Rev. Ch. 11


An angel gave a measuring stick to me
And said, “Go, measure ‘round God’s temple and
The altar; count how many worship there.

Outside the temple—’round the courtyard there,
Leave that out: it’s been given to the Gentiles.
They’ll trample on the holy city forty-

Two months, and I’ll give my two witnesses
Power to prophesy twelve hundred sixty
Days, clothed in sackcloth; these two witnesses

Are the two olive trees and the two lampstands
That stand before the Lord who rules the earth.
If someone tries to harm them, fire bursts from

Their mouths and it devours their enemies.
They have the power to shut skies so that
No rain falls in the period of three

And one half years they prophesy, and they
Have power to turn waters into blood
And strike the earth with every kind of plague

As often as they want. They will complete
Their three and one-half years of testimony,
And then the Beast who comes from the deep pit

Will war against them. It will overpower
And kill them, and for three and one-half days
Their bodies will lie in the street exposed

In that great city figuratively called
“Sodom“ and “Egypt.” It’s the very place
Their Lord was nailed onto a cross. No one

Will be allowed to bury them, and men
From every tribe and tongue and nation will
Come stare at them. The earth’s inhabitants

Will revel over them and celebrate
By sending one another gifts, for these
Two prophets had afflicted them so much.

But after three and one-half days a breath
Of life from God will enter them and they
Will stand, and terror will descend on all.

A voice will shout from heaven, “Come up here!”
And in a cloud they’ll rise to heaven as
Their enemies observe. In that same hour

A giant earthquake will destroy one-tenth
Of the whole city; seven thousand will
Be killed and the survivors, frightened, will

Bless heaven’s God. The second trouble has
Gone by, but the third trouble quickly comes:
The seventh angel blew his trumpet, and

From heaven noisy voices shouted this:
“The kingdom of this world belongs now to
Our Lord and to His Christ, and he shall reign

Forevermore.” The elders, twenty-four
In all, who sat on thrones in front of God,
Fell down in worship and they said, “Lord God

Almighty, we give thanks to you, who is
And who was, for you’ve taken your great power
And have begun to reign. The lands were mad;

Your wrath has come; the time has come to judge
The dead and to reward your prophet-servants,
Your saints and those who fear your name, both small

And great−and to destroy those who destroy
The earth.” God’s temple opened then in heaven,
And in it was displayed the ark of his

Covenant; lightning flashed and thunder railed,
The earth shook and there was a storm of hail.

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Check out who owns what: Why you can’t trust the “mainstream media”

Remember when Teddy Roosevelt enforced anti-trust laws?

Things are changing. Americans no longer see the mainstream media as the single best source for accurate information. A recent Gallup survey found that 60% of all Americans “have little or no trust” in the mainstream media.

What people are starting to realize is the mainstream media is giving us a very distorted version of the “truth.”

It’s a “truth” they control. Did you know that here in the United States just six media corporations control the mainstream media? It wasn’t always this way. Back in 1983, approximately 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media in the United States.

But through a series of mergers and consolidations, the number of corporations began to significantly drop. In 1987, the 50 companies had shrunk to 29. In 1990, the 29 had shrunk to just 23. In 1997, the biggest firms numbered just 10.

In fact, it was during that same year that one of the biggest media mergers took place: the $19 billion Disney-ABC deal. But that deal was quickly outdone in 2000, with the merger of AOL and Time Warner at $350 billion.

**The Top Six: Now here we are 13 years from the largest media merger and all our media is controlled by only six corporations. Those corporations are (1) Comcast/General Electric, (2) News Corporation, (3) the Walt Disney Company, (4) Viacom, (5) Time Warner, and (6) Sony Corporation of America.

Their reach is deep. These media giants own television networks, cable channels, movie studios, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, music labels and even many popular websites.

Here’s just a sample of the outlets they own:







Home Box Office (HBO)

ABC Television Network

Paramount Pictures

Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

CBS News


Time Inc.

Disney Publishing

Paramount Home Entertainment

Fox Television Stations

CBS Sports


Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.


Black Entertainment Television (BET)

The New York Post

CBS Television Network

NBC News

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Disney Channel

Comedy Central

Fox Searchlight Pictures


NBC Sports

CW Network (partial ownership)


Country Music Television (CMT)



NBC Television Network




Fox Business Network


New Line Cinema



Fox Kids Europe

CBS Radio Inc. (130 stations)

SciFi Magazine

Time Warner Cable

Buena Vista Home Entertainment

MTV Canada

Fox News Channel

CBS Consumer Products

Syfy (Sci Fi Channel)


Buena Vista Theatrical Productions


Fox Sports Net

CBS Outdoor


Cartoon Network

Buena Vista Records

Nick Magazine

Fox Television Network

CW Network (50% ownership)

USA Network


Disney Records

Nick at Nite


Infinity Broadcasting

Weather Channel


Hollywood Records

Nick Jr.

My Network TV

Simon & Schuster (Pocket Books, Scribner)

Focus Features

America Online

Miramax Films



Westwood One Radio Network

NBC Universal Television Distribution


Touchstone Pictures


News Limited News

NBC Universal Television Studio


Walt Disney Pictures

Spike TV

Phoenix InfoNews Channel

Paxson Communications (partial ownership)

Castle Rock

Pixar Animation Studios

The Movie Channel

Phoenix Movies Channel


Sports Illustrated

Buena Vista Games

TV Land

Sky PerfecTV

Universal Parks & Resorts


Hyperion Books


Speed Channel

Universal Pictures

Marie Claire


Universal Studio Home Video

People Magazine

STAR TV Taiwan

STAR World

Times Higher Education Supplement Magazine

Times Literary Supplement Magazine

Times of London

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

20th Century Fox International

20th Century Fox Studios

20th Century Fox Television



The Wall Street Journal

Fox Broadcasting Company

Fox Interactive Media


HarperCollins Publishers

The National Geographic Channel

National Rugby League

News Interactive

News Outdoor

Radio Veronica


Sky Italia

Sky Radio Denmark

Sky Radio Germany

Sky Radio Netherlands




Here’s the thing. These media corporations do not exist to tell the truth. Their primary objective… their very reason for being… is to make money.

**Alternatives Available: Fortunately, you have another choice from where you can get your information: the Internet. Dozens of independent websites and blogs have popped up. There are publishing houses, much like ours, that do not accept paid advertising and therefore can’t be influenced by companies or controlled by large corporations or political leaders for that matter.

These alternative sources of information are willing, ready and able to speak the truth. They realize you are capable of making informed decisions only when you have the real truth.

For example, the mainstream media wants you to think the only way you can build a retirement portfolio is by investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. That’s simply not true.


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Army drill scares residents on Houston’s south side

   [The pretext is “to protect our kids,” when our kids’ greatest enemies are the New World Order thugs who stage psyops where they kill kids to manipulate public opinion for a gun-grab. This kind of drill is to condition the sheeple to government force. “Do not resist, or we will mow you down like we mowed them down at Waco.” DW]

Army drill scares residents on Houston’s south side

Monday, January 28, 2013

HOUSTON (KTRK) — The sight of Army helicopters and the sound of gunfire created a lot of concern Monday afternoon in one Houston neighborhood.


We received a lot of phones calls, Tweets and Facebook posts from worried neighbors, wondering what was going on.

SkyEye 13 HD was over the south side where at first look, it appeared there was a massive SWAT scene happening.

With military helicopters flying above her southeast Houston neighborhood, Frances Jerrals didn’t know what to think.

“When you see this, you think the worst. When you hear this, you think the worst,” Jerrals said.

And so, she passed along her concern.

“She told me ‘don’t come home it sounds like we’re in a war zone. Guns, shooting, helicopters flying around the house,'” Isaac Robertson Jr. said.

The U.S. Army along with other agencies took over the old Carnegie Vanguard High School near Scott and Airport. There were armed men in fatigues, plenty of weapons and what many thought were real live rounds

“I felt like I was in a warzone.” Jerrals said. “It was nonstop. I was terrified.”

Turns out, it was a multi-agency training drill that Jerrals wished would have come with warning.

“They could have done a better job in notifying the neighborhood,” Jerrals said.

The Army did not give any details of what the training is for. Some people we spoke to needed no explanation.

“If it’s to protect our kids, I’m all for it,” neighbor Glenn DeWitt said. [Believe me, it’s not to protect our kids.]

Claims Resolution Act of 2010

Claims Resolution Act of 2010
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Claims Resolution Act of 2010 Pub.L. 111-291, H.R. 4783 is a federal law enacted by the 111th Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama on December 8, 2010. The act is a response to the Pigford v. Glickman case, where black farmers were found to have been discriminated against from 1983 to 1997 by the United States Department of Agriculture when applying for loans and assistants to start and maintain farms. The case required a $50,000 settlement to every discriminated farmer. However, many potential victims missed the application deadline for a settlement. The bill sets aside $1.5 billion for the estimated 75,000 farmers who are eligible for a settlement.[1]
The bill also includes the settlement of the $3.4 billion Cobell v. Salazar trust fund lawsuit brought forth by Native American representatives against the United States government citing that the U.S. government incorrectly accounted for Indian trust assets.[2]
The final version of the bill was passed by the US Senate by a unanimous voice vote on November 19,[3] 2010, and then approved by the US House of Representatives by a vote of 256 to 152 on November 30.[4] It was signed into law by President Obama on December 8, 2010.[5]