cannot sing a song
(Music makes us less the same),
You cannot sculpt or draw–
For you might get a name.

As for names, you won’t have one–
A number will suffice
Tattooed on your arm
With chips as small as rice.

And no one will write novels,
Short stories, tracts, or plays,
Each number dressed the same,
The same in every way.

And you won’t need your brains,
So they will be shut down,
So ruling bots may run
A smoother Sameness Town

Where no one will be smart
And no one will be dumb
And you will walk in fog
With all your senses numb.

No one with cosmetics
No make-up for the face
With faceless namelessness,
Each number in its place.

Though each one will be free
To choose his suit each day:
The gray or gray or gray
Or gray or gray or gray,

And you won’t need a mirror
To see your daily face,
For it will be the same
As each one in your place,

And you will have your pod
That sits right next to mine
Inside our gray-gray hut
Where no one has a mind.

No one will be black,
No one will be white,
No one will be wrong,
And no one will be right.

We’ll learn to work and play
In buildings gray and beige
Where we will be contained
Like monkeys in a cage.

We’ll never spend too much,
We won’t have much to spend,
We’ll have enough to ensure
The State will never end.

We’ll have a medicine
To cure our every ill,
Injections in our veins
Or take the latest pill.

If Central says, “It’s war,”
Then off to war we’ll go;
We’ll kill our enemies
Then hurry to our homes,

But never shall we fight against
Our special master bots;
We’ll never think of it:
They won’t allow such thoughts.

We’ll have no surprises,
Each day will be the same
In Sameness Utopia
Where no one has a name.

And we won’t have a devil
And we won’t have a God
And will dreamless sleep
In grayish numbered pods.

And no one will be first
And no one will be last
And no one will remember
The future or the past

You will not have a sex,
So no one will be different,
No perfumes or deodorants,
Each human with same scents.

You’ll have a proper hut
That stands right next to mine,
And you and I will mow our dirt
Saturdays, the same time.

We’ll breathe and work and rest
And never have a fear,
We’ll never hate or love,
We’ll never shed a tear.

You will not have to strive
To be the best you can:
The same awards will go
To everyone who ran.

And each of us will vote
Just as the bots direct;
We’ll have no nasty run-offs
From races neck and neck.

And no one will be sad
And no one will be glad
And no one will be good
And no one will be bad

And no one will rebel
And no one will create
And we will shuffle each day
Through the same numbered gate.

And we will work in factories
To refurbish bots
Each noon we’ll pause to thank
The State for all we’ve got

And we won’t talk of love
And we won’t talk of hate
And nothing will be small
And nothing will be great

And it will never snow
And it will never rain
And no one will be cold
And none will suffer pain.

You must not speak your mind–
I have to make this clear–
Or say bye to those you know,
For you will disappear.

If you hold a censored book
The bots will know at once,
And you’ll spend days in jail
For acting like a dunce.

And if you cry some night
Because your dog has died
A bot will come and stick
A needle in your side.

At the allotted time
We’ll take our exit pass
And climb the tallest tower
And jump down to the grass.

~Day Williams

Eden Sank to Grief

Adam dreamed he lost a rib.
He woke up–it was no fib.
“Missing rib? Where is my bone?’
Adam asked. He felt alone.

God answered him out loud:
“You’re gentle, innocent, unbowed.
You were lonely and asleep,
You had a bone, no need to keep,
I opened up and took the rib
(Which spared the trouble of a crib).
I poured the breath of life within
And sculpted lovely skin
From that one rib, something new.
I made a wife for you
Out of your chest, out of a bone.
Your bone’s your mate; you’ll be alone
No more,” said God. “Woman for me,”
Adam said. “What curves I see!

“Helper-mate,” the Lord declared,
“Made when you were unaware.”

Adam said, approaching there:
“In Eden God has answered prayer,

Honey-sweet, a precious dove.”
The first man said, “I am in love.”

“You’re in charge,” God said to them:
“Eat, drink, play, or take a swim.
Do what you will, but do not eat
The tree that lets you know of evil
And of good; it’s at the middle,
This garden’s center: I don’t kid.”

“What if we want a smell, a sniff?”

“You’ll regret a single whiff.”

“But if I take but one bite . . . “

“You’ll find out it isn’t right.
Take one bite and you will die,
No matter what you say or try.”

Eve walked out to look around
And she saw Snake on the ground.
“Wouldn’t you like to be wise?”
She heard from Snake, the King of Lies.

“How?” asked Eve, who was naive.

“I”ll show you, if you believe.
There is a tree, near where you sat.”

“But God said no, don’t eat from that,
For I will die if I eat.
God is good and I won’t cheat.”

“Don’t give me guff,” Snake replied.
“Others ate, and none have died.”

“Shiny red, it does look fine.
I wish that fruit were all mine.”

“You must think and use your heart.
God knows fruit will make you smart.
You’ll need guts to take my dare.”

“A bite can’t hurt,” Eve said, impaired.

She took a bite. Snake disappeared.
Adam came and shed big tears.

“This fruit is good,” Eve told her mate,
But he was worried for her fate.

“God is good. He said, ‘Don’t eat!’”

“But take one bite. This fruit is sweet.”

Adam loved, and he was torn.
His eyes were sad, his look forlorn.
“Death will come,” he said to her.

“But how can you be so sure?
Snake told me I’d be wise– ”

“That was Satan in disguise!”

“Don’t you love me? I am your mate.”
And Adam saw and took and ate.

“We’re naked!” he remarked.
“We have to hide inside this park.”

God walked amid Eden’s trees:
Cool afternoon with a light breeze,

And he asked Adam, “Where are you?”

“We’re scared. We’re in shade, too,”
Adam said, “We need some clothes.
We were ashamed, and this we chose,”

“Ashamed? You? You must tell why.
You live with me in Paradise.”

“Our eyes were opened when we ate:
Evil, good, we know man’s fate.”

“No, you don’t,” the Lord replied.
I said, ‘Don’t eat or you will die.’”

“But now at last we’re wise.”

“The Devil tricked you in disguise.”

“Snake told me I should eat.
He told me to, and it was sweet.”

“She asked me to. She is my mate,”
Adam said, “so I ate.”

“You broke my rules!” the Lord God roared.
“You’ll walk in Eden nevermore.
On his belly Snake will crawl,
Women giving birth will bawl,
The pain so great they’ll want to die.
Snake, you are the King of Lies.
For the evil you have sprung,
Her children will despise your young,
And all your days you will eat dust–
Never will you regain my trust.
The woman’s child will crush your head;
You’ll bruise his heel when he has bled.
From red dust you were formed,
Adam, from red dust you were born,
And from red dust you’ll earn your bread
In painful work until you’re dead.”

Cherubim with flaming sword
Guard Eden’s east for the Lord.

With heads bent down, the banished pair,
Lonely, weeping, depart with cares.

~Day Williams



“Follow justice and justice alone, so that you may live and possess the land the Lord your God is giving you.”

~Dt. 16:20

Justice for America, trashed by traitors.

Justice for President John F. Kennedy (d. 11/22/63)

Justice for Martin Luther King Jr. (d. 4/04/68)

Justice for Bobby Kennedy (d. 6/06/68) and for Sirhan Sirhan, framed.

Justice for the Boys on the Tracks (d. 8/23/87)
https://tinyurl.com/3aqzq9 (The Crimes of Mena)

Justice for Danny Casolaro (d. 8/10/91)

Justice for Waco victims (d. 4/19/93)

Justice for Vince Foster (d. 7/20/93)

Justice for victims of the Oklahoma City bombing (4/19/95)

Justice for JonBenét Patricia Ramsey  (d. 12/25-26/96)

Justice for the victims of the 9/11 attack (9/11/01).

Justice for Navy Seal Team Six (15 fatalities, 8/6/11).
Death of SEAL Team 6 – Set Up and Cover Up

Justice for victims of the Clinton Body Count


Justice for Americans killed in Benghazi (9/11-12/12)
https://tinyurl.com/y25ghmxj (Gun-running in Benghazi)

Justice for victims of Deep State fraud, corruption, false flags, and hoaxes.

Justice for Michael Hastings (d. 6/18/13)

Justice for Justice Antonin Scalia (d. 2/13/16)

Justice for Seth Rich (d. 7/10/16)

Seymour Hersh discussing Wikileaks DNC leaks Seth Rich & FBI report

Justice for victims of NXVIM.

Justice for victims of MKUltra and other human experimentation.

Justice for women assaulted, raped and acid-attacked by Muslims.

Justice for persecuted Christians.

Justice for children kidnapped, trafficked, beaten, raped, tortured, and murdered.

Justice for Donald Trump on Spygate.

Justice for churches in France that have been desecrated.

Justice and life for unborn and newborn children.

“Wake up, and strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your works complete in the sight of my God.”
~Revelation 3:2

Fiat justitia ruat cælum.

Statue of Lady Justice, Storey County Courthouse, Nevada, photo by Day Williams

Justice is not a cold thing; it is one of the hottest, fiercest, and most fundamental of the buried fires of our being.

~G. K. Chesterton

Important Stories That Fake News Ignores

You who are real journalists, cover important stories, and cover them fairly, accurately, and thoroughly:

Sedition and treason.

Mark Zaid’s social media and his other activities behind the scenes

Eric Ciaramella’s link to Soros

California fires, PG&E, Gavin Newsom’s ties to big money globalists, Agenda 2030, Rothschilds. How did the fires start? Who started them?

Pedophilia and Satanism in Hollywood

Joe Biden / Hunter Biden/ Ukraine Deal and China Deal

Sources of wealth for career politicians

Devin Nunes’ lawsuit against Fusion GPS

Rep. Adam Schiff and the Standard Hotel

Hong Kong’s fight for freedom

Yellow Vests in France

Murder of Barry and Honey Sherman

Worldwide sex trafficking
Christian massacres

George Soros’s meddling with American politics


Pedophilia in the Fake News Industry

Obama’s Book Deal

Disney involvement in pedophilia

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s immigration fraud

Booker, Harris, Kim Foxx, and the Smollett hoax

The Awan Brothers’ spying

Jeffrey Epstein and Pedo Island

Epstein’s death
Uranium One (Bob Mueller and Hillary Clinton)
Benghazi (Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama)

Death of Loretta Fuddy

Obama’s $65,000 “pizza party” while in the White House
Fast & Furious
IRS targeting
Cash to Iran
Rigging a primary against Bernie
Illegally storing emails
Bleach-bit and a hammer
Hillary and DNC paid foreign agent for phony dossier
Lying under oath
Spying on Trump

Crossfire Hurricane

False flag shootings

The Las Vegas massacre

Sandy Hoax

Podesta emails

DNC server
Haiti: Clinton / Silsby
Attempted soft coup against sitting President
Murder of Seth Rich
Weiner laptop
John Kerry meddles with Iran

Clinton body count

Hillary Clinton and the Waco massacre

DNC hired MS-13 as assassins

>100,000 sealed federal indictments

Murder of Michael Hastings

Murder of Ron Brown

Stories the Fake News screwed up (Bongino list):
-Covington kids -Jussie Smollett -Spygate -“Collusion” -The Ilhan Omar allegations.

Who Will Big Brother Ban Today?

Who will Big Brother ban today?
Whites, a black woman, history teachers?
Who will be censored, cut away?
Smart-aleck kids and Christian preachers?

I’ll know when they have disappeared,
Non-persons flushed down Memory Holes,
And if Big Brother owned all guns,
In barren fields their blood would flow.

~Day Williams

Tiffany FitzHenry@Tiff_FitzHenry
·9hReplying to @Tiff_FitzHenry

So, what searches are Google blacklisted? Pro-life searches, pro-life stances on the Irish 8th amendment vote, any searches about mass casualty events such as Vegas and Parkland, queries about the deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, and the GOP train crash…

Big Brother + Big Tech = Big Trouble

Carole Novielli‏ @CaroleNovielli

When leftists can no longer handle truth- they: *ban you *censor you *scream over you anything but refute what you are saying. #LifeCensored #prolife

Fakebook Notice
Socialism: Always just a few more executions away from Utopia


(Exodus 2:11, 12)

God’s leader who
Had high command
Had killed a man,
Hid him in sand.

~Day Williams



1 Now Naaman was commander of the army

Of Aram’s king. He was a great man in

His master’s sight and highly thought of, for

Through him the LORD had given victory 

To Aram. He was valiant as a soldier,

But he had leprosy. 2 Now bands from Aram

Had gone out and had taken as a captive

A young girl out of Israel, and she

Served Naaman’s wife. 3 She told her mistress, “If

Only my master would go see the prophet

Who’s in Samaria! He’d cure him of

His leprosy,” 4 so Naaman saw his master

And told him what the girl from Israel

Had said. 5 ABy all means, go,@ the king of Aram

Replied. AI=ll send a letter to the king

Of Israel;@ so Naaman left, and took

With him ten silver talents, and in gold,

Six thousand shekels, and ten clothing sets.

 6 The letter that he took along to give

The king of Israel read: AWith this letter

I send my servant Naaman to you so

That you may cure him of his leprosy.@

7 The king of Israel, as soon as he

Had read the letter, tore his robes and said,

AAm I God? Can I kill and resurrect? 

Why does this man send someone to me to

Be cured of leprosy? See how he tries

To pick a fight with me!@ 8 Elisha man

Of God heard that the king of Israel

Had torn his robes, and sent a message to

The king: “Why have you torn your robes? Command

The man to come to me and he will know

That there’s a prophet inside Israel,”

9 So Naaman went with his own horses and

His chariots and stopped beside the door,

The front door to Elisha’s house. 10 Elisha

Sent out a messenger to say to him,

“Go, wash in Jordan River seven times,

And your own flesh will be restored and you’ll

Be cleansed,” 11 but Naaman went away enraged

And said, “I thought that he would surely come

To me and stand and call upon the name

Of the LORD God, and wave his hand above

The spot and cure me of my leprosy.

12 Aren’t Pharpar and Abana, rivers of

Damascus, better than the waters of

 Israel? Couldn’t I go wash in them

And so be cleansed?” He turned and went off in

A rage, 13 but Naaman’s servants went to him

And said, AMy father, if the prophet had

Told you to do some great thing, would you not

Have done it? How much more, then, when he tells

You, ‘Wash; be cleansed’!@ 14 So he went down and dipped

Himself within the Jordan seven times,

Just as the man of God had told him. His

Flesh was restored and it became as clean

As that of a young boy; 15 then Naaman and

All his attendants went back to the man

Of God. He stood before him and said, ANow

I know that there=s no God in all the world

Except in Israel. Now please accept

A present from your servant,@ 16 but the prophet

Replied, AAs surely as the LORD lives, whom

I serve, I won=t accept a thing,@ and though

Naaman urged him, he still refused. 17 AIf you

Will not,@ said Naaman, Aplease let me,

 your servant,

Be given as much earth as a mule pair

Can carry, for your servant never more

Will make burnt offerings and sacrifices

To any other god except the LORD,

            18 But may the LORD forgive your servant for

This one thing: When my master goes inside

The Rimmon temple to bow down and he

Is leaning on my arm and I bow there tooB

When I bow down inside the Rimmon temple

May God forgive your servant for this.@ 19 AGo

In peace,@ Elisha said. Now after Naaman

Had gone a ways, 20 Gehazi, servant of

Elisha man of God, said to himself,

AMy master was too soft on Naaman, this

Aramean, by not accepting from

Him what he brought. As surely as the LORD

Does live, I will run after him and get

Something from him.@ 21 Gehazi hurried after

Naaman. When Naaman saw him running toward

            Him, he descended from the chariot

To meet him and asked him, AIs everything

All right?@ 22 Gehazi answered, AEverything

            Is all right, for my master sent me out

To say, ‘Two young men from the company

Of prophets have just come to me out of

            The Ephraim hill country. Please give them

A silver talent and two sets of clothing.’” 

23 “By all means, take two talents,@ Naaman said.

            He urged Gehazi to accept them, and

Then tied up the two silver talents in

Two bags, plus with two clothing sets. He gave

            Them to two servants, who took them on in

Front of Gehazi. 24 When Gehazi reached

The hill, he took the things the servants brought

And stored them in the house. He sent the men

Away and they left, 25 then he went and stood

Before Elisha, his own master, and

            Elisha asked, AWhere have you been, Gehazi?@

Gehazi said, AYour servant didn’t go

Anywhere,@ 26 but Elisha said to him,

            AWas not my spirit with you when the man

Got down from his own chariot to meet

With you? Is this the time to take some money,

            Or to accept some clothes, or olive groves,

Or vineyards, flocks, or herds, or menservants

And maidservants? 27 Now Naaman’s leprosy

            Will cling forevermore to you and to your

Descendants,@ then Gehazi had to go

From him; and he was leprous, white as snow.