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I’ve rendered the Holy Bible in blank verse.  All the books are on Kindle. I’ve written books of poetry, a children’s story, compiled a law book, and compiled books of quotations. The royalties go directly to my local church, The Bridge Church, in Carson City, Nevada.


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January 13: Celebrities

Day Williams created this graphic depiction of this date.
January 13

When people ask me if I have any spare change, I tell them I have it at home in my spare wallet.
~Nick Arnette

Someone stole all my credit cards, but I won’t be reporting it. The thief spends less than my wife did.
~Henny Youngman (originally German surname Junggman) (1906 – 1998), British-born American comedian and violinist famous for “one-liners,” short, simple jokes usually delivered rapid-fire. His best known one-liner was “Take my wife—please.”

If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it all to themselves.
~Lane Kirkland (1922 – 1999), United States labor union leader who served as President of the AFL-CIO for more than 16 years

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January 8: Poets

January 8


I’m living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart.

~William Cowper (1731–1800), English poet and hymnodist


Modern poets talk against business, poor things, but all of us write for money. Beginners are subjected to trial by market.

~Robert Lee Frost (1874–1963), American poet who received four Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry.


A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain.

~Robert Lee Frost

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January 8: Messiah

January 8

Know and understand this: From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince will be seven weeks and 62 weeks. It will be rebuilt with a plaza and a moat, but in difficult times.
–Daniel 9:25

And Jacob fathered Joseph the husband of Mary, who gave birth to Jesus who is called the Messiah.
–Matthew 1:16

So he assembled all the chief priests and scribes of the people and asked them where the Messiah would be born.
–Matthew 2:4

Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, was one of the two who heard what John had said and who had followed Jesus. The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, “We have found the Messiah“(that is, the Christ). And he brought him to Jesus.
–John 1:40

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~Day Williams

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The world will never starve for want of wonders, but only for want of wonder.
~G.K. Chesterton in Tremendous Trifles

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January 2: From the Movies

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January 2
From the Movies

I think what our insightful young friend is saying is that we welcome the inevitable seasons of nature, but we’re upset by the seasons of our economy.
~Benjamin Rand, Being There (1979)

Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.
~Gordon Gekko, Wall Street (1987)

I had the most absurd nightmare. I was poor and no one liked me.
~Louis Winthorpe III, Trading Places (1983)

I, Nicholas Leeson, have just lost 50 million quid,
in one day!
~Nick Leeson, Rogue Trader (1999)

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January 2: Science Fiction Writers

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January 2
Science Fiction Writers

We have trained them to think of the Future as a promised land which favoured heroes attain—not as something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.
~C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters (1942). C.S. Lewis, in full Clive Staples Lewis (born 1898, Belfast, Ireland [now in Northern Ireland]—died November 22, 1963, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England), Irish-born scholar, novelist, and author of about 40 books, most of them on Christian apologetics, the most widely known being The Screwtape Letters. He also achieved fame with a trilogy of science-fiction novels and with the Chronicles of Narnia, a series of seven children’s books that have become classics of fantasy literature.

Is it credible that our world should have two futures? I have seen them. Two entirely distinct futures lie before mankind, one dark, one bright; one the defeat of all man’s hopes, the betrayal of all his ideals, the other their hard-won triumph.
~Olaf Stapledon, Darkness and the Light (1942)

We live in reference to past experience and not to future events, however inevitable.
~H. G. Wells, Mind at the End of Its Tether (1946). Herbert George Wells (September 21, 1866 – 1946) was a British writer best known for his science fiction novels such as The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man, and The Time Machine; also for Kipps, The History of Mr. Polly and other social satires.
How could you communicate with the future? It was of its nature impossible. Either the future would resemble the present, in which case it would not listen to him: or it would be different from it, and his predicament would be meaningless.
~George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949). George Orwell (1903 – 1950) was the pen name of British novelist, essayist, and journalist Eric Arthur Blair.


December 13: Scientists

December 13



The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.

~Isaac Asimov, Isaac Asimov’s Book of Science and Nature Quotations, 1988



Not fact-finding, but attainment to philosophy is the aim of science.

~Martin H. Fischer



The bomb that fell on Hiroshima fell on America too. It fell on no city, no munition plants, no docks. It erased no church, vaporized no public buildings, reduced no man to his atomic elements. But it fell, it fell.

~Hermann Hagedorn, “The Bomb That Fell on America“

future 2mb

November 1: Deception

Day Williams created this graphic depiction of this date.

November 1

Now the snake was the most cunning animal that the Lord God had made. The snake asked the woman, “Did God really tell you not to eat fruit from any tree in the garden?”
“We may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden,” the woman answered, “except the tree in the middle of it. God told us not to eat the fruit of that tree or even touch it; if we do, we will die.”
The snake replied, “That’s not true; you will not die. God said that because he knows that when you eat it, you will be like God and know what is good and what is bad.”
–Genesis 3:1-5

I, the Lord, warn you not to deceive yourselves into thinking that the Babylonians will not come back, because they will.
–Jeremiah 37:9

You people hate judges
and honest witnesses.
–Amos 5:10

It was now two days before Passover and the Festival of Thin Bread. The chief priests and the teachers of the Law of Moses were planning how they could sneak around and have Jesus arrested and put to death.
–Mark 14:1


October 19: Holiness

Day Williams created this graphic depiction of this date.

October 19

Consecrate yourselves therefore, and be holy; for I am the Lord your God.
–Leviticus 20:7

Give unto the LORD the glory due unto His Name; worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.
–Psalms 29:2

So that the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and righteous, and good.
–Romans 7:12
For God has not called us to impurity, but to sanctification.
–1 Thessalonians 4:71001_Quotations_Bible_Passages_sml